WHAT Is Happening On Mars?..

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25 Comments on “WHAT Is Happening On Mars?..”

  1. They have admitted there are crafts flying around our planet in which they cannot explain. This video shown buildings, crafts, and other unexplained objects. Someone had to have made them. They all could not have just occurred naturally! We are living in exciting times, interesting to say the least.

  2. 11:06 this is organic.
    go to roger from "mudfossil university" on yt an search organic structures on mars.
    (now it is a rock. but before it was organic)

  3. They distract us with this ridiculous 1960's level tech when we already have interstellar capable craft. Lies and misdirection is all it is.

    That being said, everywhere on Mars is 'the middle of nowhere.' As well, the alien's have anti-gravity. They don't need cranes. Honestly, that stuff on Mars is probably ours. I'm surprised NASA didn't airbrush it out. Finally, there is nothing in the Mars environment that would exclude the existence of complex life forms that have evolved in and adapted to that environment.

  4. 11:45 did you ever think that the picture could be of a possible carving of some sort into the side of the rock to mark an entrance? Like to a tomb or a cave or something different perhaps?

  5. I'm not a builder but my stepfather was. I've seen many a foundation and that was definitely a foundation!

  6. Am I the only one looking at that second still I’m saying wow that looks like a Mandalorian ship

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