What's the Truth About UFOs/UAPs?

–Audience Question: What’s the truth about UFOs (UAPs)?
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Broadcast on May 28, 2021

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30 Comments on “What's the Truth About UFOs/UAPs?”

  1. I recommend the film "The phenomenon" on Amazon prime. You can watch the trailer on youtube. It has got a 93% audience score on RT (88% from critics).

  2. The idea that a foreign military Power has access to aviation technology that's a quantum leap ahead of anything the rest of the world has, and was somehow able to keep it a secret (rather than integrating into the civilian sector and gaining transformative economic hegemony) , seems even more unlikely than aliens (not saying that is particularly likely either).

    That would make about as much sense as keeping the invention of the digital Computer secret and restricted to military codebreaking.

  3. Am I the only one noticing he rolled up his sleeves perfectly . . . like too perfect.
    Is David an alien?? 😳 🛸

  4. It could be both. Miss direction at the expense of real unknown footage. Bc México military were the first to come forward with this encounters.

  5. I disagree that the mis-direction is more plausible, there are several known UAP tracking programs that have existed and currently exist and the barrier has been leadership not taking it seriously. Ex-officials and navy pilots had to push to get the info released. Plus some of this info has been publicly available since 2017, so it’s not like the government just all of a sudden dropped this info.

  6. Why are you completely USA-centric? "If the aliens come to the USA" What if they go to Iceland? Or Ghana?

  7. Personally I hope that if it is aliens, that the US is NOT the place they make first contact!

  8. You are ignoring that they have evidence on film, while this does not prove aliens, it does eliminate visual misperception. I think you are stretching Occam's razor with the conspiracy theory. Why do you find conspiracy more plausible than aliens? We don't know anything about aliens, so it is impossible to disregard the possibility. I don't support alien theories, but neither do I ignore them. We simply don't have enough information to make a well founded opinion – forgetting Occam's razor, which is, to be honest a fairly blunt instrument!

  9. In the movie, The Arrival, the alien's home world has an atmosphere much richer in CO2 than earth. So, the first step in colonization is to increase the CO2 level. Their world is also much warmer.

  10. Our tech will soon catch up. I would rather not know in some sense. If it can save lives, then I would like to know.

  11. It is easier to be skeptical if you've never seen one. I have seen two. One was back in 1974 when I was in the army. I was stationed on Ft. Bragg but we as well as the Marines would travel to Ft Stewart for training. I was down there on advance party preparing for one of the line companies to arrive, there was a group of us, about 6 of us that was walking out to the burn barrel to cook out. We saw a red light with a tail which is what caught our attention. We were 15 or 20 miles from the airfield at the base. The tail disappeared and the red light continued on. We had a good laugh at it making fun of it being a UFO. We had an open field in front of us with a tree line on the other side. We had a good point of reference to this things movements. It wasn't flying straight and level, it was like it was like it was jumping up and down a bit but this is the strange part. I was working third shift and when I got home I would watch a show called Sightings and they had a show on a major incident over the airfield. It was in2002 before I realized that what we saw was indeed a UFO. The other thing that I saw was a very high altitude red orange light travel across the sky at a high speed and suddenly turn 90 degrees travel maybe half the distance and disappeared. Very strange way for a falling star so it's also unidentified. You also have to remember these things have been seen and reported since the fifties at least and if they were manmade that tech would have been mainstream by now.

  12. Your idea that the pilots were wrong about what they saw like the speed and maneuvers is refuted by radar evidence.

  13. Sorry, but in this case, all known information combined (radar, infrared, eyewitness, historical sightings, military settings, civilian sightings…), Occam's razor actually points toward aliens (be it from outer space, other dimensions, time travelers or unknown parallel civilizations on earth).
    It takes much and many more assumptions to explain it all away with a combination of advanced human technology and/or elaborate conspiracies.

  14. Why would they try and make contact if they're visiting? If these videos are to be understood as a factual incident in which we cannot explain, then why would anybody with that technology try to peacefully make contact? Unless their interplanetary ships aren't exactly up to speed with their war ships.

  15. I appreciate your take but to me less assumptions aren´t always better. What if for one conclusion you needed three very probable, yet not verifiably true, assumptions and for aonther conclusion you needed just one assumption that is highly improbable? So, it´s very very probable that there is alien life somewhere in this unimaginably, absurdly vast universe, so this assumption isn´t exactly implausible to make. And also the assumption that if there is alien life out there the probability is actually quite high that there are hundreds, thousands, millions or even more planets with life forms of some kind (our galaxy alone contains something like 300 billion stars – stars! Not planets, many more of those). And that might very well make the claim relatively plausible that among all those life forms one or more might be more intelligent and/or advanced than us, or even way more. So the question really is, for me at least: How plausible exactly is it that some other country on Earth has developed something as seemingly highly advanced as THIS? And how probable is it really that the perception of all those pilots and other people and of all the people seeing these videos was so misleading that their possible conclusions could be that far off? Of course, that´s entirley possible, all those conclusions are. But I am not entirely sure if our perception of the levels of plausibility and probability is accurate.

  16. If it is aliens, and they are smarter and stronger than we are, then they would be justified in harvesting us for food. That's how we justify eating other animals.

  17. If a space faring alien civilization actually exists the skies should be awash with non-natural intelligence-sourced radio signals. So where are all the radio signals?

    To assume aliens have perfected some other form of communication implies laws of physics very far beyond what is known to us. That requires a leap into science fiction.

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