Jeremy Corbell: INSIDE Latest UFO Video Confirmed By Pentagon

Investigative filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell, analyzes leaked footage that appears to show a UFO hovering above a Navy destroyer.

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41 Comments on “Jeremy Corbell: INSIDE Latest UFO Video Confirmed By Pentagon”

  1. How does Jeremy get this "classified" military videos like that? Who is that high up in the Pentagon or some military person who knows this info and is able to release it to a filmmaker/journalist

  2. not even the us government can capture a UFO video with any worth. shaky cam and 21st century technological superiority with video that looks like a glaucoma.

  3. Because the navy just patented three machines one UFO and one generator and there's one more the navy because they didn't want anyone else to get them

  4. I’m just not sure I believe it. Why have (mainly) only the Americans seen them, and also why has no one shot one down yet? Districted air space, near navy craft and close to jets. Surely by now someone would have engaged

  5. Jeremy you really don't no what that is really the a tr3b it ours we have had them for years there nueclear and when the center light up it goes into a different demention reAlly they been around for a while how long have you been doing this for a couple years maybe remember the big v Arizona yes that's ws ours also pretty cool you need to talk to Dr Greer and David Wilcox .Corey Goode and emery smith and David Adair is a brain worked at area 51 years ago he's like Elon also and get with thease people they can help you also Stan romanak his case is documented CK them out they will help if you ask

  6. The fact that the Pentagon is releasing footage and actually acknowledging UFOs, after decades of silence, why would the government do this now? Seems fishy.

  7. Thats where you've ruined the world where whoever gets the technology wins. It's not about winning. We should share and be one bug team and all win. Givts have ruined the world with useless bs.

  8. If aliens are not wearing masks I’m not going to make close contact with them. No exceptions.

  9. UFO is directly related to the Extraterrestrial phenomena. UAP is not related to ETs it could be anything from a balloon to a bird or a planet. so by renaming U.F.O to U.A.P is a T.R.A.P

  10. Corbell vindicated, score 1-0. Gonna be interesting what the report's coming up with, a dud, or actual, written confirmation, and if it's revealed it's people or beings from elsewhere, better call Ellen Ripley, just in case

  11. Back in around 1980 i was with a girlfriend watching a drive in movie in Orange Ct when I noticed a set of blinking lights out of the back window of my car. Looking at them very closely I tried to see if they were reflections from power lines or some other type of lights and determined that what i was seeing I couldn’t expkain. As disturbing as what i was looking at I thought it must be either a plane or reflections that i just couldn’t see. While looking at the movie playing i had my FM radio playing in the car instead of listening to the move soundtrack. About 10 minutes after i saw those unexplained lights the DJ came on the radiio and said “ i just got a wierd call from a listiner who said he saw a UFO flying over his house in the Orange Ct area. At that moment the hair on the back and top of my head stood up straight. All these later ill never forget that night and it still gives me the creeps. 100% true story.

  12. One of those 3 images from March 2019 out a cockpit window looks exactly like the object described from many years ago by Navy pilots off of Florida who said it flew at and between two jets very close together, a Cube inside a sphere!!!

  13. The object Fravor flew around and up to had dropped at Mach 70(!) Ok, sorry, but no human society that we know of has that kind of tech. There’s an outside chance that they are reverse-engineered UFOs now controlled by humans, but I think that’s VERY unlikely. THE ONLY remaining option is that they are alien craft.

  14. Why do all these UFO'S contain the same coloration as colors here on earth. Black silver ect i mean if these are from another world dont you think we'd be seeing some new colors if anything or even new types of shapes. Looks like a distraction from whats really goin down…here on earth that is!

  15. Are we really going to do this all over again. Yes! They are really going to take it far this time. Remember what happened years previous with this sidetrack show. Get ready.

  16. If they can jam technology, then perhaps they jam cameras and cell phones which is why we never get a clear picture.

  17. We make movie about to cover like is only movie.maybe movie try to tell us something or try to send us a message?

  18. We need to know….. What ever it is…… We need to know…… The Truth…. Not the Bull Shyt……. The truth.

  19. Oh god, come on people. That video is showing out of focus navigation lights on a plane. Why would an alien craft have navigation lights?

  20. The United States military didn’t fire or try to destroy them is all you need to think about…I mean they fire at Iranian boats even if it’s miles away from them lol

  21. If intelligent life exists in other places in the galaxy it only makes sense that they would seek out other intelligent life if they have the means to do so . Too bad for them they found us .

  22. The triangular images are produced by the triangular Iris in the [B.E. Meyers OWL Gen 3+ (Thin Film/Autogated ) NV System] which uses a green phosphor. The light flashing is consistent with FAA requirements for airliners and other aircraft. Pretty clearly nothing unusual here.

    The devices are available for as low as $1,500 on the used market, no idea what the cost of a new system is. The ones for sale now are restricted to US citizens and other related situations. Check it out and see what you find.

  23. I just recorded some movement in the sky over St. Louis, MO….I was just watching the stars and they began to move… I don't care if somebody who was not here come on here trying to tell me what I saw…I saw this with my own eyes….and recorded with my cell… four videos..and they are still there as I'm typing this comment… think I'm lying… go out and just look at the stars..really focus in and I bet you will spot movement

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