What's Up in Makeup NEWS! Ulta Selling USED Makeup? Foreo UFO SPACE Skincare! UV Tracking on a Thumb

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Live chat for today is at 10am Eastern on YouTube! We are going to be playing with products from Profusion! First impression Getting Ready With Me! Tati loved it, so I’m hoping I will too!

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Vlada Haggerty Article – https://smcarthurlaw.com/vlada-haggerty-sues-makeup-forever-and-louis-vuitton-for-copying-her-lip-art/
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23 Comments on “What's Up in Makeup NEWS! Ulta Selling USED Makeup? Foreo UFO SPACE Skincare! UV Tracking on a Thumb”

  1. Error when you said jan 28 that salt met their funding for pallette. JEN! THATS THE FUTURE! Now you are able to time jump!?? 😆😘

  2. Your intro is the cutest! And love the news style…so creative! I finally have a fun place to get my beauty news! 💗

  3. I think the Ulta thing really depends what type of managers you have at that store. Ulta has certain standards and it’s up to those managers to meet up to those standards- but some of them get so lazy. I worked in the cosmetic retail industry and some managers were just that- so, so lazy. I wouldn’t be too concerned just ask to look at the product at the counter before you purchase it. And worse comes to worse you can always do a return.

  4. I literally just bought foundation from Ulta that Turned out to be used! So freaking gross. They wouldn’t even let me return it and buy it elsewhere (this is the second time this has happened to me. ) I had to exchange it and the CSR didn’t even do a proper exchange, she just traded products and told me “not to worry about it” shame on ulta!!!

  5. Does anyone know if the Hush makeup is eye safe ? Any sketchy ingredients? The low prices make me wonder

  6. The ulta story is true. The local stores in my area do that. I have friends that work in a couple ulta stores and they both have to put used products back on the shelves. Pretty disgusting.

  7. On the Ulta topic- the stores that are selling used makeup are 100% breaking corporate policy. I am the operations manager at the Ulta closest to me and damages are something that I personally oversee. Every item returned that is not sealed in its original packaging is thrown into a bin, later to me scanned and destroyed. We have the girls destroy the products in the stock room in front of the camera, so that we can be sure that everything is truly being destroyed, not "cleaned up" or pocketed for personal use or resell outside of our store. If you suspect that your local Ulta is selling used products, PLEASE call the corporate hotline and report them!

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