Navy ships capture video of pyramid-shaped UFOs, orbs flying above | New York Post

The Pentagon has admitted that a US Navy destroyer captured this eerie night-vision footage of mysterious flashing objects flying above it and another warship.

The green-tinged video was gathered by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and leaked to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who made the documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers,” and KLAS TV news director George Knapp, the Sun reported.

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50 Comments on “Navy ships capture video of pyramid-shaped UFOs, orbs flying above | New York Post”

  1. Who was able to verify its identity!? Bahahahahahaha, because he has seen so many UFOs 🛸 before 😂🤣

  2. Pentagon is in a need of more funding. That’s all what they need to produced videos of so called UFOs and then claim they’re “leaked”.

  3. Soon the liberal idiots will be calling ET a racist too because they are gray and non black and brown. Wait for it..

  4. We have clearer pictures and videos from the 1800's. Give it a rest. Only something to make any soul on this planet to make bank$. Its probably a drone..just look at boston dynamics..jet pack technology..etc..their is something called ''delayed technology''. Just like your smart phone..etc..they are 5 to10 plus years maybe more ahead of what you have now..military especially. It the most top secret secrets of all. Only a few select are allowed to know..most of the time anything you think inventions etc..someone probably thought of it a hundred years ago or more. If it where you honestly think the worlds military would raise the alarm? We all have smart phones and im sure anyone who can provide concrete evidence of that would. They would go down in history as the first to be the one that would answer one of mankind's biggest question.

  5. 3 pyramid shaped UFOs?!



  6. Captain: We are about to enter this planets atmosphere, engage SBADS! — (Ship Blurring Anti-Detection System)

  7. Maybe when the Egyptians built the pyramids they did so thinking they were building the crafts they were observing thinking it would magically fly like the ones in the sky. Also the reason they put their royalty and their belongings in them is so they could go with their kings to the sky. It is lunacy to believe we’re alone in this universe.

  8. Big Deal! Just more of the same old c p! Fuzzy, out of focus, and yes, totally UNIDENTIFIED Bait-&-Switch!!!

  9. Hey, there's a new 'movement' out there called "BM'S" matter! Now there's something OBiden should "get BEHIND"!!!!

  10. There is a lot to this particular sighting. Multiple U.S. destroyers (operating together) sighted multiple craft across multiple nights. At least some of the destroyers activated their "snooper" teams, whose job it was to record the craft using still and video cameras, regular and night-vision, and radar. I bet there are a few hours of videos on these craft alone. One Captain said that a craft flew alongside his destroyer at eye level, when he was on the bridge. I have not been able to find from what direction the craft came, and in what direction they flew away.

  11. No one mentions the projected triangle beam that appears to originate from the object starting at 0:16. It lasts around a second and turns off.

  12. These beings created these craft. They've most likely been monitoring our transmissions for years. Those flashes did not seem random, yet organized. They reminded me of Morse code or something very closely related. Someone might want to watch a copy of every video made from every angle and put those flashes through a computer program that can determine if there is some type of correlation to any known code or language. It would seem to me that this particular species is willing to make contact and they are attempting to do so via proper channels of our military. When beings from another planet call you, you should, perhaps, answer the phone.

  13. Sorry folks, These are black box projects under our control. There will be a fake war with UFOs (ours) to in-salve all of us and take away our liberty. When you give up liberty for protection you get neither.

  14. Well I'm going out and buy as much toilet paper as I can get before it's all gone. ;^)
    But on a serious note:

  15. It's a visual effect called bokeh.
    The triangle shape is proof of theexistence of a lens with a three bladed aperture.
    This happens when unfocused light goes through an aperture. To pass it off as anything else is acting like CNN. FAKE NEWS

  16. They’re all over at nite in Palm Springs area AND superior WI has lots to watch at nite. I’m getting a new telescope!!!

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