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Introduction to pTGC & UFO With Q& With The Founder

Join me for an introduction to 1 of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) protocols on the Pulse Network. This will be an introduction where I’ll give you everything I have to equip you to hit the ground running in the Grays ecosystem. TGXen will drop in at the end to answer questions about UFO.

We’ll cover:
What pTGC is
Review the site
How to onramp to the Pulse Chain
Useful calculators
Final notes & thoughts on pTGC

Website –

pTGC explainer video –
Recent UFO videos –,

Youtube channels that cover pTGC:

The Grays Currency –
CoachX –
GuUGoD –
The Prairie Banana 🍌 –

Link to sheet used in this presentation (just download it and make it your own) –

Burn address –

Join us in Telegram –

pTGC chart –

How to buy pTGC –
How to buy pTGC video –
How to buy pTGC more inexpensively…circumventing high gas fees on Ethereum –

White paper –

Rant by Coach X about the value of pTGC –

Contract address – 0x94534eeee131840b1c0f61847c572228bdfdde93

Link to the audit –

Link to buy a Trezor hardware wallet –

Donation Address – ThePrairieBanana🍌️.PLS.FYI
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Introduction to pTGC & UFO With Q& With The Founder

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