Wish Lanterns on CBS 6 news mistaken for UFO's!

http://www.wishlantern.com Wish Lantern were recently featured on CBS 6 news in America when the flying sky lanterns or ‘wish lanterns’ were released at the wedding reception of Elliot Norman and Jessica Winderweedle.
Jessica, Norman and their friends and family released about 80 flying wish lanterns into the night sky to celebrate the special day and it appears that as they night sky carried them downwind they were mistaken for UFO’s.


3 Comments on “Wish Lanterns on CBS 6 news mistaken for UFO's!”

  1. Oh lol I thought the ones I saw tonight were UFO but this vid means there not

  2. They think they are U.F.O.'s. That's a lie. They are sky lanterns only. But launching them is against the law.

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