Government’s UFO Report Reveals Many Unexplained Objects

Recently there have been many sightings and reports of “unexplained aerial phenomena or UAPs, and the bottom line from a long-awaited report is that the government can’t explain most of them. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.

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33 Comments on “Government’s UFO Report Reveals Many Unexplained Objects”

  1. The good old government KNOWS who and what they are !!! What I don't understand is why they just don't come out and admit what they really are. Believe it or not aliens do exist. Take a look at all the evidence that's been around for centuries !

  2. Positive lift tech using moscovium and compress mercury in a fission generator. The plasma physics spinning mercury creates a electromagnetic “wave” that moves the aircraft through our atmosphere and other liquid like materials. Tr3b project Aurora 2004.

  3. If aliens don’t exist, then what exactly are the “experts” expert in? The one “expert” explained why the aliens were doing such a bad job of hiding themselves if they were trying to blah blah blah—the fact is, the guy was mired in his own assumptions about what aliens could or would do. So called science is sitting on their hands waiting for proof to come to them. It’s becoming increasingly apparent to all but the dedicated Flat Earth Society types that these UFO’s are busy showing themselves and making it painfully obvious they’re here. Unfortunately there’s been a huge uptick in sightings…

  4. Edit spelling errors, clarifications.

    Former DNI Ratcliffe has said unequivocally that this is not US tech, and not foreign tech. He outranks the CIA Director, who reports to the DNI. The former CIA director comments are not aging well, which he said that before the UAP report.

    Here is what Ratcliffe had to say after the UAP report was released:

  5. "wHy cAn'T tHeY lAnD aT tHe wHiTe HoUsE LaWn…"

    Like they gonna find intelligent life there…smh 🤦‍♂️

  6. Why are most people not also considering the possibility of an unknown sentient species and / or a break away human civilization / group / faction / corporation / government / race / species / whatever being a possible source of this phenomenon before jumping to the alien conclusion (it could be aliens, but I would consider the Earthly possibilities first)?

  7. A good start people you are the government they are elected officials I don't have to I don't want to you can make a difference you elected them if they are not doing what you want remove them

  8. Why is it so hard to believe its ET’s lol ? It’s dumb to think there cant be any intelligent life out there.

  9. Why think Aliens? Think inner-dimensional beings "Angels of the Bible". These beings can hear your prayers or meditating thoughts and they have been here for a long time. Grant Cameron has some good stuff about this topic.

  10. Yep, no evidence at all… of any human technology from 1940s and until now… capable of how the UAPs are defying the laws of physics, as humans know them…
    Must be the Russians or Chinese…
    Great reporting…

  11. See how the news tries to make you dumb !! Why would aliens land on the ground ? They wouldn’t they would fly around the world taking notes . There’s tons of people who claim to of been kidnapped by them and brought back but we call them crazy .

    The real crazy people are the ones who believe there so special that there the only form of life in the whole of existence 😂😂 now that’s deluded

  12. When will people learn, their not from another planet, they were here all along, they never left. We were made in their image. I'm ready to hear the truth but most people aren't

  13. i literally seen one last night it was funny i’m like woah seems fishy in canada too but could be a shooting start

  14. This makes me wonder if a power was able to advance the 'foo-fighter' tech that exhibited such wild characteristics in WWII.

  15. We should shoot it down and investigate it later 👽👽👽🛸🛸🛸🚀🚀🚀🚀

  16. When the "experts" man-splain that it would take too long for aliens to get here, we need to man-splain back that we don't care about aliens too far away to get here. We want to know about the ones already here.

  17. If there is no evidence then there is no evidence it’s not aliens. There’s also no evidence that says there is. Then they say probably not aliens when they just said idk. 😐

  18. There isn’t any evidence that it’s aliens but yet again there isn’t any evidence it’s the Chinese or Russians yet they keep pushing this narrative. Do they not hear themselves constantly contradicting themselves. This stigma of “it can’t be aliens” needs to just stop.

  19. The so-called alien theory makes ridiculous assumptions. But this is how people ‘’debunk’ things — sometimes people with an agenda.

  20. come on this report says NOTHING all these phonies joe rogan, corbell and the rest are just youtube fantasists

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