Woman Found In a Freezer & Underwater UFO – Freaky News

This week, we’ll tackle the terrifying case of a missing Oklahoma woman found inside a freezer and the intriguing sighting reports of underwater UFOs. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted News.

Top 5 Most Mysterious UNDERWATER STRUCTURES Ever Discovered

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1. Woman Found Inside a Freezer (Talina Galloway)

News from around the country recently put the spotlight on a woman who was charged with murder after her roommate had gone missing. Although the details are still currently being ironed out, they could give you an overview of how horrific the case is.

It all started on June 8, 2020. A witness reportedly saw a truck and its white cargo trailer abandoned in a secluded area around the Oachita National Forrest, south of Mena, Arkansas. Suspicion prompted the unnamed person to inspect the parked vehicle.

2. Underwater UFOs

Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker, was one of the first people to ever share footage of a UFO crashing into a body of water on social media. Her post has since garnered plenty of views and reactions. So much so that the Pentagon itself found the need to make confirmation on its existence as well as the authenticity of the video.

In a statement, the defense agency said that the video was indeed legitimate and was believed to be taken some time in 2019 by a US Navy personnel.

Mr. Corbell explained on Instagram that local authorities found no wreckage on the said water crash site. But the weirdness doesn’t end from that fact alone.


23 Comments on “Woman Found In a Freezer & Underwater UFO – Freaky News”

  1. For real, what is with all the UFO/UAP footage coming out from the government? Do they just have no choice since so many people like Navy Pilot David Fravor are coming out telling their stories? As a whole, no matter what you believe, it feels like it should be a bigger news story or general discussion but then everyone just shrugs, says they don’t know what it is and it’s back to watching The Dating Game revived with Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton.

  2. The US Navy holds patents on exactly this craft. They claim the projects are only theoretical but some sources claim to have seen prototypes. The patent literally claims the ability to fly through our air and then go underwater just like the video. Idk but if we did possess such tech I doubt they would let it slip out on social media. At least not until we had successfully ran military ops with it. Just like every thing else. Then again it's 2021 and weird seems to be the way lately. 🤔🤔🤔

  3. I'm not positive these UFOs are corporeal. I think the govt is right on with their name calling it phenomenon. Personally my theory is it may be Demonic in nature but admittedly there isn't any evidence of that or much of anything else. Still, the way it defies physics and can impact the water without causing a disturbance on the water makes me think it isn't corporeal.

  4. All of that "declassified" footage that's been released recently looks completely fake. They're just setting us up for some reason, likely a phoney alien invasion.

  5. Cult45 ppl be calling police over rain. WTF is the police going to do other then "I think i smell weed"

  6. I think something big is going to happen soon on the whole E.T/ UFO's subject and our goverment is preparing us for it. gradually. Why else would they start declassifing things now? They've had many years to do it but didn't, they've tried their best to keep it from us, so why the change of heart?

  7. History repeats itself, over and over and over. UFO/ USO nothing new whatsoeover, been seen and witnessed and documented since the beginning of time. Saag harbor back in the early 90s/ late 80s. Uso in Canada 🇨🇦 witnessed by many. But hey. Look at Renaissance Art, UFOS and craft are depected in some of those too. Look at early seafarers such as Columbus, who speak in their logs and journals of seeing unexplained lights in the sky..lets go alllll the way back to the biblical days, when sightings of "chariots of fire in the sky" we're witnessed.Erick Von Daniken spoke of these things and then some years ago. These ARE the Gods and the Devils so too speak. Here's what the truly creepy part is.. Why now? After over 70 years of denial and disinformation and denial is the .gov finally coming straight up and honest with it? Right after covid and all that ruckus..cant truss it! Also, thank you so very much for ALL of your content, been listening too you for years now. Top notch

  8. Stop promoting these so called "UFO"s.

    It's mass conditioning the ignorant, stupid masses for

    <<< P R O J E C T B L U E B E A M >>>

    Why do you think they push this in our faces all of the sudden?

    They're up to something!

    B E W A R E!!

    Stay vigilante!

    Do not trust media or government at all!

    AT ALL!

  9. I swear people who kill people they know WANT TO BE CAUGHT ‼️. Doing dubious research on your own computer ⁉️🤪😳

  10. I believe the shadows pulled over ufos 🛸 will be lifted by our governments … pretty sure they’re friendly for the most part . I mean really did the Incans and Egyptians build massive buildings with zero help the Baghdad batteries even better. We all have seen the cave paintings the Egypt symbols and incans. Easter island heads welcoming or warning to stay away. I’m sorry I believe we we’re brought here given the Bible and the commandments as a guide too follow building society’s . That’s my opinion. Not that I doubt God or the stories but I feel soon
    Shall be lifted up by the
    Light of the man
    That was our maker!

  11. Imo I don't think that the woman herself posted that comment annnd the "ufo" could have been an expirentally built aircraft by either the air force/government orrr a civilian. What do you think?

  12. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the chances of the same person finding 2 crime scenes with the same victim at different times.
    I'm sure the chances of that happening are extremely rare, if ever at all prior to now.

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