Ancient Aliens: Incredible Area 51 Secrets Revealed (Season 15) | History

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In a shocking 1989 interview, Bob Lazar revealed top secret information regarding Area 51 and extraterrestrial life. These sensational claims were proven true, in this clip from Season 15, “The UFO Pioneers.” #AncientAliens
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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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29 Comments on “Ancient Aliens: Incredible Area 51 Secrets Revealed (Season 15) | History”

  1. Lazar is paid to throw everyone off about UFOs and Aliens. He's the only whistle blower out there exposing everything and he's still alive ? It's been how many years already ? Like 30? Same with all these characters on all these documentaries. All the same faces , in every good dam documentary , it's Hollywood all over again . Yes aliens and UFOs exist, we just will never get to see it or them or get to know the truth about it or what Earth really is .

  2. The lazar story is partly true: I think that he did work on extraterrestrial objects but not to the extent he claims it to be. I won't get into the details but I've got only one thing to say. If you are really targeted by the U. S, as he claims it, do you really think he would be alive right now without having any issues or anything happening to him. All the things that he claimed happened was towards some people he knew, and nothing serious.. He personally had nothing happening to him. Come on guys, do you think that in the 90s,some guy tells the biggest conspiracy out there and the government lets him live to become more famous.?

  3. Aliens landing in USA. 🤣
    Meanwhile satellites of Russia,China, India and European union – are we a joke to you 🤨
    Astronauts in International space station – Let's leave this rotten planet 🐻

  4. Between 3.23 and 3.37 there's a ugly looking shadow of something in the jet's reflection, I can't make it out what it is, but it's definitely not a person, anyway that shouldn't even be there in the first place, so the question is what is it doing there, I think it does looks like a alien to tell you the truth it's hard to say.

  5. 1.) You can't generate a "gravity" wave and ride it too. Violation of physics
    2.) Even if you COULD generate a "gravity" wave and ride it too, gravity waves are bound by the light barrier.
    3.) Element 155? Uranium's atomic number is 235 (usable isotope), so why is 115 special?
    3.) Planetary gravity has nothing to do with atoms holding together. Those forces are the Nuclear force and the Electromagnetic force. Even if it DID, why didn't the "115" atoms fly apart upon the alleged aliens leaving their alleged planet?
    4.) Bob Lazar probably DID work at area 51, on the REAL stuff, and is now being paid to deceive the public, or try to.

  6. They are coming up with this lately to divert people attention from fabricated pandemic.. As things are adding up now.

  7. Jeremy is rly annoying. His documentary with Bob lazar was awful. If you want to hear bobs story then find his interview from the late 80s, its on YouTube but its hard to find.

  8. And you still got mainstream media corruoticrats saying it's a conspeewaseeee. Feweeeee

  9. The more time passes it’s getting clear Bob Lazar was right. The recent UFO videos show add more evidence.

  10. Bob lazar has consistently told the truth for over 30 years. It’s simple. It’s the truth. I just hope he is validated in his lifetime because so many debunkers have mocked him it’s indecent.

  11. This is all a joke and conspiracy crazy talk until i see one flying on a 4k resolution video where its daytime and close to the camera, or live. Cheers

  12. Really? I've known about not only Area 51 since 1976, but also Aliens. I'm former US Air Force, 8th AF Bomb Wing and a B52 crew chief. We all knew that where we had nuclear weapons, we had visitors. But it was clear, keep your mouth shut….or else. Bob is lucky to be alive. Men in Black do exist, but they are not aliens. They are Office of Special Investigation (OSI) from the Air Force, and CIA (or OGA Other Government Agency). I still have photos, but not to be released until my passing. Here's a hint, there are 54 known species of aliens, and I don't mean the illegal Mexicans jumping our border. We can't even stop them, we won't stop any off planet aliens that are far more advanced and we are totally defenseless against. Our government, or any other, is willing to admit it. I've seen things and photographed many, both in America and England. Do you really think highly trained flight status Air Force, Navy, and other military are really seeing swamp gas? Moving at Mach 15 making 90 and 180 degree turns?

  13. Here we go again with sadly no more evidence than blurry videos and talk from a guy by the name Bob Lazar who cant proof his own imagination and people still buy that hoax !?.

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