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Exclusive: Latest Langley AFB UFO updates and footage

Chris Sharp of The Liberation Times, @liberationtimes,  will release new news on the UFOs that swarmed Langley Air Force Base Virginia in December 2023 on May 11th at 12 Noon Pacific. We will cover this breaking story, but that’s not all, Jonathan Butner is here with us, live, to discuss the UFO / UAP event he witnessed over Langley and the videos of the UAPs / UFOs that The United States Air Force is blaming on drones that forced the relocation of the Langley F-22 fighter wing. Our friend Ross Coulthart from @NewsNation covered this event recently on his show Reality Check. Members of Congress are asking questions while The Pentagon and The United States Air Force continue to cover up the event.

You can find The Liberation Times Article At:

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00:00:00 Show Open
00:03:22 The Steven Greenstreet @nypost propaganda hit piece with Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick of AARO
00:11:17 Guest Introduction
00:15:58 Witness location in relation to Langley Air Force Base, the prosaic things he’s witnessed
00:19:21 Observed Air Traffic
00:23:06 Witness recounts evening just before UFO event
00:29:41 Witness describes UFO event
00:35:29 Sound from UFOs
00:37:08 Searchlights from Langley Air Force Base targeting UFOs
00:43:19 UFOs / UAP orb light patterns
00:46:25 UFO Mothership / Flying Saucer
00:56:10 Witness drawing of UFO / UAP Mothership
01:02:31 Videos and Photos of the UFOs / UAPs verses what he observed
01:04:19 Playing of the four UFO videos
01:09:54 The Liberation Times Youtube Channel
01:19:15 Photographs of the UFOs / UAPs
01:30:43 Contacting The FBI
01:35:43 Audience Questions

You can find The Liberation Times at:

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Exclusive: Latest Langley AFB UFO updates and footage

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