X Flare, UFOs During Eclipse | S0 News October 25, 2014


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Starquakes: http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/nasas-fermi-satellite-finds-hints-of-starquakes-in-magnetar-storm/#.VEtb0xbO9LU

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43 Comments on “X Flare, UFOs During Eclipse | S0 News October 25, 2014”

  1. Hey this is a shot in the dark but how much junk did we leave orbiting the moon?? Could that be what we are seeing

  2. no idea what those objects were , but I would think they were not aliens unless they decided that they wanted a suntan.

  3. I do believe it is mathmatically impossible for us to be alone in the Universe, there is most probably civilizations that are millions of years older than us and would be far advanced that any space travel is no different than us going to the store down the street. However, with the experience I've had as an amateur astronomer there are a lot of man made objects up there other than satillites. I and other astronomers I know of have seen objects very reminicent of looking at the bottom of the space shuttle in orbite, except in multiples. At time 3 or 4 fairly close to each other. Makes me believe that the rumors of the Airforce having a space fleet just may be true. There's a lot will never know what our government is doing. As for true not of this Earth UFOs, sure 95%  of what we hear about is BS, but that 5% is most surely the real deal.

    The moving objects in the video, not on the lens and not satillites. I've had stuff on the lens of my telescope plenty of times and you either can't see it at those magnifications or it is so far out of focus all you see is a blur. They are either in the atmosphere really high, mayby ballons, or objects above the atmosphere.

  4. 'On Oct. 23rd, just as the New Moon was about to pass in front of the sun, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched a helium balloon carrying a Nikon D7000 camera. Their goal: to set the record for high-altitude photography of an eclipse. During a two-hour flight to the edge of space, the camera captured 11 images of the crescent sun. The final picture, taken just a split second before the balloon exploded, was GPS-tagged with an altitude of 108,900 feet.
    To put this achievement into context, consider the following: Most people who photographed the eclipse carefully mounted their cameras on a rock-solid tripod, or used the precision clock-drive of a telescope to track the sun. The students, however, managed the same trick from an un-stabilized platform, spinning, buffeted by wind, and racing upward to the heavens at 15 mph. Their photos show that DLSR astrophotography from an suborbital helium balloon is possible, and they will surely refine their techniques for even better photos in the future.'

  5. @Suspicious0bservers I honestly want you to directly address the issue of so many solar youtubers sticking to only one corner of youtube. Active (daily) tubers that have immense cameras that can see things such as the "balloons" crossing the sun like the other day and Active (daily) examiners/observers such as yourself.

    I know the data out there is plentiful (for now) but there needs to be a mutual encouragement among tubers on here to learn and educate from one another. I am seeing data here and there that could all match up but its coming from multiple sources. This needs to be adjusted.

    I know some of the am astronomers are on here for their own personal pleasure, the views, to show their families cool stuff, whatever. What I am stating here is beyond all that. We are in fear of losing more outdated solar feeds and I've seen am astronomers pull better feeds of the sun anyway. Even if we are only seeing visible light. This is better than a complete blackout and if we don't all get together to motivate eachother to keep pushing science forward, then I am honestly afraid that we will stay in the dark.

    You have said it yourself, and I may be taking this out of context (since it applied to BARTOL) 
    "It seems like they just don't care"
    How sadly this rings true through-out most sciences.

    Anyway, my point is, is there's tons of smart adolescents growing up these years. We need to mainly encourage them to care about these issues. If we don't get a fix in our sun and soon, thing's could change rapidly (as we have talked about for a while now) and I'm afraid with our government's fixations on war and control we will lose sight and completely weed out certain space sciences, or theories (like the electric universe)

    You and I both know this isn't what we want. Please consider what I am saying as you are already doing a great job on the physical appearance fronts, but your main audiences' will always be closer, and always be a click away. Most people learn things and decide on how to approach something when they have time to research it in the comfort of their homes. I can't be the only one to see this as an issue. I study your videos as well as a few others and I guarantee this type of relationship will excel amateur astronomy to the forefront of space sciences.

    Sorry for the long message but I honestly thing this can be addressed appropriately. If I am missing something, or you all are already in cohoots, then I'm sorry for wasting your time. I thought I'd just give a friendly suggestion to someone doing something I wish I could. Keep on Ben, your work is flawless and highly appreciated.


  6. Looks like California is getting some needed rain. Did central Calley get any though?
    And the objects floating across the screen? Well, two questions:
    Are they close to the sun? if not, where in space between earth and star are they?

  7. Why would an object go over the biggest sunspot in the last ten years while an eclipse. It was an x class flare. I bet it was charging up because it knew that it was about to go off again. And that it knew that it wasn't ejecting anything at all

  8. they look like balloons this wasn't taken from soho it was from the ground, could have been birds as well. 

  9. I'm surprised any UFO could get that close to the sun. Whatever it was. Was probably organic that's just my guess or their not organic or mechanical but could be spirits they are not affected by anything on our physical plain.

  10. my thoughts are that , and I want to say soley based off the behaviour of the "segments" in relation to each other, these are possibly two large balloons (almost micky mouse like?) perhaps captured in this guys field of view. I want to say it isn't that, but they sure don't look to be in any orbit and no "ship would" maneuver in such ways. But it does look to be flapping around in wind. 

  11. About the images at 2:00 , while at a remote location at night I observed the landing glide path of commercial planes and this looks identical. It appears to be as many  as six craft. I wonder if any of our really bright minds could identify the flight rout due to time and space calculations <:^)}} 

  12. Balloons? I am skeptical. Birds? could be easily. Though I have never seen a bird with an engine trail. Clearly visible with the sun as a backdrop. Satellites? Probably not. Either a group of small planes on earth or some kind of vehicle flying across the telescope view in space? Either is possible.. I am starting to think a group of small planes or something similar. Maybe hobbyist drones being flown around? But they are very poorly defined in this video.. So it really could be anything, even as simple as just a few birds.

    But here is the issue with birds. It is migratory season for them. I would expect a much larger flock than this small handle of objects seen here…

  13. I can guarantee they ARE NOT BIRDS OR PLANES. These objects took quite a while to pass across the sun. remembering that this is shot from the ground, a bird or plane flying in front of the sun would have been across it in milliseconds. Just imagine looking at the sun (which looks about the size of a fingernail from. Earth) while standing out side and then a bird flies by. How long would it take before that bird is from one side of the sun to the other? Can you even count to 1? Using a super zoomed in camera like his doesn't change that effect.
    This is something else. Something much farther out into space.

  14. just found this channel and watched the last couple vids. This is what i wish the evening news was like. great job on these. I will be watching every update.

  15. NASA and other agencies have been releasing a very high volume of "UFO" related videos in the last few years. It's just a hunch but I have a feeling they are mentally preparing the world very slowly for a bombshell. It may still be years down the road but it get's a little more "ho hum" to see a new UFO video, everyday from a respected agency, the truth is on the way

  16. Those 'ufos' obviously had something coming out the back to propel them, like conventional technology. Can you magnify them to get a better shot?

  17. Would you happen to have the exact time UTC that these "UFOs" passed by, and perhaps the time scale of the video? I've been searching the SDO HMI continuum footage for October 23 and can't seem to find them.

  18. I'm going to have to go with about a dozen helium balloons passing over the ground based observer that recorded this.

  19. Those mysterious objects are UFOs…since everything else has been disregarded.

    Satellites don't move across the sky in clusters. And these things are moving in the opposite direction from which Satellites generally go. So it's not that.

  20. If it's still up on slooh, check out solar eclipse video at about 36.27. There is a large black object that shoots across the sun. I would love to know what that was. It is between 36.28 – 36.30. It's very fast but there. It comes in from the right and moves downward and to the left. Very interesting. 

  21. The biggest secret about the moon.  During a solar eclipse, an inter-dimensional portal or worm-hole portal opens up behind the moon.  It's a massive portal and it's the cause of the spectacular light effect.  Ever wonder why NASA has never disclosed a photo of the dark side of the moon during a solar eclipse? 

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