US report: UFO sightings probably not aliens, but could be

A highly-anticipated government report is reportedly expected to say there is no evidence that aerial phenomena encountered by U.S. Navy pilots in recent years are extraterrestrials. But it also cannot rule out the possibility that they are alien spacecraft.

The New York Times reported the expected findings, citing senior administration officials who were briefed. An unclassified version of the report is expected to be presented to Congress by June 25.

American intelligence officials reportedly have determined that nearly all of the incidents over the past two years — more than 120 — did not come from the U.S. military or any other advanced U.S. technology. But, as the Times reports, that’s expected to be the only conclusive finding.


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21 Comments on “US report: UFO sightings probably not aliens, but could be”

  1. It's not aliens. It's those other guys with the ships that come down from 80K+ feet and fly at hypersonic speeds without sonic booms and hover for hours and then go back up to 80K+ feet. Sure, that could be just about anybody. Maybe the Tunisians?

  2. Ohhhhh
    Now I 👀!
    An advanced drone that humans have been seeing since the beginning of time.

  3. Russia or China DEFINITELY do not have this tech! They would have ANNIHILATED the United States by this point if they had this massive advantage for over TWENTY FUCKING YEARS!

  4. How is something that isnt yours or your enemies, that defies physics and look like a spacecraft not evidence its aliens?

  5. Let's face it: the Pentagon will say they're Leprechauns before it says they're extraterrestrials. But, I digress: what would cause global economic depression and a rash of suicides more: this being extraterrestrials or our rivals?

  6. OH Ok, so there's no evidence of "aliens". Except footage and sensory records of alien aircraft.

  7. Alright guys I'm coming clean now.. These ufo's are mine. I made them. I'm sorry for not saying anything sooner.

  8. China steals all of their ideas and technology from the US. The moment I believe that China is 1000 years ahead of the world technologically is the moment I believe the government about anything.

  9. Your Government is going to do it again to you… ouch! Only this time, instead of going with their full insane denial, ridicule and weak excuse social engineering package, they'll say that the UFOs exist but 'We' still don't know what they are. {cough, cough… <Bullshit>}. They'll spin this tighter than French swim suit briefs or thong bikini bottoms on a Martinique beach. The Mainstream Mass Media talking heads will not giggle this time. The women will simply shift and expose more leg while trying to remember what UFO stands for and the male reporters put on their serious faces and repeat, ¨An official government Pentagon person who wishes to remain unnamed says we're not ruling out Russia or China.¨ And, the duped, misinformed masses of the world will believe them all. Meanwhile, The Knowers, The Controllers, The Elite will sigh real relief, probably take the next day off and play a round of golf. Negotiations between the 'Others' and specially cleared and vetted Earth 'Corporate' lawyers will now go ahead and iron out the final details for Lunar fast food franchising. OMG!! You people are gullible and stupid. Desde Colonia Centro Histórico, Puebla, México, DerRobMann envía… sends…

  10. Imagine China having the tech to travel at over 7000mph in seconds, war provocations would be just a bad joke for them, and in less than a year the can pretty much take control of the world just like Hitler did with part of Europe… There’s no match for such a tech, nobody has it on this planet, and you guys are going to play it dumb…
    The pilot is literally saying that they see it every day wtf is wrong with the government!!!

  11. An official military report from 1950 is available to read, detailing a military encounter of the infamous tic tac… 70 years, We have been seeing technology watching us that we can't replicate or understand for 70 years. Why has nobody told us, Why isn't there a wide scale effort to find out either how a country has this technology and how they hid it for 70 years, or find out what our new intergalactic overlords want? In short we are screwed, Aliens, Russia, China, USA, doesn't matter who's it is it will cause a war and the most powerful thing everyone has that don't have this technology are nukes.

  12. Probably not is actually incorrect there is no evidence indicating that it is or is not aliens. Just the government phasing in the negative

  13. If these are aliens the more people work together and have morals the more likely I think they would see us as civilized and come openly to Earth and we could learn from them.

  14. They might as well say “It’s probably not aliens or China, it’s probably us, but the pentagon won’t tell us The UAP Task Force” 😂

  15. Solution.. Shoot it down them investigate it…. If u do that you will know what it is. Simple.

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