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Classic Car Restoration | Automotive Restorers Guide

Product Name: Classic Car Restoration | Automotive Restorers Guide

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“Calling all Period Car, Motorcycle Enthusiasts & Restorers”

Save Time & Money on the Restoration of Parts and Services for Cars & Motorcycles Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Custom.

Buy with peace of mind. The Automotive Restorers Guide is covered by a 60 day money-back digital guarantee.

Save time and money by knowing which companies you can trust for your auto preservation project. The author SW Barratt has used his years of experience to put together this comprehensive guide of reliable businesses that renew, repair and restore vintage car and motorcycle parts to your satisfaction.

One of the biggest wastes of time is hunting down companies that you can trust with your expensive – and sometimes, rare – classic auto parts. You want real people to talk with, about your concerns, who will see the project through. You don’t want to deal with middlemen companies, especially if you run into a problem.

Steven has taken on those challenges for you in this decisive list of companies. You can have confidence when repairing and delivering your valuable parts back to you.

This is one of the best restoration books you can buy when it comes to knowing who to call for the repair, restoring and renewing of vintage car parts. This guidebook serves as a planning guide towards the finishing of your restoration project by delivering trusted contacts and connections to your fingertips.

For the DIYer, this book is a restorer’s bible of who’s who in the UK classic car restoration world.

Order your copy now and make planning your restoration painless.

Fuzz TownshendTV presenter of ‘Car SOS’ & motoring journalist for ‘Classic Car Weekly’

I think it’s a great idea, it’s in use in our office as an easy reference guide.

Mr Simon HaynesDirector of John Haynes Independent Mercedes-Benz specialist, regarded as one of the world’s foremost classic Mercedes restoration specialist, established over 40 years.

An informative guidebook for locating many parts restoration & engineering services

AdamAmazon ReviewThis book has been so helpful.The Automotive Restorers Guide is a complete treasure trove of hard to find information.

It is a comprehensive list of hard to find reputable, professional suppliers and engineering companies (not agents) who specialise in supplying and restoring parts for vintage and classic cars and motorcycles.

Mr DenAmazon ReviewWell Worth the Purchase – Great Book!If you are restoring an auto – this book will save you TONS of time and effort! It has a great list of parts restoration and services – that can help you find whatever you need to restore your classic automobile! Highly recommended!

This valuable quality guide can mean no more wasted time hunting around for specialist parts restoration services or looking for classic car restoration nearby as the discount door-to-door worldwide courier service will enable you to use the listed services without having to be local to them.

He has found these companies fair concerning costs and the work carried out. This guide will provide you with many services and eliminate the need to search for shops that may provide specialised services like car upholstery, specialist engineering or vintage car restoration services.

But, that’s not all that’s included in this 78-page guide. It’s filled with tips and explanation pages that will help you understand things like how to buy special heat absorbing coolant for your vehicle. What you should know about crankshaft repair and specialist laser welding of parts which could normally not be repaired.

Alongside some of the different listed companies there are valuable advice notes when using the service or suppliers.

“By way of a ‘Thank you’, I have attached a free article at the end of the Automotive Restorers Guide. This article explains fitting the electronic ignition system from the company that I have listed. Saying farewell to the points without having to make any modifications or drilling with this excellent system, will make you wish you had fitted this simple system a long time ago. The English office of this company provides excellent telephone advice if needed.” – SW Barratt

Steven bought the classic Mercedes JMO 9K, a 1971 300 SEL 6.3 in 2003. Barratts Classic Car Hire was then launched in 2005 after extensive work was completed.

The Mercedes turned out to be a real learning curve, mainly due to the complexity and in general, often awkward design to work on. Over the years spares from around the world were purchased. This is when he decided to help other people to get parts reconditioned, and find suppliers for their projects.

Steven with JMO 9K at Mercedes-Benz World

Front interior view of JMO 9K

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 enginefront view

He soon found that a lot of so-called rebuild services or engine reconditioning services were just agents who would take your parts in, deliver to a reconditioning service, collect the parts or have them delivered back and then charge for their service. Although they advertise themselves as a reconditioning service, they were in fact just acting as a go-between.

He then spent what turned out to be many hours of telephone calls and meetings over 16+ years to find reliable classic car restoration and engineering services to carry out the different services. Apart from saving money, this ensured in case of problems, he did not have to go through an agent. You can sometimes experience a delay going through an agent, as it depends on how helpful or efficient they are at getting your parts delivered and collected.

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 engine
right side view

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 engineleft side view

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 engine
rear view

Whether you have an old car from the vintage or veteran era or a more modern classic; This guide lists specialist services to suit all periods.

The Automotive Restorers Guide was written as other enthusiasts & restorers often asked, ‘Where can I get this part repaired or reconditioned correctly without overpaying?’

There is a clear explanation of some services such as ‘chemical brightening’ that some people often confuse with chrome plating. An example of chemical brightened trim would be the bright shiny metal trim around the front windscreen and back screen.


Important Information for Chemical Brightening and Polishing of Trim Sections

To explain to those who are not aware…chemical brightening is the process of brightening the trims, which are often around the front windscreen and back screen. Likewise, these trim sections are also around the doors near to the door glass or on interior door panels, etc. Many people commonly mistake these trims as being chrome plated as they look like the bright chrome finish often found on bumpers and door handles. Searches such as classic car restoration parts are used by customers in trying to look for chemical brightening companies. Chemical brightening is where the trim item is dipped into a bath of hot acid which brightens the item, hence the name chemical brightening. The trim item is then anodised to protect the surface and keep it bright.

There are people or companies that sell different types of polish to bring the shine back to worn dull trims. In some cases, these cutting type polishes will work but…you will have to constantly keep polishing the trim as the cutting type polish will obviously remove the anodising, which protects the surface. These types of polish are not a permanent finish.

One important point to remember when you go to get your trim sections chemically brightened is that the trim sections need to have the anodising removed before you take or send them to be polished. Removing the anodising can easily be carried out by an anodising service anodising listed further on under Zinc Plating. Any anodising service would be fine for removal. The reason for removing the anodising is that it removes the hard anodised finish so that the sections can easily be polished. This is very important especially on thin delicate trim sections, as these sections need to have the least pressure put on them when polishing to avoid distortion. I have listed a company further on under Metal Polishing, for polishing. Both are experienced in classic car restoration polishing as well as classic motorcycle restoration. Once you have the anodising removed and trim sections polished you can then send to the company listed further on under Chemical Brightening.


Crankshaft Straightening, Journal Repair and *Hardening

A note on crankshaft repairs If you have a damaged crankshaft where some, or all of the journals are scored beyond grinding, and it is impossible to locate a replacement one second-hand, then the journals can be built back up with either metal spraying or submerged arc welding. Damaged crankshafts are not uncommon, and often forms part of vintage or classic car restoration.

Metal spraying is a process where hot metal is sprayed onto a journal after it has been prepared. Submerged arc welding is when metal is welded onto a journal. In both cases, the repaired journals are ground back down to the correct tolerance for the bearings. Metal spraying can be carried out by the engineering listed further on under Engine Reconditioning Specialist, Engineering, Machining, *Welding, *Metal Spraying.

Metal spraying puts far less stress on a crankshaft compared to submerged arc welding. However, some views are that submerged arc welded journals are a superior job as the new metal is actually fused onto a journal by welding. Strictly speaking, a repaired crankshaft should be hardened to the same original factory original hardness.

Using hard chrome plating is often not successful for crankshaft journal repair. It is for this reason that I have not listed it.

The company below can often repair your crankshaft by submerged arc welding.

After repair work, the company below can send the crankshaft away to a specialist hardening company. When a crankshaft is re-hardened, the service is at your own risk.

The risk is that sometimes the hardening process on a repaired crankshaft can distort the crankshaft and render it useless, more so after submerged arc-welded repairs. It is for this reason that many people do not take the risk, and fit the crankshaft without surface hardening.


Hard chroming is a very useful service for classic car restoration or automotive restoration especially when shafts or some low stressed journals are worn and need to be built back before machining back down to an exact finish to fit in a bearing. An example of this would be a steering column.

Nikasil is short for Nickel Silicon Carbide. It is a nickel and silicone (ceramic) plating which is very hard. This is used mainly for providing a very hard wearing surface on the inside of aluminium cylinder bores. In some cases over the years it has replaced hard chroming.


Whenever I have sent these delicate sections of trim through a courier, I have made a strong wooden crate from plywood. The crate is then screwed back down and couriered back to you with your polished trims. If the trims are straight, you could use plastic plumbing waste pipe to transport them in.

Just some of the specialist services listed are:

Get your brake calipers reconditioned.

Have your carburettor rebuilt.

Cracked or broken block or manifold repaired.

Engine bearings can be manufactured from new or re-metalled and then machined. Very useful if your bearings cannot be purchased new.

This very established company offers an excellent array of standard and more specialist services. Many so-called engine reconditioning companies use this company to carry out work they say they have done. This company is very respected. They work regularly to rebuild from period car and motorcycle engines, up to work on dragster engines! They offer a very extensive range of engineering, machining and welding services. This company can sometimes also supply engine parts, which are not available elsewhere, for example piston rings, valves, bearings, gaskets, etc.

This very useful company supply a very large, comprehensive range of products for mainly English vintage and classic cars. A brief example is: trims, window channeling, door panel clips, carpet and trim studs, door and boot seals, hood materials, headlining, foil backed heat insulation, sound insulating felt, millboard, foam sheeting, hessian, piping’s, woven bonnet tape, many black rubber extrusions, screws, bonnet catches, grab handles, door locks, window handles, brass taps and fittings. Even an aeroscreen suitable for RAC competition.

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Click here to get Classic Car Restoration | Automotive Restorers Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Classic Car Restoration | Automotive Restorers Guide is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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