Worlds most important news part 1 ufo alien real cover up

Bob Dean who holds a “Cosmic Security clearance” on this matter (highest government security clearance). This video was made possible by Project Camelot Which deserves Cosmic appreciation for doing this interview. I also have the highest respect for the one doing the interview because she asks the right questions and in the right way. Please support and visit Project Camelot.breaking news fox news news naked news bbc news abc news cnn news local news cnn breaking news latest news cnn headline news world news obituaries news sky news cbs news live news update newport news fox 5 news detroit news video news nbc news fox 5 news atlanta national news headline news itv news dallas morning news cbc news bbc world news daily local news channel 6 action news google news current news news of the world cnn world news yahoo newsaz breaking news promotion code newport news local news channels sports news local news abcchannel 7 news new york daily news channel 12 news celebrity news channel 4 news
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22 Comments on “Worlds most important news part 1 ufo alien real cover up”

  1. i think anyone who watches this video already has that feeling in their heart about this truth, that is being kept a secret by the BAD people of this world…they are trying to baby the whole world…well we arent little children, many of us can look past their lies, their cover ups- skeptics are fearful for admitting the truth, scared over nothing- we should be more fearfull of capitalism- aliens can help- the capitalists dont care about anything but paper- its all about the paper evil…

  2. i bet 75 percent of the people who believe in ufo's-that havent had a personal encounter of the first, second, or third kind- are probably youth- under 30 yrs of age…so that is why this secret is so close to coming out- that is why this whole october revealing could very well be a reality… patience, is the key-

  3. youth have a way of enlightening the elders- so acceptance will be crucial with the younger humans- and i feel most young humans- that can actually use their own mind, and not be so fucking influenced by all the other bullshit propaganda brain washing t.v crap they watch- there is wonderous hope for us as a species, and this awe-inspiring planet we call home

  4. Lets see the proof, enough with all this bullshit talk, show us real facts and proof, otherwise this guy and many people like him are nothing but good story tellers, im so tired of people making careless statements about Jesus Christ and then not having a shred of proof to back it up, unbelievable bulls shit!

  5. Lets see the proof emacar, otherwise its all Bullshit! Call me ignorant all u want, everybody likes to talk a good talk, but lets simply see the proof, to date no one has been able to produce it! unbelievable lies and Bullshit, these encounters are nothing but man's imagination and the seduction of devils, plain and simple!!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  6. I guess it comes down to faith my friend, and I know that no supposed alien is going to forgive me for my sins only Jesus Christ the son of God can do that in my opinion, so u can believe in aliens i will go on believing in Jesus and well see in the end who was right peace

  7. Well not really, God is not "alien" to us, He is our creator; we (you and me and all people) are His "off-spring" by faith I believe in the Prophets that fortold of the coming Messiah that would be born of the blood line of King David, this Davidic King would be born of a Virgin by the seed of God through the power of His Holy Spirit He would die for the sins of the "Kosmos" and rise again overcoming sin and death and would then ascend to His Father "almighty God" He will come again soon

  8. Dear Lovelydiva06 I respect your beliefs but I believe that Jesus is real and He loves you no matter what you believe ok so relax enjoy your life and know that there is a strong possibility that this Jesus is who he claimed to be and that he loves you he is the son of God in my humble opinion its all good my friend take care

  9. The interviewer is pathetic and probably the worst interviewer I've ever seen. Stop cutting the guy off and let the man speak. You suck lady! Get another job!

  10. @bob701z

    I respect this guy and have seen him quite a few times now.

    But what makes me sceptical is that he never seems to get to the point. He never blatantly comes out and says with 100% certainty about the aliens agendas.
    All he does is ramble on with "the news is too big, the government is hiding things, its monumental, people cant handle the truth".

    Hes got a chance to tell us everythng he knows but he doesnt do it. lmao

    its always wise to retain some scepticism

  11. @JarethGT

    Im not sceptical about aliens. I believe they are real and government knows something.

    Im sceptical about this particular dude lol

  12. Bible,Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of [God] in Hebrew 'ĕlôhı̂ym, {definition angels} came to present themselves before the LORD and Satan came also among them. And the LORD said unto Satan Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD , and said , From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.
    The word walking in Hebrew ..haw-lak'
    Definition, Conversantsend, speedily, spread, still, surely, + tale-bearer, + travel (-ler), walk,whirl.

  13. would you spit it out already!!

    jesus no wonder this shit only has 5,224 views in 1 1/2 years – and the interviewing skills of that woman suck – she pushes for nothing, and simply agrees or repeats his diatribe

  14. HORRIBLE interviewer! This guy is very engaging, but this dumb lady interrupts him at virtually every opportunity. LEARN how to be journalist, this lady fails in every aspect. It was aggravating as hell getting through this series, however the information is quite captivating

  15. @lovelydiva06 That's because there are active forces at work trying to convince us we are alone on this planet. It's been said that there is enough evidence and testimony from people. To get someone the chair if it was a subject other than aliens and UFO's.

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