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  1. 0:58 – The pathetic average Joe public has a sophisticated capability as well and it doesn't cost billions of dollars. It's a brain connected to eyeballs and a lot of them believe what they see even if it's impossible to them.

  2. According to the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    Think about it. If these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED such a Advanced Technology, against us by now!

    We better hope these UAPS that have been flying in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades, are Extraterrestrial. Because if these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then America is in BIG TROUBLE!

    Think about this. If these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then our Intelligence agencies, should All be ***(FIRED)***! Because these UAPS have been flying in American Air Spaces for Decades! This would be the BIGGEST Intelligence FAILURE in the history of the United States! And the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    And once again, if these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED it Against us by now!

    So if these UAPS are Not from American Technology. And unless our Intelligence agencies, had a MASSIVE Intelligence Failure, to detect that Russia or China, had Extremely Advanced Technology, that could fly in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades! Then WHO, or WHAT else is left for these UAPS???

    A lot of people have speculated, that more Advanced Extraterrestrial life forms, would view us like we view Animals here on Earth; as less Advanced life forms, to VIEW and monitor our behavior and Habits; like the way we Monitor and Track Animals behavior in the wild.

    This is a very good Theory. Because like how we Monitor and Track animal Behavior in the wild; and even implant Tracking devices on Animals, to track their behavior patterns; a much more Advanced life form, might look at us as a Experiment, to Observe our Progress and Behavior; and Not really want to interfere with us in order to Contaminate the Experiment.

    That is why, there is probably very little Contact or Landing of these UFOs, from these possible Extraterrestrial life forms. They are Monitoring us as a Species.

    Think about it!

    And another point. Many people and Scientist, are using Human Logic, to try to make sense of how we think, that other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or act. We have No idea, how other Intelligence life forms might Think or behave, or how Advanced their Technologies could be! So for Scientist to think that they would know how other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or their Logic, is not right. Scientist are making a BIG assumption, that other UFO life forms, would think like us. And we really have NO IDEA; how, or what other Extraterrestrial life forms, would think or Behave based on THEIR logic. And this Logic applies to how Advanced other Intelligent Alien life forms Technology could be. We have no idea just how Advanced Other Extraterrestrial life forms Technology could be. Just because WE cannot travel Vast distances in Space. That doesn't mean that some other Intelligent life forms, could not have figured out how to Travel vast distances in Space.

  3. These people are either putting on an act or do not have a clue what they are talking about, U.F.O.'s do exist, I have seen and heard them, Aliens do exist , I have seen them twice. Just a nobody who builds roofs on houses and farms some land. Cave men have seen the darn objects and drew them on the walls of their caves. God drives a U.F.O. .

  4. Funny how people believe in God when there no science to prove him but people refuse to believe in aliens. I saw these more than once while in the military and had to sign forms saying we would never speak of it. If it's natural than why make me sign a disclosure? The government knows what these are but due to fear of mass fear upon the general public not to mention the Catholic church don't want the truth to come out because it would mean the bible and science books will have to be rewritten. Nothing but the truth in my statement.

  5. This guy and ALL the other Politicians need to go, Don't know what it is? Demand they find out or get out of the way

  6. "They don't have any compelling evidence that there is some type of thinking beings behind these things." You, good Sir, are either an imbecile or you just don't give a shit!

  7. Will the government only be able to definitively say that the objects are of extraterrestrial origin when a "Made on ζ1 Reticuli 4" is confirmed to be on TicTac, Triangles, etc.? Since the government supposedly has no evidence ETs exist, how would scientists be able to rule-in ET technology?

  8. Natural phenomena? Really? Lonnie Zamora saw one of these “natural phenomena” back in 1964, while two four-foot humanoid “natural phenomena” walked around it before noticing his approach and then taking off. Dear Sen Reed, no experience or no research equals no knowledge.

  9. Dr. Steven Greer has been warning everyone since the mid 1990's that the powers that be (Human elites) are gonna eventually hoax an alien invasion.

  10. Natural phenomenon? Tell me how could it be possible for solid objects that can accelerate to hypersonic speeds from standstill to be actually… weather?

  11. The Space Craft are from the far side of the sun , probes , non piloted , taking samples of Earth . No Big Deal .

  12. They've been shown a watered down briefing of videos and Info that's obvious. Just like we have lol.

  13. Laughable at best. The joke is actually the media that has refused to cover this soberly for seven decades despite overwhelming evidence and public outcry. Not about aLiEnS, but that these things are real and we should probably figure out wtf they are. Not to mention mass wealth's influence then later military intelligence influence in our media since it's inception. Point being: it's all bad.

  14. Test from a nation state? So there's a nation state which had this technology even back in 1947… when vacuum tubes were all the rage? That doesn't sound right. What about a natural phenomena? Let's see, a natural phenomena seen as hard contacts on multiple radars simultaneously, one which can drop from 80,000 feet to 50 feet in 0.78 seconds. That doesn't sound right, either. I'm thinking government is trying to slow-walk disclosure. In other words, "same old, same old". This is getting very tiresome. Just get disclosure over with! Have some courage for crying out loud. Have faith in the citizenry. We can handle change. Human beings are very adaptable, and we might learn something in the process.

  15. What an idiot. Did he actually read the report? Seems like the kind of guy who waits for the newspaper to read the news.

  16. How can you say its natural phenomana when it defies the laws of nature? Its not natural bro

  17. How Naive can Humans be that we are the only Planet with life on it? There are Billions of stars and Planets how stupid can you be? America has 9 different alien spacecrafts and have had Aliens in their posession and have done Autopsies on them.

  18. They are going to show up and make Sen. Jack Reed Sh#t his pants and we are all going to laugh at this absolute idiot!!


  20. I was ready to empty the local market of toilet paper, but got asleep after this eye opening testimony.

  21. What they continuously fail to mention is that this has be going on for over 75 years ok.. so our government is telling us that they ignored the facts that a "country" had this technology for over 75 years and didn't find out who had it? Come on now we would of been knew who had this techno by now if it was earth made right?? ITS TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH STOP USING THE TECHNOLOGY FOR YALL NEEDS

  22. When someone keeps lying to you, it makes you more angry and angry, this is like you going through your spouse phone seeing a tit or a penis and then asking them, who is that? Did u cheat on me? And they continue to say no its makes you angry, just tell us the truth even if it does hurt or we may not understand its just time for change!

  23. He did everything he could to avoid using the word ALIEN. They are shop afraid it's going to taint their reputation and hurt their chance of reelection to talk about it.

  24. Look we have a wonderful planet a very interesting place I like to see in the future many countries have had their petty wars the question is a you really ready are we ready to take the shock that we may not be alone are we ready for anti gravity engineering the next step are we..

  25. do not worry senator, the FBI declassified thousands of files and among them dozens of documents that evidence the landing and descent of the crew of these objects. So don't mind your fledgling reports for now. Keep learning.

  26. We need to put more pressure to the government to reveal the truth. (Send letters to the noticiaries. Don't let this to be forgotten. The government is suppose to serve the people not the people to the government. They are mocking at us.

  27. I think I know what God feels when he watches us hide truth. Wonder what Aliens feel about truth 🤪

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