Vintage Skies: The 1988 Knowles Family UFO Encounter – Rare News Interview

An Australian family on a road trip was pursued by a glowing UFO, and in full view of witnesses in other cars, the UFO landed on top of them, picked up their car in the air and dropped it several meters, blowing out a tire. It was January 1988 and the Knowles family of Perth was traveling cross country when the terrifying event happened.

This rare interview finds Australian news reporter, Derryn Hinch, interviewing the family, who are clearly nervous. The manner in which Hinch treats their story is indicative of the mainstream media’s handling of the UFO topic in the past. Things seem to be changing in the overall conversation and handling of the UFO issue in mainstream news today.

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6 Comments on “Vintage Skies: The 1988 Knowles Family UFO Encounter – Rare News Interview”

  1. So they were driving in Australia from the state of Victoria to their home city of Perth in Western Australia. To do this they drive across a famous route called the Nullarbor Plain which is over 720km across a desert road as part of their 3000km journey and usually takes people at least four days with sensible stops. It’s a lonely drive, pitch black at night and monotonous during the day. Especially in the 80’s.
    Also consider that in the 80’s in Australia ‘masculinity’ was a big thing for a guy and for these three young blokes to go on national T.V and say they were scared of a light and suffer any consequential U.F.O humiliation makes it more interesting. Although it takes some balls to wear that yellow tracksuit and not suffer any humiliation.

  2. Never heard of this one, good find! Similar to reports of the Min Min lights up further north of Australia, but this one seemed pretty aggressive.

  3. This story attracted huge media attention in Australia at the time. From memory the black dust was analysed by police and found to be brake dust, this discovery seemed to kill the story and the family were discredited…unfairly I think. This still fascinates me. It would be great to hear their versions again all these years later. Love all your work Ryan.

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