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The Pentagon UFO videos are selected visual recordings of cockpit instrumentation displays from United States Navy fighter jets based aboard aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2014 and 2015 with additional footage taken by other Navy personnel in 2019 and 2021. Currently there is new reports stating the the pentagon will be making a public statement on their collection of UFO data at the end of this month. Could it be aliens? And if so how do you think the general public will react. All that and more on todays WTF Wednesday when we ponder the question “WTF Will We Do If The Pentagon UFO’s Are Aliens?”

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  1. Well, in answer to the question 'WTF will we do if the Pentagon Ufo's are aliens?', i'm going to sit down, relax, have a nice cup of tea and a couple of dark chocolate hobnobs, and bask in the knowledge that I told you so.

  2. Aliens attack: We have killed all of your leaders and taken over the government!

    Humans: Oh thank God!

    Aliens: Wait. What?

  3. "Assuming these are not drones"
    Most likely they are. If you are an almost inmortal robot that solves one of the problems of interstellar travel taking several thousand years even at near light-speed.

  4. As a former army soldier I've seen things myself. I have no doubt that these things exist and I seriously doubt they are man made. I saw one back in the early 2000's hovering slowly only about 20-30 meters over a civilian population. There's no way if we had an experimental aircraft like that that we would put them that close to civilians or that close to the ground.

  5. I saw one a long time ago while working at a truck stop on the overnight shift. I decided to go outside and take a short break. At this truck stop we had gas pumps so there was a canopy and as I looked up I saw something hovering just above the canopy. It was jet black, made no noise and seemed to be rectangular in shape. As it passed overhead and out of view I moved around to the side of the building to get a better look and it was gone. It was about 1 in the morning but the moon was bright that night so I would have easily seen it over the lights of the gas station. Never forget thay day.

  6. Its been said, that members from the confidential meeting aren't on the edge of their seat with the info.Yet, say these things pose a threat to our airspace? I would be highly concerned with this!

  7. It could very well be a breakaway civilization that decided eons ago that other humans suck and they went to build a city under the sea.

  8. They've been seeing them for 70 years and they haven't attacked yet so that should be a good sign

  9. Gotta be machines/AI I reckon
    I can’t get my head around and freaked out why everyone isn’t freaked out by this massive revelation!

  10. 4:45 – Fortunately, they're approximately 70 light years away and not on the other side of the galaxy disc 50,000 light years away. There are a dozen ufo testimonies from 1966 to 1996 from Government retired officials around the world (who did not have contact with each other [as far as I know and does seem odd to be honest]. After that, the testimony changes from that point into 2000 to, "There are at least 2 alien races on Earth and 11 of them exist in a galactic region 68 light years away" taking them "20-30 years to get here… with 700 year lifespans". Only one report I've found contradicts this with one testimony claiming "~50 civilizations within the milkyway galaxy greater or equal to our own" with many of them not knowing the other exists (hence the 11 as a sort of galactic medium which encompasses 'us'… you know, Earth).

  11. 5:55 – They're humanoid and have similar locomotion in at least one of the alien races- whom can wander around other people without anybody knowing they were of alien origin; if dressed to cover it. But there are obviously others who are anything but humanoid. But no solid data on that.

  12. 6:35 – NASA need to be careful and not stupidly put them on Mars. Putting astronauts on Mars is a little short of impossible if they care about other human beings so… what would they try instead if there were being careless as to what life really is.

  13. 6:50 – There are just a few reports that indicate that small greys are not fully compatible with Earth's atmosphere (or at least, the terrible version found today around the globe). In 1947 Roswell, one witness claimed that the surviving small grey stayed under the shadow of the flying saucer that had crashed and that when they [the witness] went near where the crack [impact damage] was on the side of overhanging disc, the air was cool compared to the surrounding hot air of the region.

  14. 7:40 – There is only one possibility that one of the alien races can time-travel (let's avoid any idea of them changing time) and that was when an object 1.5x the size of the Earth was detected near our Sun. The question from my perspective is why would they need any form of energy from our Sun to move a ship that large or why they would need to construct something that big in the first place. It was not a planetoid or a solid object and absorbed energy and registered the light deflecting from the back of it at 340 Angstroms; before it left our solar system… in a fairly straight line. Any constructive capability on the scale of planets must therefore conclude the ability to do anything that's possible- including time-travel. Has anybody experienced watching something on television and then noticed they seemed to feel that they'd seen it before but in a different way… repeatedly… and over several years. You think I'm crazy. Maybe.

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