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Computer Analysis and Enhancement of Turkey’s 2008 UFO Video

The 2008 UFO video shot by Yalcin Yalman in Turkey is remarkable in its length and details. You can read about Yalcin Yalman and his video in the following Irish Times article:

In my video, I analyze some part of the video using medical imaging processing techniques. The main image processing program is ImageJ, a java based image processing program. ImageJ is used for medical, scientific and astronomical image processing. It is available for free at this link:

I use ImageJ to stabilize the jumpy image then to remove the noise and focus the image in order to get a very detailed still picture of the UFO.
An interesting aspect of the Turkish video, which is shot over several days, is that the UFO appears slightly different in shape and brightness over the days that the video was shot. But the most amazing part of the video is the day the UFO shift shapes.
I tried to stabilize the shift shaping clip which extremely jumpy in order to get an idea of what is happening. After carefully looking at the processed frames one by one, I concluded that the UFO is actually MORPHING shape. It is as if the UFO skin is rubbery and plastic. But my opinion is that the UFO could exist in higher dimensions and changes shape as it passes through our dimension.

A very interesting book to read about travelling into higher dimensions is flatland:

You should also watch this fascinating video:

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Computer Analysis and Enhancement of Turkey’s 2008 UFO Video

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