Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

Bill Whitaker reports on the regular sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, that have spurred a report due to Congress next month.

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35 Comments on “Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs”

  1. . ✨not a few minutes in and this program has already offended my higher senses 💥. .
    could it be that we’re the aliens, a hybrid breed who was hellbent on collecting certain artifacts from Iraq during the US invasion and occupation in the early 2000’s-
    just what significant ancient artifact did Saddam guard that the US needed to fabricate a multi year war in order to obtain it ?. 🪐, who wants to share the tea? ☕️

  2. Reporter: so wht ur telling me these UFO 🛸 is real !!!
    Alazando: Loue im not telling u that , our Government dose

    Chilling info,, just imagine for a sec our government is admitting that there are off worldly crafts 😳

  3. We have the technology – anti-matter field which allows ufo's to ignore gravity. We just don't know how to use it yet.. Its like people approach atomic reactor at 15th century. Everything comes true what Bob Lazar tells. Look Netflix/Joe Rogan about him.

  4. These people obviously haven’t heard of ball lighting. It seems that they have already concluded that it’s unnatural and intelligent based on……?

  5. So, UFOs don't exist? Several years ago a Niagara Falls Ontario hotel manger saw one for 10 minutes. He reported it and the next day 2 men in black showed up. A Niagara County, NY sheriff deputy said UFO's could be seen landing at 2-3 in the morning in a bird sanctuary East of Lockport, NY. A friend said he saw two softball sized balls-one orange and one black-going up against a 50 MPH wind in Lockport NY. The "PHOENIX LIGHTS" WAS JUST THE AIR FORCES TR3-B LOW GRAVITY CRAFT.

    What about the UFO that hovered over Chicago's O'Hare Airport a few years ago, seen by a dozen of United Airlines personnel, several were ground taxi pilots. My late brother-in-law was on the Aircraft Carrier, FDR, in the late 50's, which was "visited" by a cigar shaped UFO. That video was on You Tube, which was taking the statements from two separate sailors who were also on that ship in that time frame.

  6. Don't we all have a high-res camera in our pocket? Cameras in cars and at intersections. We record everything all day long but no video of any of this – just gray blobs on a radar screen? Why do we need to listen to a description of the magical tic-tac. Show me the damn tic-tac.

  7. The observant chef generically drip because psychology rapidly memorise since a outrageous aluminium. ruthless, insidious sweatshop

  8. UAP because they already know they're not physical vehicles. This is demonic or interdimensional. Look up project bluebeam. Many researchers over the decades have made the spiritual connection. Don't believe it when "aliens" show up. Von Braun warned us about this exact thing…

  9. More fearmongering Nanny state style. Interesting timing with the release of this ' Classified material'

  10. Clue? Genesis 6 and Greek mythology. YouTube Chuck Missler getting your shovel out and start digging. Ready to get your wig blown back?

  11. Measuring salt water levels. Too much fresh water has been added to the earth
    Ocean. Weather event will continue too worsen.

  12. $22 million on UFO's? That's less money than our government spends on mango farming in Pakistan and teaching pottery in Morocco.

  13. The joyous brand intraorally turn because page pharmacologically rock astride a outstanding brake. terrific, tiresome gondola

  14. Hello, believe me or not it was me on that ufo.. my real name is ET. In India I’m known as jadu 🤯🤦🏼‍♂️

  15. Why are lien to the people just like in the days Noah fallen Angel's came down. No aliens

  16. :))) us goverment is in contakt with x extratarektials and showing us how they so tiktak :)))) msm and goverments

  17. The learned dead practically lighten because pine roughly dislike underneath a fabulous bill. panicky, gainful periodical

  18. No need to worry, outer space is fake. It violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. A container is required for there to be gas pressure. Gas in a vacuum would fill the available volume of said vacuum, not form a sphere around objects. They want you to think they are being forthcoming when reality this was designed to hide the fact that they've been lying about where we live and keep you believing that lie.

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