What's inside the UFO Pentagon report? 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' investigates

Former Pentagon UFO Lue Elizondo expert joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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46 Comments on “What's inside the UFO Pentagon report? 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' investigates”

  1. Come on Tucker. Biden can't deal with illegal ALIENS crossing the border, let alone ones from space. Distraction tactics.

  2. Funny how so many ppl have seen them with their eyes, yet no one believes it’s real until the government says it is? Humans are as pathetic as I thought

  3. "They are ET, let's just say it" exactly! Everyone else just keeps dancing around it, I'm glad someone finally said it! 👏👏👏

  4. Former US Navy, here. We have optics that can easily read a newspaper headline from low space orbit, yet all this grainy video? But, it is very nice of the aliens to use flashing red and green navigation lights, per international flight rules. Just insulting.

  5. am not a faired and i work for them ships flying in the sky i told them to all leave the earth last year and told them you have become a threat to the rest of the univeres last year in 2020 and told them if you try to fly space ships out side of your space system they should shot them down. after what you did last year now the rest of the univeres see the earth and people of earth as a threat to the rest of the humans in space on other worlds they wanted you to join them last year but after what the democrats did in 2020 with BLM and antifa riots they no longer feel you should join them in space you cut off all diplomated talks with the other human races in space by how you act it last year…………. now the armies of God are sending 2,000 plus spaceships to free the children of God they should be here on the year 2029 or 2031……………. there is a small force never by but not on earth they left earth when i side you have become a threat to the rest of the univers. there is 500 space ships on never by plantes never earth keeping an eye on you and if you try to travil out side of earths star system your ships will be destroyed…………… they will take the children of God to a new home world and leave all siners on earth……………

  6. This report is a JOKE! 9 pages of nothing, suggested one was only a deflating balloon. It truly looks like it was prepared in an hour or less, and absolutely does not add ANYTHING new to the discussion. Two points were made clear was…. "we need more investment" more money. "There is not enough data" This is a joke and anyone who had a hand in preparing this "intelligence" report should resign, it's embarrassing. These UAPs are supposedly buzzing military vessels, shutting down nuclear launch sites, and while there are no hostile actions, clearly are in violation of protected airspace, and the ODNI states maybe we should look into this. They have been looking into this for 75 years! Where is the report???? It makes the Govt look like liars and the public look like saps, the public already knows there is more info than was released, come clean, …. these are just some of the USA projects, not to mention the UK, Russia, China or France. – Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Roswell UFO incident, Brookings Report, Condon Committee, Estimate of the Situation, Project Blue Book, Project Grudge, Project Serpo, Project Sign, Project Silver Bug, Robertson Panel, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF).

  7. Jesus Christ is coming for His people soon brothers and sisters!!! Wake up and look at all the evil in the world and the biblical prophecies being fulfilled around us! REPENT of your sins and ACCEPT (confess with your mouth and believe in your heart) our Lord Jesus Christ as YOUR SAVIOR and receive salvation and eternal life through Him‼️ He died on the cross to pay for our sins and rose from the dead on the 3rd day! Whether you believe or not judgment for sin comes to all EXCEPT those who put their FAITH in Him. Through Him we are no longer under condemnation but under GRACE! Dont wait until its too late! God bless you all! Amen🙏🏽🧡


  9. We need a technological utopia without work & money. If people want to work they can providing the are qualified. The wealth & class system must be abolished. Everything must become free. Sustainable & eco friendly agricultural & resource production made fully autonomous with minimal human labour required. Looking to space for precious metals and materials. Terroforming ecosystems to sustain this growth both for agricultural & wildlife protection. The struggle that is fiscal responsibility has to stop. It's only logical when you compare this to the current state of throw away consumerism and trickle down economics.

    The monetary system is anthropocentric & short sighted… what is point in trading human happiness for a small percentage of people to hoard wealth… value is agreed upon is is not fixed by definition… eradication of money is the best thing that can happen

    you wouldn't do anything because you aren't motivated by profit? What is stopping you from turning work into a hobby or exploring other skill or travelling? I'm sure the millions of people in poverty and who have little happiness in their life because of wealth would agree.. why would you think negatively of a solution that creates mass equality and eradicates the crushing responsibility of wealth to which people are driven to crime and depression… inequality does not need to exist if technology can take the place of humans as a labour for production. What is wrong with a standardisation of living instead of wealth inequality when millions all over the world have nothing…

    A TU is a theoretical situation that is achievable. Civilisation is able to find this scenario under specific conditions, regulation & policy. The solution to human beings experiencing the difficulties of life is subject to a community, unified, living in a peaceful society.

    The monetary system is anthropocentric & does not have a logical groundwork now that technology exists. Trade & value are concepts that derive from production for the essential components of life. Materialism & Culture are a developed philosophical & creative aspect of the capacity for consciousness. They are given value & thus trade is necessary. Trade is also a key component in agriculture process & resource gathering. Value is a fictional economy of numbers. It is agreed upon by those involved.

    The monetary system is detrimental to human existence as it relies on the competitive side of human nature that we take from our ancestors who actually struggled as a product of their natural environment not their civilisations.

    Technology is an essential solution to human labour. Resource supply chain & production are able to become self sufficient, sustainable & effective. Without labour there is no need for incentive. Equality is achieved. It is an easy to understand formula for achieving happiness. Kindness is a good thing.

    A society that is full of happy people as a product of their environment will thrive. Progress in education, environment & reproduction is accelerated & perpetuates a positive ecosystem. Ecology is a focus prociding spiritual alignment, access to natural environment. This is the purest form of existence that human beings can achieve.

    Understand that you have no say in how you live unless you can take care of yourself in the wilderness. You are living in society which is governed by policies & laws. You are given these things until it changes because you are a citizen that does not have any power over changing society. If all of your assets were deemed worthless tomorrow – it would be legal. The wealth division in society is created by the conditions that are outlined & maintained by the minority of high worth individuals. They are deciding this for us. They are allowing poverty to continue.

  10. There's an alien ship flying to the Fox News studios!!! Did you guys saw it? There's an alien ship flying to the Fox News studios!!!

  11. We have explored less than 10% of the ocean floor. WE DON"T KNOW WHAT ELSE IS DOWN THERE!

  12. Please Tucker… This man is a government SCHILL… They'll be telling us that UAP's are a THREAT next when they're NOT… If they were, we would have been destroyed many years ago… You should have asked him why he wont have a debate with Dr Steven Greer?… Because he knows the REAL TRUTH & is far too scared of him

  13. My ringtone is “alien sci-fi” inspired. So I’ll be ready for the “fake alien” invasion 👽🤣
    I do not discount aliens, we are not alone, they walk among us, and look like humans. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the government, does a fake invasion. Because Wuflu has been discredited, BLM, and the election.

  14. Luis Elizondo is a total fake, he talks about science to back up his opinion because he doesn't want to say it out loud, and we all know that science will require having bodies in autopsy carts to start saying if is "highly likely" objects are from extraterrestrial origin.🤦‍♂️

  15. There are things universal wide, the human mind can not comprehend. Who are we to say "it does not exist"?

  16. An alien invasion is coming, it's called plan nine, the Outer space aliens plan to make the dead into zombies to attack the living😂

  17. I dont understand something , i dont have any militar knowledge but the pilots see some on the sky that is taunting them and doing crazy manouvers why they dont shot them?

  18. Stop reporting this propaganda or if you do then present it as a propaganda, Is Tucker a government shill or just not that bright himself? One of that question choices is a fact, so make you choice Tucker, people will.

  19. It’s not fair that the aliens have ships and we don’t, so I propose a wealth tax on all extra terrestrial beings to pay for the green new deal

  20. This report SAYS NOTHING. the military know all about the UFO’s but they simply don’t want the public or even the GOVERNMENT to know anything. It’s a disgrace. How can the military get away with saying so little in this report? And if there’s nothing in it why is so much of it kept top secret? To say so little in such an important report is absolutely scandalous.

  21. It could be a possibility that these UFOs sightings and theories were orchestrated by the federal government to cover up ongoing technological military advancements and/or experiments. Some even suppose that the reported "alien abductions" were arranged by the government to spread the alien craze. Governments aren't 100% transparent about these kinds of things and they never will be.

  22. Ladies and Gentlemen, Fox News and Tucker;
    1. There are no Aliens active on Earth or around Earth;
    2. So called "tic-tac" UFOs are "Made in China" drones spying different US installations;
    3. Triangular UFOs are "Made in USA" TR-3B "Astra" alien-stylized, experimental drones;
    4. Program of TR-3B will not be oficially disclosured because it was top-secret for too long, so disclosure would be meaning:
    4.1. Questions about spent cash and sources of this cash;
    4.2. Questions about people who's memory was intentionally damaged;
    4.3. Questions about people locked in mental hospitals who are claiming that they have been abducted by UFO, because some of them are saying thruth.
    5. Many sights never existed – people often see what they want to see and remember what they want to remember;
    6. Some sights were intentionally staged to blur a real image of situation.

  23. IF an intelligent life form can build a device that can fly at near light speed for a few thousand years and once it arrives on Earth, it avoids contact. I say leave it the hell alone. Maybe spend the money on feeding poor people around the world instead. 🌎

  24. There is a small group of citizens who do not need a government report to tell us what this is all about . That would be maybe less than 5% of the world population . As the French study on UFOs stated ‘ “ The extraterrestrial hypothesis is the most likely one to be true. “ this French report came out decades ago .

  25. Ummm… They can DeepFake a video of you saying something you never have. I'm pretty sure doctoring up these videos wasn't all that complicated…

  26. They are preparing to stage an alien invasion in 2024, you will remember this when it happens.

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