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23 Comments on “9/14/2014 SHOCKED ASTRONOMER VIDEOS ALIEN UFO ON THE MOON! – Coverup”

  1. Can someone give me the name and/or location of this crater? I just got a Nikon P1000 and it would not hurt to keep an eye on it.

  2. Look closely… You'll see the atmosphere of the Earth warp the image (like looking through a glass of swirling water at the moon). Notice how the "UFO" and the background (the Moon) warp independently? If this craft was outside of Earths atmosphere, the UFO and the surface of the moon would 'warp' synchronously, but they don't. Look closely at the path of the UFO. You'll see it side-steps as it supposedly exits the crater… Also, scale. That ship would be EXTREMELY large given it relation to the moon. This analysis coming from an Ex-Visual Effects artist for film and television that specialized in retouch. This video is kindergarten level retouch. So, to the compositor that made this… Try again Bozo. And thanks for diluting the truth. You're not really doing a good service. Now, prove me wrong.

  3. The problem with any of this is that if its not verified by a second source then you can say that its CGI.

  4. good CGI.. the shadow stays at same angle. tells me its a man made CGI.. if was a craft. shadow would change angle. almost a good video.. but NOPE…. o by the way .. i have had a 12inch scope and 5 others sittin in my home now… was good cgi but thats all it is…

  5. Впаривай эту хурму своим землякам. Мы то знаем толк в дешевом вид.монтаже 😉

  6. My question is, which theory are we going with. That the Apollo 11 moon landing was staged or was real and there were aliens watching?

  7. SUPER !! La patience et la chance nous a offert ce superbe événement rarissime..
    Extraordinaire ! Merci Secureteam

  8. Problem with the video the shadow is opposite on space ship too all other shadows whys that I wonder

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