What Kicked Off The Battle Of LA In 1942? | UFOs: The Lost Evidence

On the 24th of February 1942, American military forces fired a barrage of anti-artillery fire at an unidentified object in the sky believing it was a Japanese invasion. It was revealed that this was not the case, but what could the mysterious lights in the sky have been?

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2 Comments on “What Kicked Off The Battle Of LA In 1942? | UFOs: The Lost Evidence”

  1. No use to debate that for another 70 years! > Foreign Civilisations finally Acknowledged! Deliberations must go further. – Next step: Hanabiko's people is the nearest 'foreign species' around Earthlings. Carefully studying and really understanding her society (culture & language) brings an idea about foreign civilisations 'psychology & standpoint' (Earthlings neighbours). Ref.: Dr. Penny Patterson, inter-species communication.

  2. The government misled the public? Wha what? 😳😳 no way I dont believe they would ever do such a thing.🤣😂

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