Was Jesus an Alien? ET's, Star Children & Giants | Paul Wallis

Was Jesus an Alien? ET’s, Star Children & Giants | Paul Wallis

If we live in a populated universe, where does Jesus fit? Was he an ET? Because of what I put forward in ESCAPING FROM EDEN and THE SCARS OF EDEN people sometimes ask about my spiritual beliefs. Am I still a Christian? In this video we look at where Bible translation and world mythologies lead us in exploring the question of Jesus and ET’s.

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44 Comments on “Was Jesus an Alien? ET's, Star Children & Giants | Paul Wallis”

  1. All this information and points of view are overwhelming to so many people, but still we need to weak up and realize that in fact we have been in the presence with the ET factor since de very core and essence of our nauture and even creation of ourselves…Please Paul keep up with your research and videos. Best regards from Mexico City!!!

  2. I got the shivers. The hair on my back and arms stood upright. Why? Because you are telling the same thing I am thinking. Exactly the same! And I love Jesus teachings too. He also thought his diciples, his mother and very loved female friend how to cure phisicly. Those who took, kidnapped christianity for their purpose. Those are not his followers. That makes me ill and angry.

  3. I remember having an encounter with what I think was an Alien being. When I was about 28 years old I was on my way home from my then girlfriend's house. I was in Brooklyn NY and I just crossed the street on eastern parkway, when I noticed something flying in the sky. It was really shiny and I thought it was a balloon. But what was strange was that it began to float in my direction. As it got closer I realized that not only wasn't it a balloon but it also had a face. I was beyond scared. As I walked it got closer and closer and I acted like I didn't see it. It appeared to be sitting on something. When it got above my head I didn't interact with it. I glanced at it and then it floated above my house and went away. I even remember being a kid and being scared in my bed because I felt something was looking at me even though I couldn't see anything. Then finally 3 years ago in south florida, I saw an actual UFO. The real deal. It was a saucer just like tv. It was spinning counterclockwise and had lights of different colors underneath it. I had my phone with me and wanted to record it, but I was scared of what it would do. I never got out of my car to interact with it, but I feel like I should have.

  4. I would really , really, really like to know what you have to say about who made us ? Are aliens real ? Do we have souls ? Do animal's have souls ? Is heaven and hell real ? Are bigfoots real and what are they ? We're we made by GOD or aliens or evolve from apes ? Do we live on after death ? Why would a loving caring GOD send us to an everlasting horrific everlasting hell ??? Please if you know any of these truths / answers i have been trying to find these answers all of my entire life but I can never get any concrete evidence or answers from anyone !!!

  5. So refreshing to hear that someone else had a similar reaction as a child about how the catholic institution was being used to control and manipulate people's minds. So glad to have discovered you, Paul Wallis. I bought your book, Escaping from Eden. Look forward to reading it. Thank you for the very informative videos you put out.

  6. Subscribed to your channel tonight after subbing to The Fiifth Kind. Love your work and mind Paul. Thank you so much for SHARING your widsom and insights. Much love to all.

  7. Carlo Crivelli Painting is great!! I hope you may produce one day a video on meaneing on those european paintings from those centuries, I like that theme, such cool

  8. Is it possible that "the giants" were not necessarily giants in stature, but in intellect? After all they would have the benefit of Annunaki intellect?

  9. Your full of Shit he said no one meets the father except through me and everything jesus told was about being saved .He said I am the way the the truth and the life. You assert what you want to see . Anyone who does that will be able to see whatever they choose. He said follow me not just what you want.

  10. To those sending me insults and then deleting your posts, please let your comments remain on the wall here so that I can pay you the respect of a reply. Absent of abuse and name-calling I am more than happy to engage with other views and explore ideas together. Peace, Paul

  11. if we beggin to understand how roman empire started and exsectly when an moust important whit hum???? who was the first romans whitout emperor? the people ? then we will have clear pictur sory in my gram and speeling please ansver

  12. If Jesus really did all those miracles then maybe he was an alien.
    Maybe if someone gets abducted by some alien they should ask the aliens if they're familiar with Jesus.👽👾

  13. please dont say that christians will hijack the idea of aliens being christians and run away with it …they do not know how to be free they like the idea of being in a box

  14. Another thought provoking video I wanted to say your voice is a pleasure to listen to your narrations are lovely

  15. It would be interesting to find out whether there is a correlation between when these types of interventionist immaculate conceptions started and the speculated period in history when the existence of blued eyed blonde – haired people began (was this what Hitler was obsessed with?). Was Jesus actually more like his ET parents and how he has been portrayed in modern paintings; indeed did Mary get a fertilized egg implanted of those tall blonde blue –eyed types of ET's?

  16. I had a dream months that I was writing a story. I’m not religious person at all. But this person‘s name was Catherine and she was 19 years old. she was artificially simulated but I couldn’t figure out how because that part didn’t happen. I came to the point of her talking about it

  17. Makes you rethink many things we have been taught. Honestly it makes my mind hurt with so much information and unanswered questions. 🤔

  18. The Repatriation Act is partly a coverup for the skeletons that the noble Smithsonian dumped into the Atlantic. They deny it, but, as always, there are witnesses.

  19. Total agree with you Dear Paul. Thanks for your wise words. Churches are paying Treason in Jesus name!

  20. Since when does the govt honor such things? I bet the remains have been DNA tested and they know what’s what. They just hide it from us and lie about it. Same song as always. Keep the masses dumbed down.

  21. Amazing work sir, it really is great and fantastic. It would be important to show your work in other languages as Spanish, French, Italian and so. Greetings from Mexico city!!!

  22. The story of Abraham and Sara. Didn’t end there if you read the bible. They took Sara into the tent alone and then came back some time later and took her into the tent again. Later Isaac was born. When reading this in the bible I thought at the time that these three men knew about IVF. And had possibly done something to Sara. I must read it again it was very clear if you read it from the perspective of modern science

  23. Also with Mary. Her mother was also beyond having a child. I can’t remember the entire story but I do know that Mary’s mother also called Elizabeth gave Mary to a sort of convent to be raised because she was of the holy people.

  24. Hi, Paul . They're Christians, Muslims, atheist, Mormons and the list is endless. What would you call what you teach now? Because I am that.
    If that makes any sense.

    I have purchased your book.
    One day I hope to get it signed. Thank you for the great work of observation

  25. How do you fit Christ's Death and Resurrection into the belief you have of ancient aliens? Did any one of these aliens atone for our sins? Thanks

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