What If The Pentagon Created a UFO?

What If The Pentagon Created a UFO?
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We were all eagerly waiting for that UFO report to be submitted to congress. And the Pentagon made good on their deal, submitting said report, while simultaneously leaving people even more confused than they were before. If these things aren’t the work of aliens, and they can’t prove it’s the work of foreign adversaries, then what are these things? Given that a UFO is an unidentified flying object, it seems technically speaking, once determined who or what we were dealing with, well they would no longer be classified as a UFO. So technically speaking, one couldn’t really create a UFO, given that if said person created it, well it wouldn’t necessarily be unidentifiable, at least to the original creator. Instead, maybe the term flying saucer, or aircraft would be more appropriate. Or maybe not. Let’s answer the question What If The Pentagon Created a UFO?

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