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And it doesn’t matter if…

In the next few minutes, I can promise you one thing.

As you read every word on this page, you’re going to see how anyone using my unique seduction technique… no matter what level your dating skills are at… can effortlessly seduce any girl you take out and have her begging to fuck you on the first date.

Best of all? She’ll be wet and begging because she knows you’re seducing her…

If you’re reading this page it’s likely you’re already decent with women.

You are already getting some results, but looking to take your dating life to the next level. As you already know, we don’t fuck around up here at the top.

Today, I’m going to show you how to effortlessly fuck your date, on the first date.

What causes women to jump into bed with you on the first date
and leaves them literally begging for more…

Now, if you’re not having as much sex as you’d like right now, no worries.

I’m not going to make this difficult. Anyone at any level can learn how to seduce girls effortlessly.

Today only, I will show you how you should be taking any girl out and know that by the end of the night, she’ll be on her hands and knees getting what she deserves…

And being the badass suave Adventure God you already are…

It’s my mission to show you how to take things to the next level, ensuring that on the first date, you consistently take the girl you choose to bed and give her the adventure she’ll be telling all of her friends about…

Causing her friends, to secretly become jealous and seek you out so they can experience you making them cum.

As you read along with me here, you’ll feel like you’ve always been able to do this your entire life. Light bulbs and a-ha moments are gonna fire off in your head. That, I guarantee.

So make sure no one else is around to distract you, put your cell phone on vibrate and leave Facebook for later. For the next few minutes I’m going to expose what you could have been doing all along to effortlessly make the hottest girls beg you to relieve them of their wet panties.

I’m going to show how….

I was also once missing this one thing in my game…

But I guarantee you it’s not what you think it is, so pay close attention to what I am telling you, because….

What I’m about to show you is going
to change EVERYTHING for you.

I use to read all of the pickup advice on the internet and still wasn’t getting what I wanted with girls…

Earlier on in my life, it’s no wonder *I* was never able fuck the hottest girls and on the first night.

I look back on how far I have come and realize that I made every mistake possible. It was happening because I was missing this one simple component to my sex life.

It sucked… I was rarely able to sleep with the girls I was meeting…

I remember the girls around me would like hanging out, but I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to have sex with them, and it always became weird when I tried hitting on them.

I would lose friends who were girls because I just didn’t know what to do to get past the friend zone or if a girl liked me, what to do next…

I remember this one girl that was on my kickball team that really liked me… But when I tried to get physical (because that’s what all the dating advice on the internet says) with her, she blew me off and says….

DON’T BE THIS GUY!!!   What she said…

“whoooaaa that was way too much…
I thought we were just friends…
You gotta be kidding me…”

Then she walked away to one of the others guys on the team for comfort.

Don’t judge man. That shit hurt.

I went home super depressed that night because I blew it with this girl who I knew really liked me….

I use to be so lost around those times. I had no idea what I was doing wrong…

I remember not too long after that, I was out with a bunch of my friends and a group of girls.

As the night went on, my friends started getting closer with some of the girls.

I sat there watching my friends have fun with them and I knew a few of them were getting laid that night…

So I figured I need to get closer and build a connection with this one girl in the group who was really cute. Some of my friends were making out with their girls and I wanted to do the same!

So I lean in for the kiss…

She stops me dead in my tracks and pushes my face away while saying, “WTF, NO!”

She walks over to her friend who was occupied by one of my buddies and there I was again…

Again, I went home alone!!!

This is no joke. I was probably worse off than you are right now.

I tried other things by reading more dating advice on the internet and seduction books…

I was looking girls deep in the eyes and moving closer to girls. Sometimes, they were ok with touching me.

This one girl liked me so much, she invited me to her house. She set the whole night up just so I could fuck her silly. We hung out for 2 hours on her bed talking and I grabbed her to get closer… She liked it but I still didn’t know what to do…

After sitting there talking for an hour, she gets bored… She then takes lead of the interaction and tells me, “hey let’s go hangout with my friends.”

I’m thinking what the hell, what I really wanted to do was give this chick my gift until her legs were shaking and she couldn’t remember her own name…

But I was still missing out on how to turn her on and have sex with her as she was getting really bored!

We went to her friends house and after a couple hours we were headed back to her place…. This is the worst part of the story….

At 2a.m. and we’re back at her house standing at the front door as she tells me, “I will see you later, I will text you…” I stand there awkwardly and say, “can I least sleep on your couch?”

(Again, don’t be this guy)

She says sure…. So I slept on her couch!! There I was, sleeping on her couch… While she was probably getting herself off in the other room…

See man, I’m telling you these stories because it was so bad and until one day I learned this one simple method…

You gotta focus on having an ADVENTURE.
This is a different type of fun.

To get the outcomes you’re looking for, you gotta know how to lead, how to handle certain logistics, how to set up a first date or encounter with girls, differently than how every other guy she’s dated does it.

Once you know what to do, it will be easy, it will be like second nature, like riding a bike. You’ll be able to instantly throw together the right kind of adventures that Walt Disney would be proud of and she’ll be reminiscing about and telling her friends about for days. (she’ll love this shit, trust me)

I’ve had girls practically promote me on Facebook and Instagram with all the photos I take with them.

Now let me be clear. This may sound like something you think you’ve heard before.

Not at all. I am giving you part of my method for how I finally figured how to seduce effortlessly.

It starts with ADVENTURE…

A man who can lead her on an Adventure is what she craves. They fantasize about going on wild sexual adventures all day long with a dominant male. Adventures that they want ending in sex.

Why do you think women read literotica and sexual adventure books all the time…

Adventure is what leads me to finally getting into bed with all the girls that I once would only dream about. I became fun, unexpected, and I knew where and how to lead women. I became the adventure women crave, what they fantasize about, and what causes them to chase me…

Let me tell you what most guys think…

Most guys think they can just take a girl to a bar or a club and she will want to sleep with them.

She will want to sleep with them because they are so cool. Or guys think they will act differently than everyone else at the club and she will want to have sex because of their indifference.

Or they think that some guys just have natural game and girls only want to sleep with those “naturals.”

So many dating coaches and sleazy PUAs go over the same old ridiculous “tactics” and “techniques” that are all old material from years ago… There is no substance to what these coaches are teaching guys.

Just because a girl is laughing and responding to what they are saying, will not get them laid.

Ever heard of IOI, aka, Indicators Of Interest? That shit doesn’t work, unless you’re looking to be one of those dancing monkey PUAs and probably land in the friend zone.

These guys aren’t even in the game, heck they aren’t even in the stadium.

Because they don’t know how to be the guy that women crave. They just follow what some random so called “dating coach” puts up on the internet.

I know how that feels. I did all that. I used to be the guy that I talked about above who could hangout with girls but was rarely getting laid.

I was making so many mistakes because I was following the wrong coaches. These guys weren’t even coaches. Most of them are still trying to figure out their own relationships.

Forget all that. Stay with the team that actually talks the talk and walks the walk.

Fortunately, I’m gonna share some real actual techniques and ideas which I know will FOREVER change the way you interact with women.

And I’m gonna show you…

How to bypass all of my past mistakes and skip all the crap PUA tricks so you NEVER again have to mess up.

Instead she’ll beg you to slide your unique brand of manhood inside of her…

And the absolute best way to go about this is to follow my guide to the letter, then be confident because it works.

You’ll be the guy who knows what he’s doing, knows how to lead her, has his logistics figured out, and as a result exudes confidence.

Do this and know this about yourself and you will be on a whole new level that will cause her and and even her friends to want to be seen with you.

The guy that is living the adventure that women sexually crave.

Start there. Don’t start with just wanting to fuck girls. This isn’t just about fucking. Wait until you view yourself as the adventure she craves and everything will click and girls will be drawn to you. Even your guy buddies will wonder what changed.

And now, let me let you in on a little something that girls look for. But guys don’t realize this.

What’s one of the things that makes you the adventure she wants?

Feeling what she hasn’t felt before…

So what do I mean by this feeling?

Once you know how to trigger the right brain chemicals in her through experiences with you and learn how to have her recalling those experiences days later and thus re-triggering those positive brain chemicals, all your work will be simple, it will be done.

Most guys do what everyone else does… They go to dinners, bars, clubs, all the regular date spots.

Girls are brought to these places all the time and it’s nothing special….

If you follow my guide, even if you do bring girls around to places like these you’ll be doing it in a different manner. This is my secret sauce, my evil weapon, trick, orrr whatever you wanna call it…

A different way to look at life and how you go about living. A way that has girls wanting to join you all the time.

This is the adventure that the feminine
energy seeks and longs for daily.

Whether girls know it or not, they desperately die a little inside wanting that prince charming to swoop her up and take her on his journey. It’s in their DNA.

What she doesn’t realize though, is that this adventure lives inside of every man, well not every man. Men who are up for the challenge, who invest in themselves, and who won’t settle for just good enough.

I am only revealing this to a select number of badass action takers.

She was sitting across from her dad, lol.

Remember, I use to hardly ever get laid. You don’t want be that guy who hangs out with girls, friend zoned, and doesn’t get to fuck them. I use to be there and would only have sex a few times a year.

Friends who are girls are actually great to have, but you also want a large group of girls who you could fuck at any time, right?

You want girls who are literally waiting to join you on your path and sleeping with you along the way.

I look back at that guy I use to be, and it feels like a different lifetime. I’m a different man these days. I now have so much fun with girls everyday and choose whoever I want to have sex with.

I don’t even think about it anymore. I have all the women I could ever want, and they compete for my attention.

These girls want me for who I am. They aren’t here to get anything from me but my adventurous c**k.

And it first starts with adventure, above everything else.

Something happened that changed everything for me…

Remember, when I was hanging around girls but never getting laid. It was horrible. A borderline failure. I had given up. Over and over.

I would try all the PUA stuff on youtube and buy numerous dating products and still wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then one day I had this friend. She said something to me that changed my way of thinking. A complete paradigm shift. Her name was Abigail.

And she said “you know why you’re so unhappy?”

And I said “I have no idea, why?”

Abi said girls sense that you’re not being real, and it doesn’t feel natural. They know all about guys like you.

Yeah, you guys focus on trying to impress girls just so you can sleep with them, or you appear overly nice. Either way it comes across disingenuous, awkward, and sometimes creepy.

Girls pick up on that shit QUICK…

That’s why you are always frustrated when you’re trying to hang out with girls. When you’re being like that, girls put up their walls. They don’t want to date guys like that. It’s so obvious and gives them that vibe. They get guys like that around them all the time.

That’s when I really felt bad.

And I said “Girls can sense that about me?” And she replied:

“They sense it almost immediately.”

Abi continued… “Girls want a guy who knows what he wants, is fun to be with, who isn’t trying to get something from her, someone who takes her out of her head and into the moment.”

I couldn’t believe it. Abi could sense exactly what I was doing. And I guess other girls could sense it too.

It pissed me off. I had put so much energy into learning tricks to try and get sex from girls rather than just focusing on having a great time with them, making sex more inevitable and natural. I was angry with myself.

I didn’t want to come across sleazy and of course I wanted to have MORE fun with MORE women…

So I made a promise to myself right then and there that it was time to do something different. It was time To FIGURE out what I needed to change so I can have the women in my life that I always wanted to have, the women I deserved.

Honestly, I wanted girls to actually want to be around me, to seek me out.

I wanted to shortcut the process and have them booty call me instead, because they find me irresistible and insatiable.

I wanted all the girls in a room, to secretly or even openly fantasize about seducing me.

Everywhere I go, I want them to make the move and bring me home.

The thing is though, you’ve got to be willing to learn a different way of doing and thinking, first.

If you don’t have the drive to learn more about yourself and about women, no one else will be able to do it for you.

I want to be clear, I’m challenging you up. No one can want it for you more than you do.

If you don’t take yourself more seriously and become the guy women crave to be around, then they won’t want to be around you, much less want to sleep with you.

WARNING: Once you have this down, you’ll have to be ok with the fact that multiple women will desire you sexually. You’ll have to choose between who you want to spend time with. Or maybe you’re going to be too fucking busy for any women because you’re such a badass. That’s a great problem to have in my opinion. The great thing about options is they lead to more options.

But for now… It all starts with accepting yourself as sexually desirable to women. Committing to believing in yourself when no one else will.

The second thing you’ve got to commit to is investing in yourself.

I DO NOT mean spending hours of valuable time watching and reading worthless pickup advice on the internet…

While I type this I just received a video of a girl getting herself off with a pink vibrator on snapchat.

You continue doing that, and I’m telling you from my own experience, you will be right where you are now this time next year and probably the year after that. Is that what you want? Nah.

So what you’ll need is a coach, like myself, who will give you a simple guide that is proven to work. Think of it like a tutorial where I walk you through exactly what to do and give you a troubleshooting guide for when you run into problems.

Otherwise you will still be using all the dancing monkey tricks and maybe get positive responses from girls but still won’t be sleeping with the ones you want or as often as you want.

The main component to what I teach, is that I make things easy to APPLY. See, most guys…. and, I’m not necessarily talking about you… but most men out there never take their dating and sex life serious, they don’t know how, and they don’t have an experienced mentor.

I’m going to show you exactly how and give you a step by step guide. The only thing left to do is just follow it to the letter. It’s easy to follow, and once you do, you’ll start to finally get the results that you want.

This isn’t for every guy out there. And I’m not going to share it with just anyone.

However, I know men like us are committed to knocking every challenge out of the park. Men like us take our social and dating lives serious and are committed to seducing the world with our gift.

While 98% of guys out there?
They still fuck mediocre 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s….

It’s about knowing deep down you can do this, investing, learning, and applying.

Think about it like this. If you’re playing basketball. It won’t do you any good to only practice by yourself all the time.

You need coaching from someone who’s been there and knows how to line up the shot and when to take it,

Having this level of coaching ensures that you have a successful dating life with the kind of women you want, that ends in sex. Without coaching, it’s much harder to figure out how to get the caliber of quality women you want in your life and in your bed.

Most men out there are still using mediocre tactics that are only sometimes getting them laid with lame ass girls, and only because they had to lower their standards so they could at least hook up with someone and feel better about themselves.

They get mediocre girls because most men themselves have no personal value and no plan of action that will get them the results they’re actually looking for.

They often settle for sub-par women and have no plan, which makes bagging that smoking hot girl in the group, next to impossible.

These men try to use logic with everything, including getting the girl into bed… That is so bottom feeder level and it won’t work.

would you rather try to remember complicated tactics and lines that don’t work and never actually cause you to grow as a man who deserves and gets what he wants, when he wants, and with whom he wants?

Or would you rather learn my method to getting and keeping women, which will also gain you a better social circle, increase your value as a leader, and help you become the person who everyone wants to be around, and women want to fuck?

If you want to stick with your old ways, then at best you’ll have girls like Abi telling you that you’re sleazy and fucking up, or worse, girls will just avoid you altogether.

Are you starting to follow me here? Today, you can shift your paradigm and make this simple adjustment, let me install my method into your subconscious and naturally start seducing your city, and sleeping with the girls you want…

Hear me out, I’ll be the first to tell you that I know my philosophies work. I know and live it. I have worked on honing in my methods for 6 years, working non stop, documenting what works, what breeds the most fun and applying it.

As a result, I’ve grown to enjoy my life, I’ve become a mini celebrity around town, actually, my town and the next 4 towns over, women are naturally drawn to me, and my social circle has evolved way beyond what I would have ever dreamed of.

I’ve even showed others how to do what I’m doing.

My students have experienced very similar results. After working with me personally, their lives have changed forever.

I showed them that they deserved better women, got them to see that they CAN do this, and they don’t need sleazy pick up lines and pickup artist tricks to get women.

That’s just the start though.
Just that paradigm alone didn’t do it for me to consistently get laid with 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s…

So let me ask you something? Do you sleep with the girls you want?

Be very honest. The truth is no. Or at least not yet, right?

I learned all the tactics. Took psychology classes in college. Started reading 3 books a month, and I got better at telling stories. I learned all the Dale Carnegie material and started to show interest in them as a person. I knew I could figure this out so I learned and tried everything I could get my hands on.

And the truth is I still use some of that stuff. I’m constantly evolving my game every day.

But all of that by itself doesn’t get me laid with the girls that I truly desire.

All of that doesn’t come close to what you are about to learn here today.

You know what finally got me there?

It comes down to what Abigail told me about how girls can tell I wasn’t connecting with them, being genuine, having fun, and how it came across as me wanting to get in their pants just like every other guy. I wasn’t taking them out of their head and onto an adventure.

Did you know women crave sex just as much, if not more than men? You just have to create the right mood and environment.

To create this environment where women you thought were just friends literally trap you in their bedroom and jump your bones, you’ll need a certain strategy. A strategy that makes her melt or even aggressively attack you with sex.

NOTE: I swear, the other night, with these methods I was literally attacked by a woman I recently friend zoned. She wouldn’t let me go until her legs were shaking, and her neighbors knew my name… I actually felt bad because she was under my control. And I was supposed to get so much work done that night. You see with this method you’ll have to tell them no and not the otherway around.

It’s a different way of thinking, but once you have a done for you strategy like mine, everything else you’ve learned about dating will just seem less natural and a waste of time. It’s NOT just some basic mindsets about a vague topic.

There is this feeling of freedom that you get when you have a strategy that you can fully commit to that you know will work.

That is one of the reasons I was failing so much at the start.

I didn’t have a strategy and I was scrambled in my relationships.

Then I got really serious.

I Guarantee the Exact Same thing will happen to you

And that is when my sex life took off….

Being desirable and sought after comes with being the adventure, it’s who you are meant to be…

You see what I am recommending here:

How many of you guys go out on youtube, see some coach tell you to use complicated techniques, and whether it works or not, go out into the world and actually try it?

Another girl is telling me how she made out with another girl and wanted me to join her

Very few guys apply it and the ones that do, it comes off awkwardly.

Because there is a key component missing that you need for everything to click and work.

In addition to that key component you may need to include confidence, more spontaneity, caring about the outcome a little less, or working on being more present and in the moment. You need to create the right environment, for her to let down her walls and not just be open to fucking, but will trap you until you do fuck her… repeatedly.

NOTE: Just last night, I was dropping a girl off at her house and the next thing I know is, she wouldn’t get out of my car until I gave her my personal brand of D*** right then and there in the passenger seat. So glad I got an SUV this time around, it would have been a little more challenging in my old sports car, haha. Did I stop because people were walking by? fuck no! They only wished they were doing the same thing, where kissing turns into touching, touching turns into passion, and passion turns into sweat woman screaming in ecstasy.

My secret girl seducing weapon will make sure all of the above happen to you. It’s so sneaky too.

Let me reiterate something for you real quick. YOU DO NOT need to waste your time or money on any of the techniques you might find online from various pickup artists or youtube. With what I am going to show you, it all comes together for you, naturally.

There is a difference between actually being attractive and just trying to be attractive.

Being attractive is being the adventure women crave. Adventure isn’t about a bunch of strict rules to follow. It isn’t some hard concept to learn.

You want to be desireable and sought after, right?

With what I’m recommending, adventure and seduction is a natural part of you. It’s inside of you. It’s who you are and what you do. It’s who you were meant to be.

If you removed all the pick up information you have learned, you will STILL be able to set the mood by taking girls on an adventure that leads to sexual escapades that never end.

You can forget everything you have learned about pickup and girls will still want to be with you.

Why is this? Because adventure is ingrained in you. It has always been there but it’s been sleeping. Today we are going to wake that giant up.

You are the Adventure God that women crave. That is where you want to be.

It’s who you are as a human because we are not just two dimensional. Understanding this will take your game to the 5th dimension. It’s like controlling the matrix.

But it will be natural. Just like waking up in the morning and breathing.

You know when you see guys all over a hot girl? You know why? They don’t see themselves as the adventure women crave. Guys like this chase women. Women are repelled by guys like this, especially ones that are hot.

Because she’s hot, she’s gotten used to the affect her looks have on the average guy. She senses average guys and immediately and automatically puts up her walls.

After today, however, you’re not going to be that average guy. You’re going to have the tools necessary to crack open her walls and her legs.

It’s the SAME THING with men. When you become a master at what I teach, you’ll become a natural seducer and just expect women to chase you instead. Except you won’t be relying on something as vain as your looks, you’ll be functioning on a much deeper level that only gets better with age and practice.

Your sex life at this point really starts to pick up momentum. It will accelerate past the preselection barrier because the girls you know will begin introducing you to other girls.

What do you think about the looks you’ll be getting when you’re consistently bringing 3+ girls to social events? Don’t you think you’ll become the center of attention? How many other women are going to want to sleep with you? How much better will other men respond to you and respect you?

and yet another girl is texting saying “it’s an hour past the time for my body to be under her sheets”.

After a while, this shit gets to be “normal”. It happens all the time!

Do you want to be chasing after women, or do you want women to chase after you? I’m assuming you said the later and that’s where my system comes into play.

Back to how you’re going to soon become the Adventure God…

When you’re out with girls, they will feel that you’re seducing them, but won’t be able to stop it. They will know exactly what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, and they’ll love it, they’ll be wet just waiting for you to bed them.

Some won’t even wait that long and force you to fuck them on the backseat of your car (true story). This is the kind of man you were meant to be.

Becoming an Adventure God to girls is your birthright…

Now here’s the really cool part. And you’ll absolutely love this.

Once I unlock this Adventurous side in you, EVERYTHING else you might choose to learn online, not that you’ll need it, will become accelerated. You’ll climb even higher while the rest of the world stays sleeping… alone.

My clients have found this to be true.

Check out my private client Brock, who I recently took under my wing and coached him personally in Vegas.

This dude hit a plateau and was sleeping with about 1 girl every 3-4 months, sometimes even worse.

What was Brock doing wrong?

He was following all the dating advice on youtube and buying programs but couldn’t seem to get anything to work. He was getting really depressed and frustrated with his sex life.

He just wasn’t getting this one simple component down that I’m going to show you soon, and it was hindering his dating and sex life.

I paved the way for him to get the women he wanted and opened up his world to his adventurous side — win-win!

Afterwards, I realized that what I had just taught Brock could help so many others learn how to be naturally seductive so that they too could get the women they want and deserve.

When you unlock your adventurous side and tap into your seduction…

You’re creating a formula for a nuclear bomb!

Which is exactly what happened to him. Once I unlocked his Adventurous side (and it was difficult for him at first because he was following all the regular dating advice all over the internet that was leading him down the wrong path, and once I was able to get that junk out of his head for a minute)… his game changed, overnight!

Number 1, He now had mixed his High status with his now-alive Adventurous side. He wasn’t just doing what he learned all over the internet, he was becoming naturally seductive

Number 2, He woke up and completely owned his Adventurous self-image. Girls saw this and could feel the real him and wanted to be around him all the time

Number 3, He already knew how to talk to girls, so this just boosted that already honed in skill

Note: This program isn’t necessarily for beginners; however, even if you’re just getting back in the game or just now learning how to talk to women, this system will still work for you.

How do you think Brock’s life is now?

He made this one simple shift and he got the breakthrough he has been searching for, for years. For him, it’s onwards and upwards from here on out.

He non stops gets laid now…

This is one of his photos from his Facebook after we unlocked his inner adventure…

Brock told me “Now I finally see what I was doing wrong the whole time. Almost every guy I know makes this mistake and they just need someone to show them what to do…”

He has been on a non stop fun ride ever since I worked with him in Vegas…

And you most likely aren’t as bad as he once was (sorry Brock, had to call you out brother).

So there are 3 simple components to unlocking this sleeping giant inside of you. Then there will be a final component to understand and ingrain this into who are

#1. You have to start with really having the drive to finally get past this roadblock to have the women in your life and the sex that you’ve always wanted.

Change can be hard, but knowing what you don’t want drives you toward what you do want, despite the hard part, and it will change you forever, like solid gold poured into a mold from a goldsmith’s furnace.

IF you follow what I say, everything that happens, will just be more momentum driving you down the path you were always meant to lead.

#2. So make the choice right now if this is what you REALLY want.

If so, you’ll have to make the decision to commit to this. Right now.

Which making a decision, is the first action that starts you down this path I’m talking about of refinement process. The you on the other side of that process will attract the women you desire and make you a man about the town.

I don’t know anything about you but I can tell you this.. You need to make a decision to forever and get this part of your life hammered out. Think you’re ready?

If so, let’s get your your action in alignment with your goals. I’m talking about a simple head nod, YES… What about a “FUCK YEAH”.

I mean, you making the decision right here to change your life forever, sets things in motion, everything is shifting, and soon you will see how reality was really meant to be experienced. And that was #2 — making that decision.

Now that you’re getting on board, here’s some Important information…

For now, my trainings are only being offered a limited time, because I want to limit access to men who will take action and are already at a place with their game where they’ll know exactly how to implement this system.

With this system, guys who are already badasses will get nitrous added to their tank to bring them to the next level, even harder and faster. Do you want to join the rest and take over your town…

And become a man about town?

Frank Sinatra embodied this way of being…

As a man who becomes sought out
by women in his town…

Ask yourself if you can do something about it? I know you can. And this is #3.

That something is to take action and soak up the knowledge you’re about to wield and follow the plan to the letter.

I have created a plan based on my own successes, experiences, and even on the female psychology. I’ve made it straightforward and easy to follow.

It isn’t a ton of steps that you have to memorize. Forget that.

This guide has one outcome and that is turning you into a Rock Star, a Man About Town, an Adventure God, who’s sought after by women, even women you’ve never even met before.

That is the life every man only dreams about and that’s what you’re destined to become.

So that you exude a celebrity-like confidence and attractiveness that captivates the attention of all women across multiple social circles, making it easy to seduce the women you want…

I know you probably think this will be super hard.

I promise you, it’s far from that. It’s so easy to follow and implement and let’s face it, this shit is fun when you see for yourself how quickly you’ll learn to own your city and bend it to your own reality.

Getting the end goal is easy — you owning your town while having girls follow and drag you into bed.

When using my program, it doesn’t matter where you are in your dating life. Even if you are short on cash, a lot of what I do is free, and it’s the effortless carefree feeling you will be giving these women while on these adventures.

You don’t need large sums of cash for that. This program is based on unlocking your natural adventurous side and leading women down your fun-path all the way to bed.

You might also be thinking that this takes a long time ass time to live this life. It took me awhile because I did not have the right mentors in the beginning.

But once I was exposed and got the right knowledge, once I shifted one internal belief, girls started following me and looked at me completely different, virtually overnight.

I started having girls approach me. Girls staring me down. You know what I mean.

It’s those completely random moments when girls come up to you asking for help with something. It really is just them trying to meet you and wanting to know more about you.

It is non stop at this point and you adjust quickly to the lifestyle.

Is it difficult? Yeah, dealing with tons of girls at once is difficult at first, but it’s a good problem to start with.

Girls get turned on and become so
sexually comfortable around you…

And this is a good reason why I’m pumped to reveal something that I have been working very hard on.

All the badasses that I’ve had try these methods and along with others who I’ve taught are raving about the new lifestyle they live…

My buddy Ty who lives in Texas called me just last week to say, “Bro, your shit works! This girl who’s a close friend of a friend of mine, got my number and prank called me. Over the phone I took her on this imaginary adventure about how we were going to visit the aquarium, play with sloths, etc… Afterwards, we joked about coming back to my place to make brunch, it was hilarious… The funny part is we totally skipped actually going to the aquarium and playing with sloths. Instead she just came over [two days later] on sunday “for brunch” and gave me a blow job in the kitchen. I had never even met her before in my life, lol!”

Mark, and I have taken this to a whole new level several times. We’ve consistently been able to take a group of girls from a bar and bring them back to drink, play games, and “crash” at my place. Once you have this method figured out and can get a wingman who also understands this method, you’re unstoppable when it comes to leading a group of girls.

One of my clients, Rick in CA, sent me this story. “Tyler, You’ll never believe what happened to me… I was at this bar I threw regular parties at and there was always this hottie there who I would innocently flirt with and we’d sometimes talk about checking out some of my fav hole in the wall spots nobody knew about that were supposedly famous… This one night she was there with her boyfriend. He was a total D-bag. So later that night when he’s at the bar trying to get drinks, she comes up to me and asks when we’re going to do our shenanigans we talked about. With a smirk, I said right now and held out my arm to take hers. We left and I’m pretty sure they broke up the next day after I left her place. I kinda feel bad lol. Thanks man for showing me this shit! You’re the real deal bro.”

David in NY, sent me a message saying that after he’d learned my Adventure God System, he met these two nurses at a private New Years Eve party, had a triple kiss with them when the ball dropped, then they all went back to his place for some fun. The next night he took them on one of his adventures I planned for him, which from what he tells me ended up being a pretty wild night, haha. Keep crushing it David.

You might be asking yourself, Tyler, what is this system all about, how does it work?

This program is based on an identity shift. It’s not a bunch of tricks that you learn like all the advice online teaching you to do this and do that at this specific moment, with the girl.

What I do is speak to your core and unlock this part of you. It’s like recess when you were in grade school. Did anyone have to teach you how to have fun on the playground? No. But somehow we lost that playfulness. And with my method, the world is your playground.

It will allow you to be your natural self, where you’re comfortable in your environment, and natural playful game will flow out of you.

The other pick up artist material… all the other bullshit out there, forget that stuff. That is such a waste of time, I have been there. Maybe you have been there too or maybe you still are…

…. I hate wasting time learning useless abilities and techniques that don’t work. I say fuck that.

The Adventure God System alters who you are at an identity level that explodes your status and people are simply drawn to you. They have no choice. You will receive an endless amount of sex opportunities from girls and even guys will respect you and pay for your nights out.

And the best part about when we shift this identity, all the skills and tactics and techniques start flowing out naturally as we work this out.

I want to tell you this though. I do talk about some simple troubleshooting techniques. There’s an entire module showing you all of these.

But, the most important part is that you already see yourself as the Adventure God, just like how Frank Sinatra was with his friends and in his town — he created his own world where he was the center.

That way, all the time, anywhere, with whomever, you are creating experiences with people that they’ll never forget. You’ll experience the results you’ve been looking for nearly overnight, just like everyone else who’s tried my method.

I have this program set up to where you can start to get results within the day. It doesn’t stop there. You’ll continue studying, taking action, and improving on what you’ve learned to alter everything.

This isn’t something you just do. It’s who you are and who you were always meant to be from the time you were a kid, before all the nonsense social programing came along. It’s all good, I have your back, don’t sweat it.

Adventure is at your inner being…

Why would you want it any other way.

It’s the best feeling that never ends because it amplifies and gets better and better over time. When you finish going through the audios, videos, and PDFs. All that old social programming bullshit goes away, and you see the real you — the Adventure God you are.

I realize that, even if you have been experiencing a hard time learning, that what I am telling you doesn’t seem possible. But believe me. Trust what I am telling you. TRUST ME AND ALL MY GUYS.

There are very few coaches out there that actually care and want you to succeed like myself. At some point, all of us have been on the ground level fucking up left and right. Only after trying everything, and after much trial and error, I discovered the secret Matrix code. That right there is how we know we CRACKED this code.

You’re goint to seduce the world while bending and controlling your reality. No deserving female will have a chance. Live the life you want with the women you want!

The girls who are privileged to join you, you’ll have the advantage to uplift them as well and create your own badass female sidekicks.

You are so close, you always deserved this lifestyle and the true feeling of complete and endless freedom. To live your OWN adventure. When you walk around everywhere knowing you own your shit.

When you are doing that. When you are walking THAT line.

That’s adventure…
That’s being the adventure all women crave…
That’s YOU.

To live that life, you don’t need money. Looks simply do not apply here. The only thing you need is a proven guide, mixed with the passion, drive, and an unlocked sense of self.

And guess what happens? The matrix hits. Your inner natural badass comes alive. You will have a step in your walk that is going to piss people off. Other guys will envy you and just don’t know how to go about letting you know that they want to be like you.

Women literally melt to their knees for guys like you.

Here is what you will receive inside the program:

This is an overview of what you will learn inside The Adventure God System . We will go in depth and open up some new areas in your life.

We will move quickly so you can get right to it. You can easily finish the entire program in less than a day so you can take a girl out this very night.

The most important part though is that we will turn you into a seduction king. You will see things in a new light and will start to own your world.

Module #1 Is an overview of what the program is all about and why and how it works. In this module, you’ll learn more about how my game first got started working in the night club industry.

Then I show you how I’m going to install all those years of dating experience into your subconscious. You’re going to be the man who know his sh*t, is confidence, and sets it up like you’re an authority around town, one that everyone wants to hang with.

In Module #2 you’ll get the down and dirty on how to become the man about town, I’ll walk you through my method and show you step-by-step.

I’ll show you exactly what to look for in your city. Here you’ll know exactly how find the right kind of unique places that make women attracted to you and get you out of your head and into the moment.

This is the framework mixed with my personal strategies to own your city or town. I’ll change how you date forever so that you get the success that you’ve been wanting.

Once my system is installed in your brain, you’ll wonder why you ever dated any other way.

This is the most overlooked area in all of the dating world. Whenever you are with a girl, there is literally over a million potential obstacles blocking you from getting her back to the bedroom.

This is such a huge problem that men face today. It’s not like the caveman days, when you simply have sex behind the bush or tree trunk. There’s a science and art to it.

In Module #3, I’ll reveal my best kept secrets for avoiding all the pitfalls which will make getting her on all fours extremely easy. This is your trouble shooting guide for mastering the laws of logistics.

Here in Module #4, I’ll show you how to turn your phone into a adventure guide. This is a visual of what’s in Module #2 and is where I differ from the rest of the pack.

It’s what I’m known for. And no, it’s not another text guide. Think of this as a tool to help you easily lay out in seconds, the best adventure for your girl which will ensure your success.

It’s designed to work especially when you’re having to spontaneously take a girl out on the town right there on the spot. This tool is to your success in seducing women, what batman’s boomerang is to fighting crime. It’s that essential.

Module #5 Is your official cheat sheet. Here I list out all of the laws in this entire system. It’s as if I took my own course and made notes for you on your behalf of all the essential steps that you don’t want to forget.

Warren Buffet says, you haven’t fully thought something out until you write it down.

We’ll I’ve gone beyond that and written it down for you in an easy to follow outline that gets to the point quickly so that you can get to seducing your date just as quickly. This is your pocket guide listing out of all the laws for the Adventure God system, organized so you can start getting action tonight.

The final module includes 8 example adventures that you can take your dates on. I’ve laid out step-by-step exactly the dates I’ve taken women on that have yielded the most success in seducing women.

Module #6 will give you a blueprint for modeling your very own adventures with women in the town that you live. I’ve compiled the best adventures that you can apply to your city and start becoming the Frank Sinatra of your city TONIGHT.

In just one night, you will become a man about town, someone who’s looked up to among your guy friends, who attracts and seduces multiple women every week.

The work is already done for you. All you have to do is follow my system and let me effortlessly install my years of experience into your mind.

We will finish strong and make sure you are set on the right path. You will now know exactly and see visually what to do on your dates and where to go. Doing this, will make it easier for you to be in the moment and go with the flow rather than being stuck in your head trying to impress her.

You will see just how much is possible and where it is you want to be in your dating life in a few weeks from now. That is an important part.

Having and being an Adventure God is not something you have to turn on and off. This is who you are now and the POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS.

You have to go out and test it immediately. Test it. Direct your surroundings and environment and watch how girls are drawn to this adventurous side of you. You will start to see how to even take it further and make things even better. You will internally say to yourself, “Holy shit, I could have been doing this all along.”

It’s just like when Neo in the Matrix eats the red pill and he opens his eyes for the first time. He now sees the real world and how to control his reality. He is now free and beats the system. He knows what to do and where to go next and avoids all of the pitfalls and walls that females put up — Adventures that lead to sex.

This is an easy guide that makes taking women out fun and easy. Unless you just enjoy… I mean unless you just get off on struggling with what to do or say when you’re out with a girl and then trying to remember complicated routines and techniques, otherwise, I would invest in yourself and try my system out. There’s no risk, because I stand behind my work.

So if, instead, you no longer wish to struggle with talking and having a great time with girls, and want to know the easy way to keep them interested while out on the date, then your days of frustration are over.

With the Adventure God system you’ll handle the logistics pre-date and then just focus on entertaining yourself and having a great time — in the moment.

What if I told you that you never have to worry about having dates that don’t lead to sex ever again? I will show you exactly what to do.

That old you turns into a different lifetime ago….

As Eckhart Tolle says in his book Power of Now in the opening introduction…

“I have little use for the past and rarely think about it; however, until my thirtieth year, I lived in a state of almost continuous anxiety interspersed with periods of suicidal depression. It feels now as if I am talking about some past lifetime or somebody else’s life.”

If you’re thinking that trying to use all different kind of complicated techniques and strategies to get a girl to sleep with you because you think it’s difficult to fuck girls, you’re gonna be surprised by what I have to show you. Because you’re naturally going to be able to fuck girls and she will give into everything because she wants it so bad.

If you struggle with turning girls on and how to sexually escalate, you’re going to find these fears drifting away.

You’re gonna learn how to stay calm, with a clear mind, and because you’ll already have everything mapped out ahead of time, there will be no frustration or anxiety when you’re out and about with a bunch of beautiful women (it doesn’t matter how hot they are).

You’ll discover why guys always go home without the girl… and guarantee you don’t run into this problem ever again! Unless of course you just have better shit to do.

If you have any of the following issues…

TODAY is when all that shit changes. When you get this one thing and wake up your adventurous side, something special comes alive in girls.

You will have girls calling you asking for sex while you are busy doing other stuff, maybe even out with other women. You will become one of the men who truly have complete abundance with women. Some women will literally jump you (true story).

I had this girl just last night insist that she should come over because I had been working too hard. I told her no because I had this website to create so that I could help all of you guys get better with women. She came over anyways and brought her laptop over because “she had work to do also”. 20 minutes later she’s giving me a blowjob under my desk while I was typing. I’m kind of impressed with my multitasking skills.

You will feel sex is way better
when it is part of the Adventure…

Girls become super interested in knowing you. They will want to do things for you and make sure you are happy.

You don’t need all the dancing monkey tricks and cheap tactics. If it helps your game, you can use it, but you really don’t need it. I won’t have you using that stuff when you’re rolling with me.

So fuck the guessing game and the “hoping things just work out” routine.

I will give you a several things you can use today.

The tactics out there and what I teach you are a lot different though.

What I teach is more of a way of being and you’ll be able to adapt it to any situation that arises. It will be a part of you that simply knows what to do in each situation without thinking about it. You will build on it and see how easy things are the more you continue to practice and hone in your new skill set.

You won’t have to use traditional game to make this work or worry about what to say next. Even though that stuff can be fun and gives you additional tools to mess with and tease her a little. But that’s up to you whether you use that or not.

This is not something that can only be used in specific situations.

You just live this way and you are ON all day, everyday, 365 days a year!

You’ll be able to own the room and have people looking at you a lot, because clearly you and your date are having the most fun. I want you to be ok with being one the highest status individuals in the room. Mentally owning that shit — it’s your birthright. People will absolutely love you for it!

You will feel a sense of freedom knowing you can do whatever you want. It’s an empowering feeling and brings out your creative style with it.

This one time, as part of my adventure, I took two of my girls to this French dessert shop in New Orleans to make gelato. I playfully stuck it on their noses when they asked to try mine and of I made their gelato last. 😉 Meanwhile, we brought, this energy, this vibe into the shop with us and on one else there was having as much fun as we were.

I want you take on this new identity and seize complete control of your interactions with all the females that come into your life. At the same time though, DO NOT OVER abuse this new power that I am bestowing upon you. You will have a shit load of power. It’s up to you, but I recommend you please do right by people when using this. It can be used in a manipulative way, and can hurt a lot of girls. I know first hand, and you don’t want that kind of bad karma.

Other problems you might have… Girls WILL get jealous and start pulling you away from other girls. NOT a bad problem to have in my opinion.

When Brock was first learning, he had two girls who wanted to have a threesome with him and had been following him the entire night. After a while, some other girls were giving him tons of attention. One girl even grabbed him and brought him over to her VIP table. After a while, the first two girls got a little upset and left. While he may have missed out on a threesome with two decent looking chicks, he was also upgraded to VIP with a really hot 9.

I was going to film everything with Brock to show you his complete transformation. Show you the girls that he brought back to his hotel every night. It would have been a wild ride to showcase everything.

That would have been badass to show, huh?

I will possibly do a boot camp like that one day and film everything. But for now I simply put everything together on film and audios in an easy to learn fashion.

The girls that want you.
The adventures you will go on with them.
The breakthrough that used to only be a dream…

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The feeling is unreal. This isn’t just a regular dating course. It’s an identity shift that you will be downloading into your subconscious. I have dissected my entire brain and laid it all out in an easy to implement program that shifts you into becoming the Adventure women crave.

So let me ask you, is it worth it to you for a small investment in yourself, just a couple dollars a day, to become the man you were always meant to be? This Adventure that I talk about. The adventure that women are so curious about and want to join in on. All the new shifts, new identity, and even higher status?

Fucking right it is. And I am going to tell you why here. Being an Adventure God becomes apparent everywhere in your life. Your family will notice something different about you. Friends will sense something different. Girls will be drawn to this. Your coworkers and boss will like what they feel around you. Everyone will notice… and talk.

The most important part of being an Adventure God is fucking loving yourself and who you are. Each day after one of your adventures, you’ll be running on this high, it’ll carry you through the week, and you’ll begin to enjoy life like never before.

That’s what makes this so easy…

It begins right there. Because if you aren’t loving yourself and who you are, nothing else will work. That’s what Abigail was trying to tell me. I completely understand that now. And I want you to see that as well.

As I already have said, I used to never have this part of my life figured out. I failed miserably with women. And I really don’t care if you know that about me, because it’s the truth.

It was bad, but it allowed me to finally get to where I wanted to go with the women in my life. I have personally taught thousands of other men.

Instead of how long it took me to figure this out… with my program, you will get this handled once and for all, in a way shorter amount of time. I’ve made all the mistakes, so you won’t have to.

Shit, this is better than taking a class in school. You’ll be able to soak it all in quickly in about a day or two…

Forever change your identity within a day…

I’m not fucking around here.

I’m telling you man, that’s what’s gonna happen. Life altering. Extremely fast.

And the best part about it…

Women are drawn to it.
They notice and want it too.
Now you have the power.
The POWER to have women craving you…

What if I told you that you won’t ever have to have that feeling of girls not wanting to be around you anymore. Most men never get to this level and have to constantly do things to get girls wanting to hangout with them, much less sleep with them. Forget all that bullshit. Never again.

Over the next few weeks you will have built up this life filled with complete abundance of women. At first you will have trouble juggling all the excess women. It’s hard when you’re not used to having women blowing your phone up and wanting to cook dinner for you, or wanting to study with you, just so they can use that as an excuse to have your presence felt.

Honestly, it’s a trick… What she really wants is to have a man like you in her life. One who knows how to lead and give her the emotional experiences she craves. She can’t help but want to sleep with a man like that. She’ll tell all of her friends about a man like that. You’re a man like that.

I have to give you this warning though…

WARNING : When you get this right, you’ll actually be able to sleep with a different girl every single night, if you wanted to. Take it from me. Take it from Brock and my other clients. Likely, though, you’re going to have to start ignoring girls because you will have so much badass shit to do and can’t get to every girl, plus follow your path. Instead, you’ll be living in a place of abundance and as such, be able to pick the hottest women and make the others wait their turn. When they do have a chance to be with you, they’ll drop what they’re doing just to have a chance to be gifted with your unique brand of manhood sliding inside of her.

Become this Adventure God, and you are the dealer at the poker table. Im serious man. There is no more desperation to have sex with women. There’s no neediness or begging for sex. There’s no more digging around on the internet, trying out every “dating guru‘s” material you find online. No need to spend loads of cash. That’s all a waste of time.

It’s the perfect time to finally get this shit over with today and have this figured out so you can move on to other things, right?

My program is perfect for you…

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I just have to share this story with you. Meet Julian. Julian is an attractive guy, but he spends a lot more time with computers than with girls. He’s actually the one that helped me build this website. After a few questions about my system, I let him try it for a discount on building my sites.

I had him go through the entire program and take action on everything I laid out for him. After a few weeks, he had slept with 3 new girls and has a couple girls who he’s already friendzoned, and has fun adventures planned out with them so they can wingman him. He straight up told me this was one of the easiest to follow programs he’s ever seen.

Julian said that he had been missing this main part for so long and he has finally figured out how to really take girls on dates where they were so into him, the girls wanted things to move forward sexually. Girls love Adventure Gods.

It’s ok, you don’t have to worry about saying the right thing anymore to keep girls attracted to you.

You will see that once you unlock your adventurous side you will multiply the type of man women in your life, what makes women drawn to you and what makes women really interested in spending time with you and even harassing you for sex.

“Dates become SEXUAL dates.”

Damn straight dude. Once this happens, a lot of people will start to notice, especially with facebook and instagram. Girls love taking photos and they will tag you like crazy.

It really does not matter who you are. Even if you haven’t been going on a lot dates recently. Girls don’t care when you become this adventurous magnet.

You will live your own Dan Bilzerian lifestyle. And you will have the photos like these to prove it.

When I first started, I was a tall slim dude with no muscles what so ever and I use to suck so bad with girls as you read above. I was determined to get this worked out and figured it out asap because who wants to spend another night, or week, or month or year alone, when you can literally have women calling, texting, private facebook messaging, snapchatting you to come hang out and fuck?

So click that button below and let’s unlock this shit in your life so you can join the rest of us living the mother fucking dream.

Get on this. Because this 67% OFF Discount will expire. So join all of the rest of us action taking badasses already inside now.

Isn’t it awesome how guys like us run into roadblocks and quickly breakthrough that shit no matter what it takes? If we know we can make a change, we won’t stop until we get it.

That’s why girls are drawn to the adventurous leader type of guy, who knows where he is going in life… Girls can’t help themselves.

That is also why girls don’t sleep with guys who are boring that have no substance and are low status and have no direction…

The average guy out there who’s low status, unadventurous… those guys are literally everywhere. She has experienced that and she is so bored of those guys. But the adventurous high status guys are so rare. Guys like you… Guys like Frank Sinatra.

Get on this and get your program to get started right away.

I guarantee you will have that feeling that you are about to crush this shit. Why will this happen? You are taking action. You are taking control of your destiny. You are walking the walk. Change this part of you forever. And it’s proven by the elite — it works.

Now when I say guarantees, I always provide this…

60 DAY Guarantee — No Bullshit!
Your Money Back If It Doesn’t Work

Look you don’t have to worry about a thing here. Take a month or two. I know you will look back and tell yourself I made one of the most important decisions of my life.

You will get this part of your life figured out, and I personally guarantee you will begin experiencing improvements in every area of your life. Guys will want to follow you and do business with you. It’s the reality that we were all meant to experience and watch what happens once you start getting laid a whole lot more.

Click Below To Live The Life You Were Always Meant To Live (take just a few hours) And Get Your Exclusive Discount NOW!! – NEW SALE

So let’s go and get yourself inside with the rest of us badasses who have made the shift and to living the adventure filled with beautiful women. You’re probably already starting to feel something powerful is about to happen.

That is exactly why I bring it up. There is something that happens in our brain when you take action.

You know inside, that you are more than ready.

I confirms to yourself that you are committed.

You have already taken the first step.

If you think that is ridiculous, I want you to think back to a time when you made an important choice. How did it really make you feel when you take that first step? It feel really good. That relates to what is happening here.

I know when you see other guys on dates having lots of fun with girls, and you know he’s getting laid that night. You will have that.

I talk about Frank Sinatra because he was a world class seducer that actually got arrested for seduction. He lived life to the mother fucking max and one of his quotes sums this shit right up.

“You gotta love livin’, baby, ’cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass.”

Now why would you pass up on the opportunity to go on wild sexual adventures with women. You now are at that crossroad, you can choose to go all the way and finally get all the girls you’ve always dreamed of having sex with.

Sinatra paved the way for us and all we gotta do is take action on it. Deep down you feel something growing, your desire turning into reality.

I believe deep down when you are faced with these types of life-altering decisions, you get this same feeling…

My system is different. It’s natural. It has women sexually escalating on you. And it doesn’t require fancy lines.

That right there is why my program is so different than everything else out there that you will come across.

I’m not gonna teach you lines and tell you to do certain things while on dates. I work with you so that everything becomes easy and flows out of you naturally.

I know a lot of guys might use lines and complicated techniques. But all of that doesn’t make you the natural fun adventure. That is just you memorizing lines to say to girls in the right combination….

That kind of thing can come off as awkward if ill timed. My system is completely different.

It’s a little difficult for me to break down what it feels like to be the adventure. The best I can do is show you the results in mine and in my client’s lives.

I roll like this everyday and I know who I am. This is my identity. And it is yours to have as well.

You undoubtedly deserve to live this Adventure.

You owe it to yourself to unlock this beast
and take girls on these sexual escapades…

When you unlock this, you become unattached, because lots of girls become part of your life and there’s no need to feel overly emotionally attached to just one girl. You’ll have an abundance of women…

Just picture for a minute how it will feel when you know, deep down, that you’ll have girls waiting to spend time with you… girls who respect and want to be around you.

Just imagine what life is going is to be like when sexual adventures with girls simply won’t end. It really is a shit load of fun man!

And you want to know why? It’s because you know you have nothing but more fun-filled times ahead.

I know this because it’s how I live my life and that’s what’s on my mind every day when I wake up. It’s a non stop party. Men have contacted me about sharing this and women crave, crawl, and scratch their way to experience it.

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I really only want one thing, and that is for men everywhere to take their dating lives to the next level. Feeling confident inside, being unattached because there are so many options, and having the sex that you’re missing out on.

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I want to ask you a serious question…

Now if you have any of these small problems with your game, then you are the reason why I created this program. I want to help guys get what they want.

I’m not joking around with this manner. I’m tired of hanging with guys sometimes and they aren’t able to join in on the fun that I am having with large groups of girls, because I don’t have time to take them to the side right then and download into their brain everything I know and understand about women.

I even see guys failing on dates when I’m in public, there are other times when I see a group of people where none of the guys or girls are having fun. So rather than talking about what to do. I will simply give you all my philosophies and my step by step guide on exactly what I do. All this so you can start doing the same.

The Adventure I am talking about is for you, if you’re the kind of guy who wants to continue upping his standards and getting hotter women in his life…

I was having this same conversation with this one guy not too long ago.

He said he has no trouble getting dates. So getting dates isn’t the issue. The issue for him was that he wanted to get hotter women, and he also wanted to figure out the secret to getting sex on the first date. He also made an observation where, if he slept with women the first night, he had a deeper connection with them afterwards, whereas if he didn’t sleep with them, his chances of getting a second or third date were next to impossible.

This is why knowing how to mastermind a proper date is so crucial.

I thought to myself that fucking blows and I know how it feels. I decided to share what I know so that I could help more guys to not have a problem with women anymore.

Men like him are exactly why this program have to be in the hands of every badass action taker.

If you want to solve that problem and finally step away from that life, I only have one solution for that.

Follow along with me and the guys I worked with who took it to the next level. We all have unlocked our sexual adventurous side.

Here’s your opportunity to get started today and making it happen…

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If you don’t take advantage of this now, where will you be 3 months from now? What about 6 months or even 1 year from now? If you stayed exactly where you are now, would you be satisfied? If the answer is a resounding NO, then today is a good day to turn it all around.

Don’t waste any more time learning all the tricks, routines, and random programs online because now you have everything you need to learn Frank Sinatra style seduction and get the women you want in your life.

This natural side of you will just flow out. No more learning manipulation tactics on women.

Exactly how my private private clients and I live our lives, it’s nearly a 24/7 sexual adventure ride with women.

It really doesn’t matter if you take one girl out on a date or a large groups of girls out for some fun, just allow this natural side to flow out of you and girls are simply drawn to it, it really is a badass feeling when this becomes reality.

Just think if you could take Frank Sinatra’s, Tom Hardy’s, Leonardo Decaprio’s and Tyler Ray’s brains and installed them into your subconscious.

It’s culminates into the ultimate fucking seduction vibe that all girls respond to.

For only the most deserving women, it’s like being on a ride that they won’t want to get off of… Literally 😉

Girls fall for you because they rarely ever experience these kinds of adventures with men…

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I think you are seeing now how everything works after reading everything here. It’s all making the decision to make a change and following through. Take this proven plan that I layout for you and watch it manifest into your reality.

Taking action and following through on this plan is the most important step to getting what you want with women.

No matter what, follow it to the tee.

I am going to have to let you guys go for now. We are taking shit to the next level here at the headquarters. See you soon.

P.S. I have some ladies to take out downtown to try on Mardi Gras masks down here on our vacation in New Orleans.

Please don’t do this for anyone else but yourself. Get this figured out and take girls on adventures that they’ll remember and talk about for a long time to their girlfriends.

Only For Your Eyes And Ends Sunday Night.

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