Bright blue UFO seen crashing into ocean near Hawaii prompts calls to 911, FAA | ABC7

An unidentified flying object spotted in Hawaii caught enough people’s attention to get the Federal Aviation Administration involved.

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49 Comments on “Bright blue UFO seen crashing into ocean near Hawaii prompts calls to 911, FAA | ABC7”

  1. Thats a homemade balloon propelled by wind and heat source also with blue florescent battery operated lights

  2. Great they are coming to America to take over air travel. Like the other aliens took over gas stations..

  3. I can tell you for sure: 1/ its not aliens
    2/ Its not a god of any type
    3/ Its not interplanetary
    4/ Its not a sign of the end of the world
    5/ Its not Venus, at least not on this occasion
    6/ its not Elvis
    7/ its not Mayans
    8/ Its not orbs
    Just because I am unable to determine what it was, does not mean it is therefore extraordinary/supernatural

  4. Just our government with new Technology! Not no other country i know, because we have I spying all over this world. Its USA bases every where watching and looking at everything. Edwin Snowden already sacrifice his life to show and warn us how our own country invading people privacy. If you all love your kids, stop buying them the high tech phone and things. Your kids being watch . My daughters have a regular flip phone, we talk to them about these things. Edwin Snowden said with your high tech phones off, they are still able to see you. They might be preparing for what yet to come far as another pandemic, storms, Mother Nature itself is shifting. Bill Gates building a billion dollar yacht, Amazon president building a billion dollar yacht with a landing deck for a helicopter. We just regular people living among people who knows. We just go about our regular day life trying to live for our friends, family and kids and not one time we ever ask ourselves, What if? What's written, is written, but nothing wrong with learning how to survive through, What if??

  5. Go listen to Dr. Steven Greer he has been talking about what is going on with the "UFO" subject for many years now, there exist unacknowledged special acces projects which take money from the taxpayers and use it to fund these projects, they build anti-gravity craft and reverse engineer crashed and shot down extraterrestrial vehicles, the deep state or the shadow government and the psychopathic elite that runs this world from behind the curtains has been planning to stage an alien invasion since the 50s in order to impose martial law and establish a new world order and a global one world government to unite all the people of the earth to support interplanetary war, so basically they are preparing to stage this false flag event in the near future this is why all of a sudden for the past 2 years more and more mainstream media outlets have been reporting on so called "UFOs" and saying they are a threat, in order to fool all the people on earth and convincing most that what the media is saying and what the governments are saying is true, when in fact the opposite is true, the ETs are not a threat, WE are a threat, the ETs are actually prepared to intervene in the case of global nuclear war, because they do not want to see us destroy our planet and cause an extinction event, they have actually demonstrated this many times by flying over nuclear missile silos and turning off entire power generation systems, they are actually on earth to protect and observe US they are helping us, but how can you help someone who does not want to help himself? it is almost impossible for them, i truly hope people of our world stop sleeping and stop ignoring the most pressing concerns and dangers we all face now and in the future, because if not, then we are going to find out the hard way that we were doing wrong all along…

  6. I hope any country plans on shouting it down because if it is aliens from another planet they can probably wiped us out quick

  7. It's an asteroid believed to be a UFO called an omuamua translated to be message from a far

  8. Wind up your windows and lock the doors kids we are passing Earth. Hand me the phaser gun out of the glove box.😂😂😂😂

  9. I see one when I was 15 years old it was nighttime and over the horizon a green light up and down very fast

  10. National federation of planets thank you for your service 2012 we thank you the blue orbs are the blue avains I believe the ships are bio if you ever see one leave it alone it won't hurt you let it alone report it

  11. Sorry life is to short discloser is coming might as well get ready they won't hurt you

  12. the "blue sky maintenance crew" on that shift has been facing some serious questions afterwards by their boss 😂

  13. They are living in our oceans depths . They do appear to enjoy hovering around the surface before plunging back in or screaming straight up & outta here lol

  14. This is a guy who paraglides on the West Side of Oahu…he illuminates the canopy every Halloween…he is supposed to be a flying goblin or something… but he's o.k. with being an alien, if it gets him airtime…

  15. Me and my homie had a conclusion abt them living in the oceon farther then man kind can go

  16. Looks like a string of balloons. And, the small white things are called stars or sometimes planets. Once when there was an earthquake here in LA, people started calling in strange sightings in the sky after it got dark. Turns out the earthquake knocked out power for miles and people were seeing stars for the first time.

  17. why aliens don't show themselves up, why so much secrecy and lurking. one main logical reason would be the need to not interfere with humans in order to not promote change so that things remain unaltered.there would be only one reason to not want that.only if you came from the future you would be careful not to change any from the past. this brings me back to J.J
    Benitez and his trilogy Caballo de Troya.( horse of troy). what if I told you that in the very far away future, the boundaries of time and space are so perfectly understood, that people or so called aliens do take vacations to go see themselves on the past. jajajajajja is so fun

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