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AI ALIEN and ufo, Space Exploration! Beautiful Planets! Nebula!Ufos,Music videos,

Cosmic galaxy  Meditation! Explore Space with Me! Go through the Universe & All its Amazing Places! Beautiful Planets! Amazing Meteorite’s! Crashing Meteorites! Crop Circles! Constellations! Space Force!  Black Holes! Worm Holes! Alien Nations! Allen Flying Saucers! Faux Abductions! Faux Animal Abductions! Great footage from Nasa and Other Places All over the the World! Join me in exploring the Planets! Life on Mars! Traveling thru Space & All Its Amazing Wonders! Space Ships! Amazing Music! Relaxing Ambient Music! Upbeat Fun Channel! Let’s Get into Space Exploration! Sp
So Fun and So Interesting! Cosmic Galaxy Has Aliens! All Types of Aliens! Grey Aliens! extraterrestrial beings!  Friends or Enemies?! And also fun simulated Home movie recordings, ufo retro footage

In the 1940s and 50s reports of “flying saucers” became an American cultural phenomena. Sightings of strange objects in the sky became the raw materials for Hollywood to present visions of potential threats.
Posters for films, like Earth vs. the Flying Saucers from 1956 illustrate these fears.  Connected to ongoing ideas about life on the Moon, the canals on Mars, and ideas about Martian Civilizations, flying saucers have come to represent the hopes and fears of the modern world.
Are these alleged visitors from other worlds peaceful and benevolent or would they attack and destroy humanity? The destructive power of the Atomic bomb called into question the progressive potential of technology. Fear of the possibilities for destruction in the Cold War-era proved fertile ground for terrestrial anxieties to manifest visions of flying saucers and visitors from other worlds who might be hidden among us in plain sight. Visions? Have you see one? I have! I’ve seen one when I was a teenager! Amazing Saucer over our campsite! I’ll never get over the feelings! The Amazement! The Awe! Just such a quick second and its over! But what a great experience! It has left me wondering and searching all my life! I finally can get my hands of some interesting footage and information I can now post and share! 
Let’s Go Thru it Together!And find your own Galaxy or universe, Let’s Have some FUN! 


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AI ALIEN and ufo, Space Exploration! Beautiful Planets! Nebula!Ufos,Music videos,

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