Westall’s 50-year-old UFO sighting emerges again | 7NEWS

A teacher who claimed to see UFOs hovering over a Melbourne school says military officials threatened to have him fired if he ever spoke about the incident. Andrew Greenwood is talking publicly about the famous Westall High sightings 55 years ago for the first time in tonight’s 7NEWS ‘Spotlight’ program.

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44 Comments on “Westall’s 50-year-old UFO sighting emerges again | 7NEWS”

  1. No mention here of the child who was injured by the craft, then whisked away by authorities and never seen again.

  2. We are living in our oceans this is our planet not yours! You’ll learn your place in the universe shortly 👽

  3. The fact military were right there implies more to me this was some kind of military craft test they didn't want people to see.

  4. Makes sense, if it genuinely happened. The government will hush you to avoid losing control over the public. They will cover it up.

  5. It’s not a question of whether ET’s are real but a question of why would the governments want to cover it up?…

  6. 1999 State of Origin in Brisbane. I was in Sunnybank and saw 5 or 6 redish lights moving north-east in formation. Thought they were just planes until one moved in quite an erratic fashion, no plane could pull those manoeuvres.

  7. Why hasn't this been investigated, it's up their with the best UFO incidents in the World, and along side the UFO incident over king Island near Tasmania I think in the 70's.

  8. A lot of people from around the world have been fighting for the truth it's time for closure come on pentagon stop shooting yourself in the foot

  9. Government silence people because they know that they are not in control and that’s the biggest threat in their eyes.

  10. He sees cigar shaped object. Drawings show a saucer shaped object. It was probably some type of a balloon experiment used by the military.

  11. Oddly, not one of the eyewitness drawings shown in this video depicts a "cigar shaped object".

  12. I do not like that this gentleman was threatened with losing his job, if he spoke the truth as to what he observed. Whoever engages in such tactics, whether military, government or otherwise is a terrorist. Unfortunately the truth as to what these objects are is very shocking, as their nature questions our own existence – in what we perceive as our reality, our values and who we believe we are. A proper disclosure would have devastating consequences on our beliefs for the majority people, it would erase our religious beliefs. But maybe our civilisation needs a shakeup. Whatever the case, one day those in the know will come across someone like them who has zero to lose and will speak up.

  13. can we punish dose who made those treats?? or where still suprised that criminals are in charges.

  14. Why do we need government and media just to know aliens exist…
    Some of us already witness something far unexplainable than we cud think of!!

  15. If it was a secret US military aircraft they wouldn't go through the hassle of revealing itself to a school. Geez

  16. Well. It is not our national interest to deal with the UFO yet. Let see if they come again.

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