Veteran LT Commander Describes seeing UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT UFOUAP Off Coast Of CA

Veteran LT Commander Describes seeing UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT UFOUAP Off Coast Of CA

CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks to retired Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich, a veteran combat pilot, about her report of spotting a UFO off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

From CNN:


10 Comments on “Veteran LT Commander Describes seeing UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT UFOUAP Off Coast Of CA”

  1. I see why she didn't want to come out, she seems like a very nervous speaker

  2. Ok so now come clean on Roswell and let's open a discussion on all those people who claim every year to have been abducted by aliens. The truth is our governments have no control over our skies and at anytime we can be abducted by an intelligent force from another planet. Let's also look at all those unexplained missing persons every year, isn't it possible that some of them have been taken away by this phenomon?

  3. What a load of rubbish. You think the NSA would allow this or any other interview if any of this were true? Stop being so absurd. This version is also RADICALLY DIFFERENT to what she and her pal described in other interviews. I admire the patriotism involved in partaking in a massive disinformation op in order to secure budget increases for the military, but this is pure rubbish.

  4. If she’s lying then she’s the best actor in the entire universe! And why would she lie? Publicity (like she would be subject to) is not fun. She’s clearly a very smart person who has achieved greatly so what would she gain by saying these things? Contrary to another comment she doesn’t appear overly nervous considering she’s on CNN but is trying to be very careful not to sensationalise the message. Her description was totally consistent with other interviews. To comment that this is bullshit or, at the other extreme, conclude it that it is definitely a craft from another planet is far more absurd than her comments describing what she saw.

  5. The upper echelons of Air Force and Navy leadership are extremely corrupt and pro-globalist and cannot be trusted. Anything they “release” to the public will have a dark agenda. And my background was in Air Force Police. AND I’ve had ufo experiences in the military. And we were ordered to silence and even threatened with imprisonment if we talked about it, even among other police personnel. Strictly forbidden.

  6. She resembles Lt. Ellen Ripley to me somehow. I could totally picture her fighting Aliens. 😀 Also she is very humble, yet very professional and charismatic – just like Ripley.

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