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Billy Carson explains the UFO sighting that inspired him to research UFOs and ancient civilizations

At UFO Epicenter, we explore a wide array of topics, from the latest UFO sightings around the globe to the enigmatic lore of ancient civilizations. Our journey is not just about looking up to the stars but also digging into the past to uncover how our ancestors might have encountered and interpreted these mysteries. We navigate through the sea of theories, eyewitness accounts, and purported evidence with a critical eye, aiming to separate fact from fiction in the pursuit of understanding what might truly be out there.

The content provided on UFO Epicenter is for entertainment and educational purposes only. All theories, discussions, and analyses presented are speculative and should not be interpreted as factual or verified information. The views and opinions expressed in our videos are intended to stimulate thoughtful discussion and curiosity about the universe and potential extraterrestrial phenomena and do not represent definitive conclusions or evidence. Viewers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise critical thinking when exploring topics discussed on this channel. UFO Epicenter assumes no responsibility for the use or interpretation of the content shared. Viewer discretion is advised.



To enhance the quality of our content, UFO Epicenter may, on occasion, incorporate and adapt materials from other UFO-related creators on YouTube, provided we have obtained explicit permission and the content is legally permissible for reproduction. It is important to clarify that UFO Epicenter does not claim ownership over any such repurposed content and is committed to respecting copyright laws by refraining from reproducing any material that cannot be lawfully reused. Among our sources is the Shawn Ryan Show, which stands out for its diverse range of offerings beyond merely UFO-related topics. We do not hold any rights to content derived from the Shawn Ryan Show and consistently aim to direct our viewers to his channel in our video descriptions as a gesture of support for his work. We encourage our audience to support his platform; links can be found below.

The majority of the musical compositions featured in the videos on this channel are courtesy of Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio. You can explore his extensive collection by visiting his YouTube channel at We highly encourage you to support his remarkable work.
Should there be occasions where alternative music is utilized, appropriate credit for such compositions will invariably be attributed.

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Billy Carson explains the UFO sighting that inspired him to research UFOs and ancient civilizations

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