EXPLOSIVE GoPro Video of Giant Cigar UFO Above Snowboarder!

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48 Comments on “EXPLOSIVE GoPro Video of Giant Cigar UFO Above Snowboarder!”

  1. Helicopter ? Are you guys serious ? On 1:20 we can clearly see there’s nothing up there, and 3 seconds later we have this “helicopter” right in the middle ? No one gonna talk about how this thing appeared out of nowhere ? Plus look at the size of it, if it’s helicopter it should’ve been much smaller at this distance or if it is closer that it looks than we would see much more detailed image. This is definitely not a helicopter, as far as I know helicopters for snowboarders are not invisible.

  2. When he looks up he's not concerned about it. Has some exhaust and wire hanging down. Helicopter that took him up there is probable. Not alien sports fans. Although there are those at NASA that would swear it was swamp gas.

  3. I believe, but I just don’t understand why he purposely was standing in place so much for no reason, and that it just happens to be directly behind him and how he seems to angel the camera view right on it behind him. I dunno seems kinda staged to me.

  4. He looks right at the object when he is looking around, there is no way he did not see it and was not surprised by it so he must have been aware of what it was. Probably the helicopter as has been sugested

  5. Sorry its the helicopter he was taken up on. And to confirm this as he looked around he would have seen it but no reaction because he knows its the helicopter he went up in. Its the sun and the snow glare that makes it look like it does.

  6. UFO over Snowboarder. Didn't you do a Video about a skier teleporting 2900 miles. There is a connection.

  7. Look again. That's not cigar shaped, it's "V-shape" kind of like a Stealth Fighter. The lighting makes it look "turd shaped" but you can see the slight color of a wing on the object to form a V-Shape. That just makes it even more bizarre since Jets or Stealth Fighter should not be able to just hover still like that. I had some time so I made a crude drawing of what i think it looks like:


  8. Any updates as to what this was? Also I'm looking for a video from last year i think the one about fitbits? Where their data was traced to maps and places that are literally in the middle of nowhere as though the people wearing these were on guard duty around the parameter of some secret installation.
    I think one was in the desert and another in Antarctica that was 2000 miles away from the nearest humans.
    Would dearly love a link to that video thanks

  9. its a helicopter u dumbass! its because of the camera angle. just probably filming him going down. why dont you check if there is any footage of this bloke going down. or would be to easy? you dramatised something that is so non spectacular just to get hits. you running out of BS to show people? seriously its so pathetic this clip. you all probably colluded with one another cause you running out of material. LMFAO

  10. Tyler.
    You wanted you're answer about the missing 411..

    This is actual proof of these craft in a process of scanning for there next victim.
    What the community calls cryptid
    These aren't something false.
    Dogman. Sasquach. Lizardmen. Etc.
    Along with..
    The same phenomenon at.
    Skinwalker ranch. White sands.
    Pretty much the entire North America.
    And all that surrounds.
    We are living in a world pf wonder.
    God has opened up your minds.
    Use your own judgment upon yourselves.

  11. I know from experience this man is a contactee, he is just apart of the agenda, make you aware that we are here. Thats his ride up the hill.

  12. Initially i thought it might be a Heli-boarder chopper just capturing video of a rider it may have just dropped off on another location. However ,the object looks very abnormally long for any chapter i have seen used for this type of activity .

  13. This spaceship is called Melissa347, this spaceship is from Heaven. There is something happening directly beneath the spaceship that is why he is parked there.

  14. 2004 nimitz incident…ufo the vehicles of supreme beings who created us…their city is vast beneath our oceans and above…

  15. As you know, it's under these very same circumstances that people go missing. I wouldn't doubt if these beings where sizing this kid up in consideration of kidnapping him without too much trouble to themselves. I think it best, however, that most people try hard not to find themselves in such places alone. After all, it's always best to error on the side of caution! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I was thinking maybe an helicopter, but not possible, not this shape and also you can see the ionization kind of white smoke around the object. This is the anti gravity propulsion system they use to stay in air and move this craft and you see it. Great image, well done

  17. Gravitational lense affect showing the galaxy. Perhaps a black hole was in line with the view of he Milky-way.

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