Where did The Moon come from?

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Narrated by @BuzWeaver:

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34 Comments on “Where did The Moon come from?”

  1. This is gonna sound way out there but this is what I think happened. Everything before the “civil war” is 80% bullshit. There was a war 300 years ago. The civil war was the clean up. Look at the damage of the civil war. Cities the size of Los Angeles completely leveled. With what canon balls impossible. They gives us little pieces of there victories disguised as the fall of Rome and the Trojan war. There is evidence of advanced structures in every city everywhere. There is a bank in my city and a prison with copper dome roofs. The capitol building in Maryland was built in 1790? Right all the capital buildings, the White House, old world structures. The enemy destroyed the pillars of Hercules and the rock of Gibraltar that was holding back the oceans, that caused the flood and shut down the power grid. Egypt was the first hit. The annunaki story about slavery is what there doing to us. Zachariah sitchin is the man who “translated” the Sumerian tablets. He is a free mason and a fraud. World war 1 and 2, Vietnam was all staged to kill the survivors. They created this bullshit government, schools, religion, for the division and the tv for propaganda and brainwashing

  2. The info in this video is amazing! That's why I try to always make sure that I keep my mind open, kuzz when you do you'll learn something new everyday.

  3. Incoherent bable…events and things strung together with no real relationship as well as errors n the actual information presented…wtf

  4. I don't like the Moon very much anymore. When I was a kid a Full Moon felt great but as an adult I can't stand it.

  5. Tiamat was earth before the collision. The North Wind was Nibiru’s moon that collided with Tiamat which caused the asteroid belt (band of diamonds) to form along with knocking the large chunk of Tiamat off its orbit (destiny) to where Earth is orbiting now. Earth (K) is Tiamat and the moon (Kingu) which was the North Wind from Nibiru got locked in Earths gravitational hold to become our moon after the great collision. Tiamat was earth. Not the moon. Earth didn’t exist until Tiamat got struck by the North Wind. The asteroid belt came from the great collision of Tiamat and the North Wind. If your going to pilfer “The Twelfth Planet” for information. At least get it correct please. You have to read the book, not Google info or just look online at illustrations from the book. SMH!

  6. But.. there is absolutely no evidence of there ever being a "global flood" on Earth. That's been debunked, as well as the story of Noah's ark by Christian apologetics. 🤔

  7. Wait till u hear this ..Nibiru was the great comet that the moon followed in its tail after impact with Tiamat

  8. Check out the video on the YouTube channel, "Suspicious0bservers, called 'COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified'."

  9. As per a Hindu legend, the river Ganga did not exist on Earth. It was brought from the heavens by king Bhagirath after doing a hard and long penance. When the river arrived, its strike was so hard that lord Shiva had to absorb the shock on his head so that Earth will not be impacted. Interestingly god Shiva is shown with a crescent moon on his head and river Ganga pouring from his head. I always wondered how a river can downpour from the skies and now I realized its meaning when I read about Electric Universe theory which states that the water on Earth was gifted by Kronos the Saturn through one of its satellite when it went supernova. This is also the reason we see Sumerian goddess Inanna holding a pot at an angle facing the skies. When the or more possibly Oort cloud object hurled by Saturn, hit the Earth it created the Moon as one fragment, Mercury as the other. The debris in the asteroid belt was probably created in the same collision or later.

  10. Ok first up the moon is OBVIOUSLY not solid,has anyone noticed how on some nights the moon gets to look like a F'N football or WTF ever shape it feels like on that given night??or that it looks transparent at times or the way the clouds pass behind it on certain nights??if WE paid attn a lot more often people would notice these things but nope,head in the F'N sand or the phone whatever!!its VERY obvious the moon is something else entirely,what exactly,I'm not sure??but a solid piece of rock it is 110%NOT!!

  11. What about the fact that the moon now rotates therefore waxes AND wanes in a single night and has since Autumn of 2010?

  12. Solar system was in chaos due to Saturn and Jupiter getting captured by the Sun, and Earth, Venus and Mars getting migrated from satellites of Saturn to satellites of the Sun according to Thunderbolts Project's theory.

  13. David Icke outlines in one of his first two books, how the Moon was brought here to destroy the Earth. It nearly worked but ended up going into orbit.
    This was channeled to him by a psychic if I remember rightly.

  14. I don't believe anything hit a planet and destroyed it but I believe a planet got destroyed there. I think something bigger got to close and a electrical-energetic exchange happened between them and causing the canyon on mars

  15. The distance from earth to the moon is mathematically PERFECT to cause an eclipse, due to the distance of the earth to the sun. What are the chances of that being coincidence?

  16. That poet Bobby Mask is something else, what a wonderful way with words he has, a true wordsmith.

    Great video 👍

  17. Problem is no current models support impact or capture theories in fact they quite conclusively debunk them. That leaves either an unknown natural process or event, or artificial creation or capture including my personal favorite, the enlargement of a smaller captured moon. There are a lot of mountains on this planet that appear to be cropped off to flat level planes with no sign of any of the removed material.

  18. It would make sense that transmitters would be positioned on the dark side but any habitation would be set up on the lightside facing right at us where impacts are far far less likely and your more shielded from solar radiation.

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