Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Alien Visits, UFOs, and Other Conspiracies

Are alien spacecrafts here on earth? In this explainer video, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice discuss the existence of aliens on earth and what the scientific community thinks of it.

Do conspiracy theories like UFOs hold any truth or validity? Or is this obsession with aliens just fueled by the movies? Find out what T-Rex, blackholes, and the brothers Grimm have in common. We also debate whether imaginings of evil aliens are just based on how we humans treat each other. Are the people being visited by aliens always the ones in danger?

What do aliens look like? Learn why we often portray aliens as being vertebrate. Would advanced aliens capable of space travel even care about us? You’ll learn how alien sightings have changed over the years with the innovations in photographic technology. We explore the leaps many people take when they discover things in the night sky. Are human senses even trustworthy without further evidence? Is the government competent enough to keep this a secret? All that and more on another StarTalk explainer!

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40 Comments on “Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Alien Visits, UFOs, and Other Conspiracies”

  1. Smart phone cameras are not high resolution, they are almost useless for photographing flying craft especially at night. Try photographing a full Moon and you just get a fuzzy blob.

  2. Explain Native American tribes, and their stories of the star people. They don't claim that these beings are malevolent. That would be the white man .Explain art from hundreds of years ago (long before Hollywood).

  3. Oh you poor old fogeys, what can I tell ya? Your consousnesses are as adulterated as can be ever possibly imagined. Women, children and metrosexuals are your only audiences now.

  4. Aliens are not going to make contact… Would you go to a chimp and say .. take me to your leader..same thing

  5. The aliens came down and tweeked our DNA to drive us to love and want to dig up all this shiny gold metal because of it's amazing properties . Then they are going to swing back by on their way home to take all the gold from the bi-ped monkeys .

  6. And these fuzzy photos are all we have , because their cloaking devices batteries are low and need to be changed making them completely invisible so be
    thankfull for the fuzzy ones we have . 😂

  7. Saying extraterrestrials would not be interested in us because we are not interested in worms is giving extraterrestrials human attributes. I am with you 99 and 44/100% but we need to be objective about things. I agree that the Navy videos are probably artifacts of the hardware.

  8. He is not taking into account that the reason there aren't that many evidences is because of stigma and fear of ridicule. But now it is on!

  9. As Neil said his thoughts I was creatively “debunking” him as if I was an alien believer, I mean, this people cannot be convinced with simple facts — the same applies to flat earthers —, they just want to believe and “f*ck your dumb evidence; you're just a simple minded person and I'm smarter.”

  10. most scientists lack common sense including Neil DeGrasse Tyson , unless they can prove it , it doesn't exist

  11. "no matter what, they have already made up their minds"….
    My thoughts on these two guys exactly..!

  12. This is the dumbest video with the lamest reasoning and arguments I've seen on this channel….
    Yea…. You guys are better off just not doing videos on aliens again.

  13. I will listen to this man on any scientific subject….except when it comes to UFO's because he has made it clear that unless a UFO land's on the whitehouse lawn he won't believe.

  14. The "ant" analogy is flawed. If an ant started building a wheel, planting edible plants, and making fire, we would absolutely 1000000% care. It would be the biggest news in science.

  15. The best evidence is probably the Phoenix lights. It was a mass sighting that was visible to most of the city

  16. I would like to know why people go straight to aliens when they can't explain something. That is not very scientific, the exact opposite infact. Everyone that is saying Tyson isn't open minded is projecting because y'all are doing the exact same thing. You're not open minded because it has to be aliens and anyone who doesn't think so is somehow wrong. Majority of scientists don't believe it's aliens or aliens even exist.

  17. I did some research. Commercial airlines have reported seeing ‘UFO’s,’ most recently Canadian airlines. Realistically, with the size of our universe, other worldly beings, in multitude, specifically find our planet?

  18. Artifacts in the equipment, really? What happened to IFO's? Have you dropped an apple today? I wouldn't bet against Einstein.

    Please elaborate on the scientific value of our cell phone photo's. You know the ODNI classified report contains the calculations don't you. Don't forget to drop an apple today Neil.

    Data is your friend:

  19. Some of us do wonder what that worm was thinking when it decided the concrete desert was crossable. At a high level we're 4 dimensional dots (lines).

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