Bizarre Midair UFO Sighting Freaks Out Plane Passengers | New York Post

A passenger on a plane flying over the Aegean Sea captured footage of a bizarre object flying alongside the aircraft. It performs several maneuvers that seem like they would be impossible for any known aircraft to pull off.

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Bizarre Midair UFO Sighting Freaks Out Plane Passengers

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45 Comments on “Bizarre Midair UFO Sighting Freaks Out Plane Passengers | New York Post”

  1. The issue is the enemy combatants working within the intelligence agencies. These leftists are working on behalf of communist state actors. The Clintons literally gave our missle technology to china. All high rankings or influential members of the DNC are guilty of treason on its face. We cannot trust the intelligence agencies until these enemy combatants are rooted out and tried in court for their treason. Communists cannot be allowed to have this technology. I've got the information that is need to know through legal means. If the leftists are allowed to remain as a tumor in the intelligence agencies, the whole country will die from the malignancy.

  2. Pilot here, 100% contrails if another aircraft, we see this everyday. It’s shameful what’s being done here.

  3. What's even scarier is that some people are that naive…..they probably work for a major news corp.😂😂

  4. In other news, I zoomed in on a lady bug and it looks GIGANTIC! Probably an alien…

  5. It's a black smoke trail left by another plane flying perpendicularly and away from the camera. People, think before you speak!

  6. Its not a alien spacecraft its a jet plane dat has contrails coming from behind it i be see them every sunny day

  7. This is most likely a military aircraft engines exhaust for instance B52 which has the iconic black smoke coming from fuel combustion.

  8. It's ET. He came back to sign autographs and to do a public speaking gathering for a little extra cash since his celebrity status ain't what it used to be.

  9. That is called a con traill from another aircraft another aircraft. There are lots of videos out there that are not easily explained away. This is an easy one to do especially for frequent flyers! Just because it's not a UFO, Doesn't mean it's not a cool video!

  10. crazed conspiracy theorist (cct): Is it a bird?
    normie: No.
    cct: Is it a plane?
    normie: Yes.
    cct: Then how do you explain these seemingly impossible maneuvers?
    normie: [sigh] gotta go, you have a nice day.

  11. Ever since I saw UFOs with my own eyes I have been a believer, actually knower because it’s so obvious that it is other intelligent life controlling these things that you have to be crazy to not admit it. Their technology is about 250 years ahead of us, maybe more. They are not here to harm us overall but I do believe they have taken a few of us to study but their worlds must have specific laws they follow. Like hunters on Safari who are only allowed to tag and release. Plus they have no desire to contact us, which also must be against their laws or rules! But, these are not Chinese or any other earth-man made products, the are crafts built by an advanced society, far ahead of things we can barely comprehend!

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