Ep. 7 | The Basement Office | Pentagon UFO videos, Navy encounters w/ UFOs, real facts & evidence

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On April 27 the Department of Defense issued a statement confirming the release of three videos showing US Navy jets chasing “unidentified aerial phenomena” — that’s the approved military term for what the public calls UFOs. The videos had been in the public domain for some time, but there was always a degree of doubt about them. The Pentagon statement made it official: Yes, the videos are genuine, and no, the DOD still doesn’t know what these things are — the official categorization is “unidentified”.

The timing of the Pentagon’s announcement drew a lot of comment. Why release these videos now, people asked, with the world’s attention focused on the coronavirus? Was this a classic example of “a good day to bury bad news”? If that was the Pentagon’s plan, it backfired badly. Perhaps because we’ve been so saturated with COVID-19 coverage, everyone was looking for something else. Far from being buried, the story made headlines all around the world.

Nick Pope and Steven Greenstreet dive deep into the facts and evidence surrounding recent UFO reports and offer a new groundbreaking revelation… that the US Navy patented an electromagnetic craft that looks strikingly similar to UFOs seen in the skies for years.

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50 Comments on “Ep. 7 | The Basement Office | Pentagon UFO videos, Navy encounters w/ UFOs, real facts & evidence”

  1. Option 4, humans, well terrestrial humans aren’t smart enough or advanced enough to create this type of technology no point in even acting like anyone on this planet is.

  2. If the U.S government say they are being honest and open then I believe there are lies in all they say. This is the typical false flag because we will be in an army and airfare attempt to show us aliens and told that they will be harming us if we do not react. Scientist since way back have told us in numerous videos and written statements that this will start to happen. They will be using holograms, they will create their own type aliens, they will use surround sound, and also explosions. Look it all up and see for yourselves.

  3. "only Russia, or china, or maybe the UK could develop that" do I frenchly have to remind my friends on the other side of the channel you did not developp anything since your harrier while we make the best planes, submarines and nukes in the world ?

  4. Do you think this is real I hope NOT ? But Joe Biden. Has to talk to them we are in BIG BIG trouble

  5. Blue Book was bogus from day 1. It was a disinformation and debunking program. The REAL program was totally secret and totally separate from Blue Book.

  6. David Faber went on record to say that there wasn't a longer video or any men in suits who came to erase the tape or take it away, I'm very skeptical of these guys. Steven needs to interview Faber and actually try to corroborate what these guys are claiming.

  7. It makes sense that it was us from the future aside from the time travel paradox. Unless the paradox doesn’t apply as we thought, go time travel requires that we travel to a parallel universe instead. It seems, at least to me, that most things can be explained if it was us.

  8. Why would they patent it? It is supposedly fact that many high level inventions are not publicly patented but classified, seems quite fishy to me.

  9. Those patents are pretty telling. I'd imagine they'll reveal to the public that they have this technology once it's perfected. They don't want any other country attempting to copy it before we have the best version of it. For me, that almost cements it 100% that these are our technology. Otherwise there is zero chance the military would be so cool with these things hovering over carriers. They'd be shooting at them if they thought there was even a 1% chance it was Chinese.

  10. "This technology is so far beyond human possibility"

    Literally the next scene: "here's a human blueprint of the technology"

  11. electromagnetic artificial gravity. simple two magnets the earth is one the ship is the other two positives or negatives facing each other. your own gravity = no g force. an app on my phone cant measure the environmental magnetic fields but possibly do the calculations to adjust for the variations. how hard is it match the earths magnetic field with a craft of about 1 ton not including the small black hole to power the gravity generator/electromagnetic field generator . give me a few million dollars and a few mathsperts and ill figure it out.
    X = the unknown quantity and spurt = a drip under pressure.

  12. The black triangles are man made by the US, they are TR3B craft back engineered and they fly but they are by no means perfect, on the subject of the Pentagon releasing this info lately i have to think there is an ulterior motive, they just dont let things out for no reason

  13. I think it may be beyond anything we can comprehend, I personally think they can literally jump from dimension to dimension. Things right in front of our eyes can't even be seen I feel so anyway. I feel that people or things are living totally separate lives in the same space as us in different dimensions and time. It's beyond comprehension.

  14. When you can take the subatomic level and make it a macro-level structure/body – then time travel is possible. Time does not exist on a subatomic level, and reactions are routinely witnessed on particle collisions before actions or collisions happen.

  15. Blows my mind when people say "hmmmm that's weird" and then just move on without any further curiosity……

  16. There were UFO sightings for decades. They are the fallen angels(the greys or demons). They gave us advanced technology. We are building these UFOs with this new technology. The New World Order are increasing the sightings now to create the “big hoax”. We are going to be told that there is an invasion of aliens coming. This will usher in the anti christ who is described in Revelation in the Bible. The anti christ will be the human race savior. All a great delusion to unit people to the New World Order, a one world religion

  17. Both of those veterans lied, David fraver came out himself and said the video was only a minute long. What people will do for clout.. those are the type of people that ruin the UFO thing and put the stigma on it

  18. I know their not lying solely because I’ve seen something that did exactly what they described. From point A to point B instantly . Large distances too where you literally know it couldnt be a plane or a shooting star even. The one I saw did 4 sharp movements almost the shape of a diamond and then boosted off across the horizon in .2 seconds , LIGHTNING fast I couldn’t believe what I saw that morning. When you watch a plane go across the sky think about how long it would take for it to completely be out of your sight from left to right , now imagine just seeing a plane/aircraft go across the whole entire sky at a ridiculous speed . I was shook that whole day

  19. Can that dude patent something that already exists though even if it does belong to aliens should they not be the ones who own the patent… Human nature at its finest

  20. The recent disclosures may be part of a larger plan to militarize space. They are using words like “potential threats” etc. when describing the UAPs. Will be interesting when the full report comes out.

  21. The guy who they were interviewing was by far the most intelligent reporter I have ever seen.

  22. I Love the videos and the information you are sharing with us. I'm a believer and have had my own experience with the circular globes in woodland, CA. It has been a long time coming that all of this needs to be taking serious. On a different note. I am hard of hearing and the music is too loud in the videos when I'm trying to listen to the discussions. Sorry for the negative comment but I just can't hear past the background sounds. Lost that ability in Iraq. Thank you for what you do so well.

  23. Most people are afraid little wimps, ets are not here to rule us they need stuff for there wellbeing if its eliments or something to. Help there survival i dont belive they will hurt us have an open mind ive seen maney in my 67 years and never did they show any hostility in any way , peace

  24. I think one of those electromagnetic projects is the navy’s rail gun which is just a massive powerful gun and it’s hypersonic speeds and do plenty of damage just with its kinetic energy alone. But they are having a lot of problems with it so I’m thinking it’s not these projects we are seeing here. Who knows though right. Stay safe out there everyone

  25. Okay at 13:53 when they say there was men in black. Let me explain how this works as someone in the know.

    #1 Nobody can get a pilot to land them on an Aircraft carrier without out clearance from the Admiral which is passed down to CO and then the Air Boss. The information is then passed to the Flight Deck Officer, which is then passed to ABW's

    #2 The Captain is informed if he personally escorted them from the flight deck who they are and what's their intent by Command aka ADM such and such. These are Career Officers 99% of the time, no matter the designation.

    #3 Those bricks are classified and have serial numbers. Declassification or change in classifications are done with multiple agencies in the pentagon. They don't just disappear these things have to be accounted for at all times.

  26. These are USA made crafts, and we have the pilots that are rockin' it with their flight techniques of these things! USA! USA! USA!

  27. Not to hijack the plane here, but clips from Faux News and The Big Liar don't help the case. Tucker Carlson, in particular, is a fictional program according to Faux itself who told the court "no reasonable person should believe (him)".

  28. I do find it amusing how secular evolutionist try and explain away angelic supernatural beings through science.

  29. I shot a ufo in March but it's real hard to capture on a cell phone at night ,camera can't focus wel in the dark

  30. What Dr Paies said what the tic tac could do matches exactly what Bob Lazar said one of the spaceships he studied could do in the documentary on Netflix. Chills man.

  31. I suppose everyone has to make a living by reporting something that doesn't exist.

    Take a look at the information displayed on the typical FLIR video. In particular look at the relative bearing at the top of the screen. You will see that changes with time and keeps the image of the "UFO" centered in the display. As long as the tracking is maintained the "UFO" appears to move with respect to the sea or cloud background. Just the opposite is true.

    If you want a practical analog, consider a child riding in the back of a car as it drives through an area with mountains in the background. If the child absent-mindedly locks his gaze on a specific telephone pole, it will appear to be very fast moving compared to the mountains in the background. The same thing is happening in the "UFO" videos, the tracking system is locked onto, and specifically tracking, the object of interest. You don't realize that because the tracking is automatic by the gimbal-mounted FLIR camera (Your gaze is Fixed on the object, not the sea surface or cloud background.). You can see it, however, by observing the relative bearing angle displayed at the top center of the display.

    There is one video that's interesting in that at the very end of the video, the object of interest dashes off "at incredible speed" to the left. The object didn't dash anywhere, what happened is the tracking system either lost track or hit an angle limit and the object could no longer be kept in centered view. That's exactly what you would expect when tracking fails to keep the object centered, or at least in the field of view.

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