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(in)famous Jerusalem UFO 28 jan 2011, best 4 video’s synchronized – believed to be fake

(in)famous Jerusalem UFO 28 jan 2011, best 4 video’s synchronized

You can see various inconsistencies, in the two below the light-orb-UFO moves in the above it remains still.
there even is a 5th video in which the ufo also doesnt move and ascends slower without flash.

Its widely regarded as one of the greatest UFO-hoaxes ever.

How to recognize a fake UFO-video, the signs
-short-video often the video ends while the UFO is still there
-appears/dissappears instantly/rapidly
-has no audio or overly-acted-audio
-its behavior doesnt make sense other then it shows off in front of the camera
-there arent (multiple/proud-)witnesses
in this case – location

Although there are multiple video’s of this UFO (easy2fake light-orb-UFO), they show inconsistencies and there arent multiple-proud-witnesses telling their story(and name). Yet the number of people/video’s involved make it a dubious case that cant be dismissed 100% certain but has much against.

credits to – Jozef Uhľár – AViPro – for compiling the video.

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(in)famous Jerusalem UFO 28 jan 2011, best 4 video’s synchronized – believed to be fake

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