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A report detailing experiences and sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) is scheduled to be released by the United States Department of Defense. Coming this June, the report will center around these UAPs, commonly known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Top intelligence and government officials in the US have apparently circled a date in their diaries by which time they must submit an unclassified report to Congress about unidentified aerial phenomena, according to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. The Act “requires the UAP Task Force to publicly share a report and security strategies of their findings within 180 days of the 2021 act,” Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, this report is expected to present the most substantive US government account and detailed analyses of UAP/UFO data and intelligence to date. What does this all mean? What can we expect from these reports? We’ll walk you through it on today’s IGN Now!


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  1. An official military report from 1950 is available to read, detailing a military encounter of the infamous tic tac… 70 years, We have been seeing technology watching us that we can't replicate or understand for 70 years. Why has nobody told us, Why isn't there a wide scale effort to find out either how a country has this technology and how they hid it for 70 years, or find out what our new intergalactic overlords want? In short we are screwed, Aliens, Russia, China, USA, doesn't matter who's it is it will cause a war and the most powerful thing everyone has that don't have this technology are nukes.

  2. don't expect the government to provide any value on the subject of UFOS…just like you shouldn't expect them to provide wisdom on any other subject

  3. Yes we’ve been contacting them for a long time and we’re expecting to use them for the next fake alien invasion to trick you humans

  4. Expect a lot of words saying pretty much nothing. And there is only one viable and logical explanation for these. Yeah it’s freaking aliens.

  5. Nothing new will come out of this so called report . We jo public will be given peanuts on this. What ever is known about classified aerial phenomena by the powers that be will be kept under wraps . What we know and what they will tell us is another thing .

  6. Newsflash, the government lies, and PS EVERY country has seen these same craft for 60 years.

  7. June 25, it will be declassified, June 30, Aliens will attack. July 1, humanity fights back… July 4, we will celebrate Our Independence Day!!! 👽

  8. Im one of GODs messengers that Judgement day will take place on
    12Aug2026 during the solar eclips. He already sent his angels (read
    UFOs) from Polaris Universe. We will need to pray for his Mercy

  9. Why are they ignoring Bob Lazar…when he described that sideway flying UFO in thr recent Navy footage released?

    This is ridiculous…they man described it and the way it moved exactly as in the Video…and the U.S. had a few of them at Area 51 that HE worked on one of them.

    He described a not_of_this_Earth Anti-Gravity Generating Twin Engine Craft that can bend gravity and use it for inhuman science levels of speed…allowing it to hover and move on a dime diagnolally or vertically or in any direction with precision and at accuracy.

    These reports so far are ignoring his reveals in the 80s and recently again…so theythe U.S. Government are LYING in plain daylight about not knowing if it is Alien Technology….because it IS…and they had known for Decades since they had a few that they experimented on and hired people like Bob Lazar to try and decode this kind of Technology.

  10. But they there aliens. It’s been clear since 1943. And that’s. Before Roswell 1947. They just don’t want a panic again like what happened they had a Broadcast of the war of the worlds before they were televisions people panicked because they thought it was real.. and do The overwhelming or evidence they now have no choice but to come clean tell the truth that they’re real and they’ve been here for a very long time just watching us observing.

  11. We have sonic planes that make little noise while breaking the sound barrier. 🤷🏾‍♂️ you call cap 🧢

  12. Point is yes, they exist. No, we don’t know enough to come to a conclusion. That or as was stated “in possession of vehicles not made of this world” is kept under wraps as US military are trying to back engineer the tech before letting other Nations know we may leap in warfare tech by thousands of years.

  13. Need to release some proper footage if they got any because the current footage doesn't show anything extraordinary.

  14. “The U.S. Government hasn't maintained secrecy regarding UFOs. It's been leaking out all over the place. But the way it's been handled is by denial, by denying the truth of the documents that have leaked. By attempting to show them as fraudulent, as bogus of some sort. There has been a very large disinformation and misinformation effort around this whole area. And one must wonder, how better to hide something out in the open than just to say, 'It isn't there. You're deceiving yourself if you think this is true.' And yet, there it is right in front of you. So it’s a disinformation effort that’s concerning here, not the fact that they have been kept secret. They haven’t kept it. It’s been getting out into the public for fifty years or more.”

    – Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut

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