Adults React To Crazy UFO Sightings

Watch the reactors see real life UFO’s caught on tape. Keep watching to see if they believe!
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Content Featured:
Pentagon officially releases ‘UFO’ videos

19 years later and The Phoenix Lights mystery goes on

UFO? Chilean Navy releases video of mysterious flying object

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Adults React To Crazy UFO Sightings


27 Comments on “Adults React To Crazy UFO Sightings”

  1. The Phoenix lights I truly believe is real. Because flares go out after a few minutes and don’t stay as consistent

  2. "Circulating for a few years online." They were leaked back in 2007. What are you on about?

  3. People are really so used to living in their own worlds that they just can’t handle that alien life likely exists. And these are authentic videos. So unless you really think humans have created technology that defies the laws of physics, this is from aliens. Am I saying there’s a little green guy flying in that? No. If they have technology this insane, they can definitely do more.

  4. These are literally UFOs, people need to learn how to use the word correctly. If they are aliens or whatever is a different thing.
    5:25 It's literally a lie, how dumb is she?

  5. There’s definitely going to be other human life forms out there because it’s possible that another human life form planet is out there it’s very possible because it just has to have the right gravity the right position A sun And a solar system and the right air and life forms and it adds up with those creepy vids because there wouldn’t be any thing like those creatures or aliens on this planet so if you think about it. It all adds up and it’s so creepy to think about it.

  6. For a moment lets assume UFO's/Aliens are real. The government doesn't want us to know about it lets say. Unfortunately all they have to do to discredit them is point to the 99 out of 100 clearly bogus things like these local news reports you showed them to make the 1 out of 100 that are credible seem silly. The few at the beggining should have been the primary focus and showed them more footage/interviews with the pilots. These are legit US NAVY pilots and commanders with our best radar and tracking technology telling people these things aren't within the realm of technology on this earth at least as we understand it.

  7. I think phoenix lights were from area 51
    1. Area 51 is close to phoenix you can go to Google map.
    2.the UFO was coming from south-east as calls of UFO were leading to South east, and if go to area 51 and move to South east you will end up at phoenix.
    3 This explains why US military lied to us about military exercises as it was classified.
    4. With the recent UAP video the UFO in UAP is pill shaped while in phoenix it's a triangle, why would aliens change their design.
    5. I have more evidence but I can't cover it in one comment

  8. Interview with the pilot David Fravor who actually saw the “tic tac” shaped (estimated 40 feet long) along with the 3 other pilots that saw it with him. There is much better explanations to show people! I suggest checking out the Youtube channel called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”.

  9. Wake up…..ancient humans talked about UFOs….even the Bible..Ezekial ch.1….you only believe what you see in the news now…wtf? They literally defy the laws of physics and gravity….

  10. The problem with skeptics is no matter what there skeptical if you provide an undeniable amount of evidence they will still find a way to say its fake. Just look at ghosts. MILLIONS of encounters, photos, videos, evidence. Skeptics. Naww its all fake.

    Its why you can't argue with a flat earther. They will find a BS way to "prove" there point

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