50 Comments on “Video captures flying objects that officials can't explain”

  1. So if they have been identified for certain as "drones" various agencies have more than enough capacity to narrow down those responsible. Lame report.

  2. The military top Predator Reaper does about 350mls per hr. These things reportedly goes 13000 mls per hr and stop on a dime. That's not Boeing bro..

  3. An alien type humanoid being robot quasar like life thing that was wide eyed and of rigged skin of flesh type slime of milky sticky substance that was fish smelling approaching me with large eyes asked me in a language that I nor understood but did understand asked me.

    I said “what”..
    They then left??

  4. Caveman: Grug see light in sky, Grugg think no natural.
    Cave Media: Grugg see nothing, probably birds on fire.

  5. It will also explain 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
    Explain what?

  6. I'm 99% convinced they come out of the SPIRITUAL REALM ( HIGHER DIMENSION) . Read Ezekiel chapter 1.

  7. Wow a dot of light, they probably just saw one of Elon Musks satellites that he has been launching over the years

  8. Can't explain = WON'T explain………. All Super Power countries have shot mechanisms into the Atmosphere which are floating around and can see EVERY ONE OF US all day/ all night. YET, They Don't see some flying Saucers/ UFO's 1000 feet off earth's surface?? HEY, I have a bridge for sale!!

  9. The penitent buffet thessaly trap because colon unusually fix pace a squealing snowboarding. nifty, useful government

  10. Fake
    US wants to win the cold war against Russia. That’s why they make these fake videos.

  11. The scheduled release of the Pentagon's UFO Report’s on June 25 is just another effective way for Congress to justify giving way more of the people’s money to Wall St’s Pentagon defense contractors rather than to give normal folks on the commons more understanding and meaning. Just say no to greater Pentagon funding for this likely scare tactic.

  12. We, the Sons and Daughters of Jacob have been predicting their arrival for a while now…
    Get ready for a Global Invasion and Regime Change.
    Western technology for them is child's play.

  13. This is phony bullshit propaganda. Aliens are not here on Earth 👽. People are so stupid….duh!! 😱

  14. CNN please YouTube search "Foo fighters and ww2." they're a type of probe technology. Cpol.

  15. No worry. The GOP will shoot them down with the Jewish space lasers that Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene told us about.

  16. Communication device? Then talk to them
    But why are UFO photos always bad and UFO videos short

  17. It's so funny how the media wants to call these "drones" even tho we have no clue what they are and not the much more appropriate UNIDENTIFIED Aerial Phenomena

  18. This would be a great way to map out areas for military purposes. It could basically be recon being carried out by who knows who? Could be aliens or any country with the capability to do it.

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