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My Top 5 Meteor Clips #ShootingStars

I apologize for the low quality yall, my phone’s camera just isn’t cutting it and the videos get super compressed and janky everytime I upload them to the Tubes..

Now, when it came to the last two clips, I had a hard ass time deciding which one should take first place. #2 was brilliant, especially since it was the easiest one to see without editing. Not to mention it was literally the first shooting star I’ve ever recorded, and it even resembled a typical shooting star while the others looked more like solid balls of light slowly dying out. Well, besides #1 of course. However, there was something about the way #1 turned into a ploom of smoke and debris, that had me amazed.

Now, the reason im mentioning this, is because I think I would like to leave it up to a vote, here in the comments. So, out of all 5 clips, which do yall think deserved the #1 spot? Just let me know in the comments..

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Also, all of my astropic and astronomy related shorts are linked together. So, if you would like to check them out without interruption, then just click on the title of the next short. It’s at the lower left of the screen with a play button next to it, right above the current video’s title. Then, just repeat the process for the next one.
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My Top 5 Meteor Clips #ShootingStars

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