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👁 Joe Rogan: “The Footage Wasn’t Supposed to be Released..” (unseen) – Joe Rogan Podcast on UFO
Joe Rogan: “The Footage Wasn’t Supposed to be Released..” (unseen) – Joe Rogan Podcast on UFO

Joe Rogan, navigates through a labyrinth of unsettling truths, conspiracies, and existential ponderings. With a blend of skepticism and openness, he reflects on the surreal nature of the world we inhabit, veering into discussions about conspiracy theories, religion, and the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs.
Rogan reminisces about past conversations with controversial figures like Alex Jones, acknowledging moments where what once seemed like outlandish claims turned out to have some truth to them. He marvels at the complexity and creepiness of the reality we find ourselves in, alluding to the alleged existence of places where powerful individuals engage in unspeakable acts.

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👁 Joe Rogan: “The Footage Wasn’t Supposed to be Released..” (unseen) – Joe Rogan Podcast on UFO

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