Why So Much News On UFO's??

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37 Comments on “Why So Much News On UFO's??”

  1. We're being set up for an explanation for the RAPTURE. Aliens took all the Christians and caused the subsequent havoc. Seek the Lord God Almighty.

  2. I would never find all this info without you and my other prepper channels, thanks to you all! God bless you TJ😇😇😇

  3. False flag or distraction… Wonder if it’s a drone. Sounds like they’ve hit every UFO Coast 2 coast AM guest in this article

  4. Look over here not at what we are doing is why. Activity has been the same for the last decade but now they need it for a distraction. Worry about UFOs not the communism we are cramming through.

  5. I don't understand why the powers go be are shocked by the ho hum reaction of the public. First almost everyone alive has grown up watching Syfy movies and everyone I know has either seen one or knows someone who has. Personally not that interested

  6. UFOs! They are desperate! Don't pay attention to that.. watcht this hand while I do something with the other..

  7. UFO’s.. Whatever.. It’s like all the so-called sightings of BiGFooT.. Always rare & too grainy footage.. Nothing but distractions.. Wanted to say tho about ur Aldi video.. Hobby Lobby & Michael’s (craft stores) sells tiny ‘ziplock’ type baggies.. like 1×1’s & such.. u could do-up (like rolling ur tobacco) with ur Gatorade powders for hubby.. also, u could get/buy clear capsules & fill them (again, like w/the tobacco) so he could just take them in pill/capsule form. I love mixing it in water but I know some can’t stand it.😁

  8. If you want to understand how this crafts working what they use what can do and whom they belong to you should read this. We call them UFOs because they use beyond advanced propulsion and power source. This crafts can levitate hover go in air water and space have forcefield around them which they say its indestructible and can go at speed of light. All of this are transmedium crafts that can go in air water and space.

    US Navy

    US10144532B2 – Triangle Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

    US20180229864A1 – High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator – generator for mass reduction

    US10135366B2 – Electromagnetic field generator – antigravity generator

    This is from US inventors

    US3572613A – Circular wing aircraft

    US2801058A – Saucer-shaped aircraft

    US6960975B1 – Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state

    US7108228B1 – Hydrogen-fueled spacecraft

    US8109471B2 – Cylinder shaped interstellar spacecraft

    US5653404A – Disc-shaped submersible aircraft

    US8752787B2 – Electrical driven flying saucer based on magnetic suspension

    US10246200B2 – Centripetal aerodynamic platform spacecraft

    This is from Russia

    WO2008094075A1 – Disk shaped craft

    RU2175627C2 – Flying saucer

    RU2264952C1 – Flying vehicle, type flying saucer

    RU2106287C1 – Complex technology of planetary and interplanetary navigation

    RU2090454C1 – Saucer-type flying vehicle for planetary and interplanetary navigation

    RU2137681C1 – Space vehicle Triangle

    WO2011008136A1 – Spacecraft for interplanetary and intergalactic flight

    SU1838180A3 – Flying vehicle

    RU2131378C1 – Flying vehicle

    RU2714553C1 – Disc aircraft

    RU2715823C1 – Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft

    RU2131164C1 – Electromagnetic field Generator

    RU2214945C1 – Flying vehicle

    RU2626418C2 – Aqua aerospace vehicle

    China patents

    CN102602538B – Magnetic levitation self-driven double-spiral-wing flying saucer

    CN110857151A – Anti-gravity propelling device for mercury Spheres

    WO2018209458A1 – Tai chi flying saucer

    CN106005412B – Flying disk type VTOL high speed electromagnetic aircraft

    CN106005402A – Flying saucer type hypersonic stealth jet aircraft

    CN112572789A – Shuttle dart type hypersonic aircraft

    CN104773307A – Approximate-light-speed particle moving method and system

    Other Nations

    DE202006016942U1 – Space ship for using antimatter has an annihilation driving mechanism

    DE10234902A1 – Flying saucer for space stations and interplanetary travel

    KR20000000051A – Airplane using centrifugal force

  9. Distraction and Deception. My Dad always believed if the rapture is pre-trib this is how it will be explained….aliens took everyone. Lol. 👽👭👬👪

  10. Tj..
    Many christians believe UFO or UAP
    are demons or fallen angels.
    This phenomenon started around the time Israel became a nation 1947 or 1948.
    Many christians believe this is happening because it will be used as a cover story to explain the Rapture ( Harpatzo) away, as many Christians are anticipating such an event. Thank you

  11. Been watching UFO sightings for years.
    You are seeing it now because the US Military has approved the release of their footage, proving alien technology.
    They are amongst us.

  12. TJ the pentagon is to release the report on the 24th or 25th it’s a major topic within the UFO community.. it’s a topic that’s fascinating to me for a years.. not sure what or why now but we all know they’re dishing out everything in their playbook.. more to come so I’ve heard. Take care girl🌻

  13. Also corbell is friends with mr knapp who is the man who first interviewed bob lazar… this area stems back to the so called area51.. now if you remember the Don jr interview with his dad Mr trmp, where he asked him about that area trmp chuckled and said “I know about that place” and he also said he doesn’t believe in these “things” if anyone is interested listen to a channel called Dark Journalist, he interviews so many outsiders who have studied this topic, people who were involved in the jfk situation and lawyers who spoke out about the shananagins, goes back to the second world conflict if you get what I’m saying… what I do know is that in the bible it says not to be deceived, and that I am taking to heart in these days! God bless you TJ and don’t worry about the matters of men.

  14. First off my channel name is just for fun. This footage has been out for a few years. You really need to keep an open mind and research this. There is other footage taken by foreign military also. You have to sort it out though. This is not a distraction. These things exist.
    Watch the 60 minutes episode on this.

  15. Desensitization. Nephelim spirits we are to view as friends. Sixth branch of military, space force? Why we need that?

  16. great video and information. good question on why are we hearing about all this as if tbhey are inviting this into their normalization

  17. Beware the probe.😂Just a distraction. Let's scare the simple minded with someone shooting things up there. There are smart pranksters too. If Elon can be the next NASA so can anyone else tinkering.

  18. I was checking to make sure no friends were live. I dropped my phone when I saw your topic. I have info that I was going to call into Marf about, but I was the only mod for nearly 5,000. So I decided that I’d just go live. My info adds to yours so I won’t be on top of your info but will send other to watch. Your info drives home my info. We might be a great team in the making lol. Much Love
    And Many Prayers!

  19. What about all the stuff were they said aliens are hidden and they bring humans for there food just to keep them hidden that's weird and scary

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