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With all the talk of UFOs, or as they’re now known, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), and the soon-to-be-released Pentagon report addressing the phenomenon, and the leaked fighter pilot videos, and the hundreds of emails and comments I’ve received… I decided to chime in on the situation.
This should go over well. In no way will this video be taken too seriously.

Here are some of the “Dueling explanations” videos around the internet. Take a look and come to your own conclusions.

Mick West’s explanation for the “Gimbal” video:

Jeremy Corbell’s interview with ATFLIR expert John Erhart

Mick West responding to the John Erhart interview:

Lemmino’s fantastic video:

Lex Fridman’s interview with David Fravor

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41 Comments on “All Right. Let's Talk About The UFO Thing | Answers With Joe”

  1. If there is more credible proof I still wouldn't consider it being extraterrestrial. In fact, it should be your last assumption and it would more than likely be technology of our own creation. The specific process and series of events that is necessary for a planet to form and meet the conditions to sustain life long enough to evolve into intelligent life is so intricate that for all we know we may currently be the most advanced intelligent life in the universe currently. I don't think people who believe that it's Aliens know really how rare the conditions of intelligent life are. That's not to say there is NO life and that other planets couldn't support life for a time in it's existence, but intelligent life is a whole other elaborate level of conditions and luck in natural selection over ridiculous time scales where the odds should be pretty against us in surviving.

    In a way… that makes me respect and appreciate life even more. Isn't that a better thought than putting so much energy into an improbable existence? You should not be here and yet you are. Literally, all the luck in the universe went into you simply existing. That is rad. That's way cooler than an extraterrestrial fantasy will ever be.

  2. I fully agree, analytical skeptic here. Most of the time the people that say "where's the proof, I want facts" about certain things will jump at the history channel stye of journalism. Like he says a large group of people have smart phones with amazing cameras where the pictures? Google Earth can zoom down to your back yard so where is the money shot?

  3. "I want this to be true." is much better than "I want to believe." You can believe anything anytime if you want. Just start believing. But you can't make it true if it isn't. I don't want to believe unless I must accept that it's actually true.

  4. Usually I don't post. Just to say you are obviously 100% correct. Not even a matter of opinion; simple scientific method. (Been a contributor to SETI , and scifi fan etc… but above all, science). I do hope we are wrong. 😉

  5. All you doubters out there explain to me how radar has tracked these objects making 6-700 g forces and traveling at 13k miles an hour totally defying all of our earthly physics? I'll wait for your nonsense!

  6. You're really beating around the bush on this one, but I do like watching you squirm when you have to eat your anti-alien words

  7. Space is massive. I'm sure we are not the only ones out there. If aliens came here, they would show alittle more interest in our planet seeing that there isn't anything else that has more resources than earth that's inhabitable. Well not anywhere near here. Space is so big, they would have to travel at the speed of light and it would still take a 100s of years for them to get here. And after that kind of voyage, I would do alittle more than spy. I don't know. Space is a mystery to me and everybody else.

  8. 10:37 It’s so kind of those aliens to conform to internationally agreed-upon aircraft running- lights policies.
    Also, I want to give Me. Elizondo the benefit of the doubt, but it’d be a lot easier if he shaved off the “I left my tin-foil hat at home” goatee.

  9. I can’t speak for fighter jets. But I know personally that the majority of our recent, most sophisticated military UAV’s are unable to distinguish an insect within the lens-casing, and will literally register it as an object moving at hundreds to thousands of miles per hour as the lens tries to compensate.

  10. This is the first video of his I've watched in months. Now I know why… this channel lost relevance a long time ago.

  11. Imagine a technology that can do 600 to 700 g-forces, that can fly 13000 miles per hour, that can evade radar and that can fly through air, and water, and possibly space _ [that last one I can imagine] — _and, Oh by-the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces, and yet can still defy the effects of Earth's gravity. That's precisely what we are seeing."

    Oh my, imagine that!

  12. But the object rotated in reference to the clouds. And yes these are experienced pilots and the Pentagon has stated these videos are genuine. I understand skepticism, but a baseless debunked is just as of base as a fanatic believer. The govt never claimed these are aliens. They are unknown.

  13. Your statement of that you recognized 'I was too old to believe I was a werewolf', you're now over compensating for your prior "childish" beliefs

  14. I just think most of your videos are boring and uninspired. But this one is the straw that broke the camel's back… I am out…

  15. I understand being skeptical. But that stops when you see things for yourself.
    I have never, and still do not, buy into any of these crazy alien conspiracies out there. But I've seen enough with my own eyes to convince me that, at the very least, there's a damn good chance we aren't alone here

  16. Ive saw a huge UFO a few years ago on a sunny morning ! It was only about 500 ft above me cruising slowly !
    They are real !

  17. Luv ur show agree w u all the way… 4yrs ago i have video an pics would share if i new was in a static cloud lots of lightning no noise thats what i was aiming at..this thing was in an out of cloud have many clear pics an video

  18. My thoughts are more on line with you. I was hoping you'd debunk the best peice of evidence in this video which in my opinion wad the airplane picked something up and then very shortly later the ship picked it up also?

  19. Whatever the truth is, there is NO WAY the national security establishment would reveal it (and that thumb pimping this story is a scam artist).

  20. A lot of double talk coming out of your pie hole. So concerned about being politically correct and not take a position.

  21. Hey I was wondering if you knew about the new developments with Tesla's new battery if everything goes well could electric planes possibly work?

  22. Joe has a much better tone than Mick West. I respect what Mick does, but he sounds a bit smug sometimes. So much so that i'd love this all to be real, just to see his face.

  23. Please don't refer to Mick West as some kind of an authority, he is a debunker. And his concludions are just bonkers.

  24. UFOs are just that: unidentified. One can hypothesize about what may have caused a particular video, but in most cases that's all it'll ever be.

    But it just takes one to be something extraordinary for a new discovery to be made. And thus I think it is quite valid to study UFOs, even if 99.9% of them do not turn out to be anything at all (and it doesn't have to be aliens necessarily; I'm pretty sure that if, say, ball lightning – still barely understood or even known to exist at all – exists, then almost surely it has appeared as a "UFO" to some.) Just as any other form of basic observational research makes sense.

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