Gravitas Plus: UFOs, Aliens & Science

Are we alone in this universe? Are extraterrestrial beings visiting us in UFOs? NASA is investigating. Pentagon is set to release a report. How close are we to finding an answer?

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36 Comments on “Gravitas Plus: UFOs, Aliens & Science”

  1. US govt insider, "Mike from Around the World", has already disclosed that our the govt worked with a SATANIST who conjured up ALIENS (DEMONS) resulting in ROSWELL. The govt extracted ancient advanced technology from these sinister Fallen Angels. ALIEN ABDUCTIONS have been stopped when the victims invoked the name of Jesus Christ, thru faith. DISCLOSURE on LA Marzulli YouTube channel.

  2. Aliens living millions of light years away haven't invaded us yet in the fear of dianosours that their telescopes show on earth

  3. The language is superb, interesting and informative and delivered in a captivating fashion. Please keep going.

  4. I've always loved your reporting. Thank you for getting better with this. A comprehensive brief history with great research compared to most other networks.

  5. Bóg jest ponad cywilizacjami pozytywnymi i negatywnymi techniki i okupacji podboju i niewoli –

  6. Why are every ufo photographes either out of focus or grainy when we are having advance technology in photography

  7. But the Hindu religion says the only life that exist is here in a vacuum on earth. Notably in the form of primates called Homo sapiens.The rest of the universe is lifeless and dead. She expresses this opinion in a very heart felt manner. To her extraterrestrials are just a fiction of the imagination and something out of Hollywood movies. She herself has travelled through the vast galaxy and found nothing. The pentagon UAP are just made up or we’re all having a moment of mass hallucination captured on video. Clearly this is a reality many humans are having trouble acknowledging and digesting, especially in Hindu India.

  8. Your English is so perfect and beautiful to hear, that you could read novels and make some good money.

    With UFO's, if they exist they might not visit because it could destroy our civilization. Think of what happened to more primitive cultures here on earth when they were visited by others.

  9. Why none of the ufo came to India ?? It it came here our neighbours would have definitely identified it and aliens are afraid of losing their privacy

  10. We're not alone, but I doubt an alien invasion would happen, otherwise it would have already!🖖🏻👽✨

  11. I got to see some UAP on my birthday the other day. It was a very large strange black shadow type of thing flying above my yard in the night sky with no sound. Scared the hell out of me but I kept watching it along with my mom. I am glad I got to see it for some reason. It left me with a weird gut feeling that it wasn’t human

  12. To uote Arthur C. Clarke: Two possibilities exist: ,,Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.''

  13. we knew all about them and the drivers of them since the 1950s, we mastered the tech in the 70s, so whats to know,they just wont share the info with us or the president

  14. Bill Gates & Zuckerberg aren't humans 😂too many reptilian species in the White House & they scattered all over the world governments to plunder & destroy this planet pretty obvious

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