US pilot talks about UFO incident ahead of landmark report

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The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence will release a landmark report based on the work of a US Navy-led task force established by the Pentagon in August 2020 examining unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) incidents. US Senator Marco Rubio was instrumental in commissioning the report, ordered as part of broader legislation passed in 2020. Retired Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich experienced a UAP incident in 2004, and has spoken to the media about it and her thoughts on the upcoming report.

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43 Comments on “US pilot talks about UFO incident ahead of landmark report”

  1. Don't worry, there will be no other disclosure than what already has been made available so far to the public. Much ado about nothing.

  2. no one seems to comment that Lt. Cmdr Dietrich is really cute. Like she's the type of woman you'd want to introduce to your parents.

  3. Can you please stop the haunting music? I bet these 'Aliens' must be more friendly than all of you corporate garbages.

  4. the real earth people with high technology are inside the earth, us surface dwellers are just their observation project lolz

  5. Has anyone ever thought to just offer them a cuppa and a hug and say welcome to Earth instead of chasing them with a few thousand pounds of munitions?
    They always seem so reclusive and anxious, maybe with this approach we might finally get one single iota of HD video evidence or, as I suspect there are two possibilities:-

    They aren't friendly and are covertly working us out for annihilation or they're a man made construct like deities to give false hope and be used to control the easily led.

  6. If you have ever seen an electric r/c helicopter do stunts. A UFO has to be powered similarly . Instant speed, agile. Things no turbine can do. IF I was the pilot I'd got close asf! We need to know we're my last words 😅

  7. These objects are probably from China. No other nation has scientists that could invent such technology.

  8. Plot twist, the ufo (prob aliens] coming from
    The ocean lived here for millions of years thus we are actually the aliens. TAh tah dah!!

  9. This exact thing happened before. Look up: Extraordinary Until Proven Otherwise by YouTuber LEMMiNO.

  10. If we fly a drone into the forest, all the animals will react the same way as us looking at alien drones.

  11. Even with such sofesticated technology today, we are still not able to discover about UFO 👽👾. May be aliens are much more forwarded than we are & they are fast as flash of light 😳😳

  12. UFO's are present on Earth from thousands of years & they are observing our moves. Historic Indian temples have UFO's carved on temple walls with people sitting inside them.

  13. i think that first of all we have to determine if movement are intelligent or not, for now its seems that the ufo confirmed by navy can just control altitude from ground but never stop anyware or follow anything, that is really what a extraterrestrial ship would do? why?

  14. I hope i can see Aliens before i die. Imagine everything being unveiled to the world only after you died. I would be so mad

  15. so it is confirmed. that there is another species that is watching us.. these watchers from the sky is observing human's progress

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