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Hands Down The Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014!!! Watch Now!~

Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014 Watch Now!~ Massive Egyptian Monument On Planet Mars! NASA Evidence Proof 2014 Incredible Enhanced Footage Watch Now! Original Photo At Nasa Link

Cigar Shaped UFO Captured Over Napa Just After Earthquake! 2014 Video Interview Recorded On 8/24/2014 Via Skype With Alex Christinson While With Friends In The Napa CA Area Captures A Mysterious Object! Could This Be A Blimp,Balloon,Drone, You Decide!

Francis Hudson Captures an Incredibly Bright UFO over Liverpool UK!! Captured with his Panasonic V550 90x Optical Zoom! Please leave your comment Below and share what you think it is! Also Be sure Not To Miss Thirdphaseofmoon Radio Tonight Live on Air! 12 AM East Coast 9PM West Coast! Click Link To the Join The Show (347) 934-0378

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Alien Cryptid Makes A Surprise Visit To Contact In The Desert While Erich von Däniken & Giorgio A. Tsoukalos along with George Noory Speak at a Symposium! Is This An Alien Behind Erich von Däniken? Dr. J Andy Ilias was on location at the Joshua Tree Sharing His Report to Thirdphaseofmoon! Erich von Däniken Interview Click Here!

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Hands Down The Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014!!! Watch Now!~

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