Astronaut Tim Peake’s ‘UFO Sighting’ in Space 🛸 The Graham Norton Show | Fri 11/10c | BBC America

Four mysterious lights threw the first Brit in space for a loop! All-new episodes of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ premiere Fridays at 11/10c on BBC America.

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48 Comments on “Astronaut Tim Peake’s ‘UFO Sighting’ in Space 🛸 The Graham Norton Show | Fri 11/10c | BBC America”

  1. That’s gotta be the dumbest cover up story I’ve ever heard

    Nevermind, swamp gas still holds the crown

  2. Go listen to Dr. Steven Greer he has been talking about what is going on with the "UFO" subject for many years now, there exist unacknowledged special acces projects which take money from the taxpayers and use it to fund these projects, they build anti-gravity craft and reverse engineer crashed and shot down extraterrestrial vehicles, the deep state or the shadow government and the psychopathic elite that runs this world from behind the curtains has been planning to stage an alien invasion since the 50s in order to impose martial law and establish a new world order and a global one world government to unite all the people of the earth to support interplanetary war, so basically they are preparing to stage this false flag event in the near future this is why all of a sudden for the past 2 years more and more mainstream media outlets have been reporting on so called "UFOs" and saying they are a threat, in order to fool all the people on earth and convincing most that what the media is saying and what the governments are saying is true, when in fact the opposite is true, the ETs are not a threat, WE are a threat, the ETs are actually prepared to intervene in the case of global nuclear war, because they do not want to see us destroy our planet and cause an extinction event, they have actually demonstrated this many times by flying over nuclear missile silos and turning off entire power generation systems, they are actually on earth to protect and observe US they are helping us, but how can you help someone who does not want to help himself? it is almost impossible for them, i truly hope people of our world stop sleeping and stop ignoring the most pressing concerns and dangers we all face now and in the future, because if not, then we are going to find out the hard way that we were doing wrong all along…


  4. UFO is nothing else than was it stands for: UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object. UFO could be an alien space craft but it could be Russian urina most of the time. Love that one.

  5. Yes….Obama spoke of uap's, confirming that russian astronauts now peeing around us navy planes and ships

  6. As a USN sailor stationed aboard the ammunition ship USS Mauna Kea (AE-22) in 1972 while cruising in the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of Vietnam, we were shadowed on a clear, moonless night, (appropriately 2200 hours, 10 pm for you civilians), with unlimited visibility, by a UFO. It performed seemingly impossible maneuvers by any conventional aircraft, as it would accelerate from one horizon to the next in the blink of an eye, stop, and do it repeatedly over a period of about 15 minutes. It was witnessed by multiple trained observers before assuming a stationary position relatively close aboard on the port side of the ship, at a guesstimated height of roughly under 500 feet, and then abruptly shot straight down, surreptitiously disappearing into the water, with calm seas of 0-1 feet. CIC (Combat Information Center) reported no radar contacts. I suspect it/they were interested in the nuclear weapons we were "not" carrying, clandestinely transferring them via underway replenishment (UNREP) under cover of darkness, to another ship, but that's just my guess
    As to the origin of UFO/UAPs, I will just say this: I later went on in my time with the U.S. Navy, to become involved with a classified program known as SOSUS, which utilized passive, non-linear hydrophone arrays placed in strategic locations within the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to track and monitor surface and subsurface contacts, most notably submarines. I held a security clearance which prohibited me from traveling to the then Soviet Union, or any Soviet bloc nation, for a period of 10 years following my involvement with the program. It was basically secret squirrel sh#t, and I had the opportunity to learn my name in Russian in case I was ever taken captive. To make a long story even longer, even though the U.S. government and the military attempts to highly compartmentalize intelligence gathering operations, once you're in a program, there are opportunities to interact with people involved with other secret squirrel operations other than your own, and "stories" are sometimes swapped, I saw this, I saw that, I heard this, I heard that, etc., the point being, the public at large has no idea of the level of black ops programs there are dealing with what would seem like unfathomable, out of this world – as in extraterrestrial – science fiction.
    Operator: OUT

  7. Pathetic! Astronaut (presumably also a pilot) doesn't know the difference between a flying spacecraft and urine. It makes me sick to listen to his drivel.

  8. The British can not be bother to discuss serious matters, they're limited to copy the weather forecast only.

  9. Are you getting this People it's nothing but I've crystals . So nothing to see here folks just swamp gas and temperature inversion and ice crystals from the lavatory. The power that be think we are sub human.promates that we will believe everything we are told about everything like say this Covid pandemic they need you to believe somehow blew up the planet killing over a million people. No of course it couldn't be what Aaron Russo was talking about before he passed away ..of course it couldn't be the great culling.

  10. This is from the man who was filmed in front of a green screen when he was supposed to be on the space station

  11. Seems like theres STILL people that want to be lwd by the nose by the government. Well let them. Wventually tgeyll be led to the truth. I find it hysterical how dumb this planet has become. Astronomy was myvpassion sinvmce age 10. And i was one of tvese crackpots until about 35, then i saw some things that madebme xurious enough to look into it. It took over avyear of looking, but if i had neil gegrassholes neck in my hangmds at tgat moment he woukd have been crying uncle. I am astonished at the amount of scientists publicly deny, while so many astronauts xonfirrm, while nasa denies. Shit show. It took a oresidential order to get some info out, and tgey bettwr twll all. Not hide the stuff we want to lnow, and release the SHIT we akready know.

  12. Why the only US come on aliens 👽 try visiting all the earth come on your welcome.. There is lot of places you can visit

  13. Can someone explain to me since he stated that Space is dark and no lights? How come we can see stars while we are on earth and for some reason, there is no footage evidence of stars surrounding earth?

  14. Piss wouldn’t line up perfectly in the air frozen like he described and how would u be able to the clear frozen piss if it was really really dark

  15. Should have asked him how Apollo missions got thru the Van Allen radiation belts without dying ? And why no one has gone back yet

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