Breaking News! UFO Sighting Tornado Strike In LA SPAWN UFOS!! 12/13/2014

12/12/2014 Just Moments After The Tornado Strike In South L.A. Tyrese Captures With His Android Phone A Stunning UFO Video & Photo!! Military Or Something Otherworldly?

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39 Comments on “Breaking News! UFO Sighting Tornado Strike In LA SPAWN UFOS!! 12/13/2014”

  1. I'd say the way it tips up towards the end tells you it's an inanimate object of some kind. No one would fly like that.

  2. what is the last picture a telephone pole transformer? Just stick that in?… where is the footage up to this picture???

  3. could it be someone playing with their editor and chroma lock
    or a new plugin for the fx editor on a smart phone?

  4. Great work again TPoM. I just find it very strange that these U.F.O's seems to pop up during tornado's, earth quakes and crazy weather.

  5. It's a weather making anti gravity smart drone. It should have dumped into the ocean by now.  California needed rain or else?  Good job HARP,NWEG and BP..  

  6. I jumped from a plane with my go-pro cam on my helmet and threw this 6" by 4 ft pvc pipe out at the same time and filmed while in free fall… just a thought of how I could fake this..

  7. Yo I'm 12, I go outside for one second in bell gardens, ca, and we a very fast green and blue stream fly in the sky, and I freak out. But no one believes me! 

  8. I saw this same shaped object back in the early eighties in Anaheim, CA above a shopping mall parking lot.  I was absolutely in awe of it as it was clearly visible, fairly low, MASSIVE in size, no noise, and it just seemed to be sitting in the air without moving.  I couldn't believe that no one else was seeing it but were just going on about their business.  I brushed it off at the time but have never forgotten.  Although I have always believed in UFO's, due to it's cigar shape, I wasn't sure what it was.  Back then people thought I was crazy for believing in them so I'm excited to see this video, confirming exactly what I saw at the time.

  9. Esse objeto aparentemente está preso por um cabo e sendo transportado por um helicoptero , que obviamente está mais alto !

  10. thats one of the draconians main ships has sleeping qauters, holographic capabilities, mass destruction capabilities and so much more….

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