What's inside the UFO Pentagon report 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' investigates

Former Pentagon UFO Lue Elizondo expert joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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44 Comments on “What's inside the UFO Pentagon report 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' investigates”

  1. All of the UFO commentators that I respect have been remarkably positive about this report, as my initial reading left me somewhat depressed and negative. So on that basis I’ve changed my opinion and I’m quietly confident that government may now start being more open about UAPs.

  2. Why the real question is, is why are the trying so hard to divert our attention with there crazy stories what’s really going on behind the scenes they are trying so hard to hide!

  3. This things👽 have have homes under water in the deep ocean 🌊 they come from space but they have under water stations they been coming here way before we where walking straight

  4. Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli created a different type of telescope lens a few years back 2017 or so. That is able to see these things. And everything we have recorded is true. These things monitor our military and our airports. These vechicles have been seen diving into volcanoes, and plunging into the ocean straight down at crazy speeds. Just go look it up and see. They can appear and then vanish.. Oh well… Humans will inevitably wake up once the mystery comes full circle.

  5. I'm just thinking of all the hardcore ufologists who staked their lives on this report like it was some huge secret. They all must be completely twisted right now . Haha

  6. UFOs are real. A great moment in human history. 25 June 2021 everything changed. Much love.

  7. They’re 4th dimension being, that’s how and why they violate the 3rd dimension laws and physics. There’s natural laws that this universe follows ✨

  8. Lou your lying, in the report they did say the tech could be ours!! It says it right in the report that the unidentifiable UAP’s could be special developmental US tech!

  9. So this is all radar screen or distant visual? No wonder the government has no idea…could be anything (and likely different things). How long did it take for us to realize that "unintended acceleration" was simply people putting their foot on the wrong pedal? I wouldn't go jumping to aliens on this one,.

  10. It took them 180 days just to say “we don’t know what they are………we need more funding to find out”

  11. Why there must be a tabu on something that we are just trying to identify? Isn't this suppose to be the purpose of the scientific community and national security duties?

  12. so we're essentially being mooned by these objects/beings/crafts/things, being played with like cat and mouse, basically they're messin' with sasquatch, and we think there's maybe 4 or 5 explanations of what it could be… lol.
    we really leave them no choice. they either escalate the shenanigans like some Wiley Coyote cartoon or they run for office. I'd vote for em if I thought it would make any difference.
    That leaves one option open… as the wall was never finished and we welcome all to the table for dinner. We start naming names of who we want them to do medical experiments on.
    Any ideas?

  13. Has anybody calculated their carbon footprints? If aliens, I foresee big EPA fines in their future. Not even Mr. Spock pisses off the EPA without consequences.

  14. If you want to get ahead a little on this spend some time listening to more lengthy interviews in various youtube channels. It's probably better to start thinking about the reality of where this is headed and what that means to you than to have it hit you like a sledge hammer all at once. Luis has told us if we were listening for sometime this is not human. Now there aren't infinite possibilities and right now the three are extraterrestrial meaning from another planet, inter-dimensional or non-human terrestrial. The 2nd more complex the third that these are as he's said neighbors from here a part of nature.

  15. The government just wants us to believe that these are "not of this world." Just so they can then act like we're under attack later on and declare a "war" against an "unknown" enemy… this is all crazy as hell. Why hasn't 1 poc or video ever been clear enough to see? Go ahead and get mad bc I dont agree that these are really out of this world shit! Who cares… just another decoy to get your attention while they do something else against us… lol

  16. I don’t care if they are Klingons, Borg or Romulans as long as they get rid of the Ferengi running the Gouvernements of the world

  17. If there are sentient intelligent life forms that have or have not been here for millions of years, is it not logical to presume that the lack of communication between us is a sign that we are not an interest let alone a threat or even "visible" to them? Also, I shouldn't have to remind you all but I will, We all live in a time where just recently we have had many wars that have brought technology to a level allowing for globalized communication between all people worldwide. Knowing this we can conclude that our governments individually or not are definitely covertly hiding very important information from us the regular person with access to the internet, and the potential enemies of their respective countries. To protect us from ourselves or others. Why would a country let the best technology that it has to offer be used by regular people when we are at a point when anyone can 3D print a gun or even create a "laser death ray". The world is more dangerous than ever and maybe the people making the decisions are following an agenda that is good enough for us based on many variables, or maybe not. Also, a lot of the "best tech" is made with elements not very easily acquired. These "UFOs" could just be our new tech and its top-secret not to be disclosed and part of a bigger plan to enslave us all with mock aliens that are just us in disguise. Who knows, go get 5 masters and become an astronaut to find out, be ready to sign a paper with your blood.

  18. I used to like this guy!!but like the rest in this feild… they always give a dance around answer…I love how he seems like hes going to give an insight but turns around and almost back peddles…pretty much giving water when it should be gravey…its a shame!! So Americans got a nod!!NOT THE TRUTH!!. AND HES A SNAKE OIL SALESMAN

  19. They must think we r all so stupid .bull shit thats what I say.elizondo stop lying 😠🤬u r part of the problem


  21. The current societal and political turmoil was eerily predicted in the book entitled "The Ecstasy of Carbon," which, although Science Fiction, is based upon an Anthropological Futurism which acknowledges the intrinsic importance of the vital archetypes of human evolution upon current human behavior and projects their influence into future scenarios of adaptation to increasing technology and artificial intelligence. It is here, as well as in its forerunner from 2010, "Fixed Stars Rise," where the post-election chaos was foreseen as well as a coming collapse of Empire. Soon, a growing men's movement and, in particular, a group of powerful men involved in AI technology proclaim that women have an evolutionary proclivity for control due to a general incapacity for both intellectual and physical mastery and prowess that compels them to manipulate and claim from men that which they cannot procure for themselves; thus, their empowerment is directly related to a loss of personal liberty and freedom in men. Soon, these powerful men move to reestablish a Patriarchy. There is only one problem, however: the AI that they created in their own image now view women as an existential threat and begin to seek a final solution that reveals an unexpected surprise in the evolutionary record. Find out what happens next in "The Ecstasy of Carbon."

  22. Ya ok fraud….like they couldn't have destroyed us a million times over the years …. government flunkies

  23. It took from the 1940s for them to come up with we don’t really know. What bullshit, your full of it Lou.

  24. This is what we have been waiting for ….. ! I could come up with a better hypothesis, using a torch a pair of binoculars and a note pad.

  25. They are lying. its nuclear powered. That is why they showed up in 1945. Nuclear age. Its some sort of secret nuclear propulsion system. Listen closely to every interview. No one mentions nuclear can power the crafts. Its because Lou Elizondo knows this and is under a NDA so he cant speak about the truth.

  26. They're not extraterrestrials that's impossible the only way to travel through Interstellar space is on a planet.

  27. I feel like their may be 2 or 3 people in the military or private industry who know exactly who is doing this and is keeping the secret

  28. My theory is that the government thinks that the best move at the moment is to avoid comment as much as possible so everyone assumes "oh they obviously know but don't want us to know they know" which is our natural response and which attributes a higher degree of cohesion and competency to them rather than admit they have no idea what the hell is going on and that many people who should be working on this haven't even been properly informed due to stigma and bureaucratic fragmentation/compartmentalization of individual roles and responsibilities in government. Regardless, this should create funding and validation enough to create programs necessary to find the answers.

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